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My Smashing time at MOS Thorpe Part 2

Here's part 2 of my MOS trip report.

After leaving Thorpe Park for now, we all waited patiently at Peaj's car waiting for the park to reopen for MOS. the group had suddenly dwindled in size by now just comprising Peaj, Topsy Turvy (Ben), Sarah (Peaj's girl friend) and myself. Where had everyone else disappeared to, who knows? Some may be far away and others taken prisoner by the Swarm.

As no outlets were open during this time, I decided to eat my lunch (dinner) comprising of three M&S beef rolls whilst sharing some sausage rolls with the others. It was around this time when Mr Fish appeared ready for the evenings events. Shortly afterwards, Phill returned where he went to Sainsburys down the road and collected food for various members of the team.

Now long after this and Rocket and Pluk also returned ready for the night. Despite having 2 hours before going in, the time went surprisingly quickly somehow (and this was before getting on the drink)! After collecting my entry wristband and having a minor clothes change from the drenched Smiler t-shirt from Tidal Wave, the testing of numerous coasters appeared and soon, we entered the park.

Apart from Peaj, who was waiting for a few more to arrive, we went through the turnstiles scanning our tickets for MOS, having a bag check (to ensure we weren't carrying any drugs or other substances), we were let in and entered the park. By this time, most of us walked up the Thorpe bridge to the impressive sunset sky whilst the rides were in action.

Usually during MOS events, they usually just run six of their seven coasters, but on this occasion, they were also running Rush & Tidal Wave. At first, we thought it might be a substitute for Colossus (which ad teething trouble at the end of the day), but instead these were additions making the lineup even more exciting.

The first ride of the night was Rush, the ride had a walk on queue with no fewer than four empty seats as well. Riding rush at this time was great fun, although it only made two high swings before lowering down again. After this, it was time to rave in X which was perhaps the most coherent ride of the night due to its light theme of being a rave/night club theme. The ride was great fun and made even better by the fact the lasers were just running.

Next, we headed to Swarm island where we met Peaj, Ricky & Chris. Before taking on the Swarm, most of us stopped for a drinky drink at roast & relish which was a good call for refreshment at the time. We went on Swarm where I faced it forwards (but wish now I did it backwards as there wasn't really a queue then). I took two goes on the furthest forwards row which was great fun and enjoyable which I sat with Mr Fish. The coasters for the night were all running on one train op which though most were fine with, some coasters probably needed two because their queuing system would roll up for a busy wait

Following up was a ride on Stealth which by now, it was starting to get dark therefore making the ridings more exciting now. We waited approx 5-10 mins for Stealth which was a fast and fun ride in the taillight we now had. We had chosen to ride Stealth at a pretty good moment as shortly we exited the ride, the queue with some saying it was already at 20 minutes.

We next passed through the dark alley ways of the park, passing the closed tea cups and landing at Inferno. Once through, we reached the queue of the ride which was just before the station. It was approximately 2-3 cycles of the ride before our go. The ride seemed to be having some light/music faults as on at least two occasions, the music and the lights on the main area of the station would suddenly turn off somewhat turning the safety lights on.

By the time we got to ride, this problem seemed fixed, but only just. By now it was almost completely dark outside which enabled us for an impressive ride. The tunnel was very impressive in the dark with the red lights and also the fact of the ride running powerfully through the darkness which made for a very exciting ride. After leaving, we saw that Peaj and a couple of others had gone for front row. In the current situation where one train was only being used and a fair few people in front, we knew we would be waiting a good 10 minutes and did the typical thing and went on ahead.

By now, we were walking through a dark and deserted in places park, passing the ruins of Ranger County and (my home land) Canada Creek at the dead of night on the quest for some more coasters until we found Colossus. We entered the queue which the ride was almost deserted where we reached the station to ride although just missing the train,

Once the train arrived, we took seats which I sat on row 2 with Mr Fish. Once locked in our seats, the train ascended up the lift hill on the dark nights sky which was very exciting and reminded me of Fright Nights & Final Destination (really?). Once the train reached the top, we went down in which there was occasional dull thump bashing me towards each side of the harness before racing down.

The ride flew through the loop, cobra, corkscrews and heartlines on its circuit which made a very impressive and exciting ride and was one I really enjoyed. In terms of roughness, the ride seemed have the occasional bump but I didn't seem too bad. Train 2 was running for the event which forget if that's the new (smoother) one or the old rougher one even though you can tell by looking at the wheels.

As the ride was so quiet, we were able to ride again although I did have to change seats to a few rows back. On my second go, the ride was just as fun and despite sitting a few rows further, the ride still wasn't too bad for ride roughness. After this, we met Peaj and the others near the Saw area and entered the dark creepy area.

This ride also didn't have a queue and we were able to board on almost instantly. The ride in the dark is so much better (and coherent) than the usual day time ride and as you enter the dark ride system, going through drops, turns and that heartline before heading out to the darkness outside.

We went up the lift hill where it plummeted down in to darkness heading through the ride circuit for the rides duration which although rougher than earlier was a very enjoyable ride at night. After surviving the ride, we went through the exit and headed up the Saw alive path towards rush.

We went through the entrance where no queue existed and shortly took flight on the ride. Despite only 2 full swings, Rush at night was a very fun and enjoyable ride which the aspect of just a lap bar restraint makes for both a fun and scary experience. We manages a second go then where Peaj joined is starting the exciting night ride all over again.

Once leaving the ride, we didn't have much time left as the clock neared 11pm, the time when the night rides would cease. Whilst Peaj unsurprisingly legged it for Saw with Ben, me, Rocket and Fish headed for a night ride on Swarm. By this time, the ride was rather busy (for the amount of people on park). Unfortunately my request for backwards was I littered due to a metal rod, blocking the back queue because it was already too long meaning it was face it forwards or nothing at all!

The ride queue was rather long taking us 10-15 before riding which at some point Fish had vanished elsewhere. I went on row one with Rocket which was the 2nd to last running of the ride that night. After leaving the ride, we headed off as the rides were all closed now and to prepare ourselves for the clubbing experience where a night club had suddenly appeared in the Dome.

So, where's Mr Fish gone, How good was the night club experience and who has the best dance moves? Stay tuned for Part 3 of my trip report of MOS.

Ride count

Stealth x1

Inferno x1

Swarm x3

Saw x1

Colossus x2

Rush x3

X x4 (or more)

(Didn't do tidal wave)


Most rides had little to no queue

Two extra bonus additions to the line up

The coasters are more fun at night

More dark than fright nights at the park


Ride ops seemed slow on the night

Stealth needs 2 train op

No real club music during coaster riding except X (which doesn't count)

Brilliant time overall, loved coaster riding at night.


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