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MySmashing Time at MOS Thorpe Part 3

Here's the final instalment of my report of my time at the MOS sound at Thorpe.

After Rocket and I left Swarm island to find the others, we arrived at the dome which was now booming from all the music inside. However there was still no sign of Fish and the others. Once entering though, we eventually found Peaj, Topsy Turvy (Ben), Pluk, Sarah (Peaj's girl friend), Phill, Ricky and Chris as well as the Stretchy, Coaster and Matt from Towers nerd.

After being lost in the area, we eventually found Mr Fish and thus begun the 90's anthems night. Having brought a rather large bulky bag (looking out of place), I went to find some lockers in the lower dome but for some reason was not allowed usage by the security team below. I did eventually find the apparent cloakroom within the event which was easily signposted cloakroom despite spending ten minutes looking for it. For a small sting of £1, it enabled me to store bulky valuables securely for the night.

With my extra luggage now dealt with, it was time for my first drinky drink of the club event (second if you count that Becks in part 2) which I now queued at the main bar patiently (really?). Unfortunately I believe I chose the wrong time as there a big crowd at the bar and you almost had to battle to get served which took me 10-15 minutes just to get my first drink (which was a longer queue than most of the rides in part 2).

Once eventually getting served, I got myself a pint of Stella which came to a pricey £4.50, although I was able to get AP discount making it £4.00. Once now with my drink, I was now finally able join the others and party to the music 90's (or were we?). During the night, the music started off very nicely arranged with tracks playing including, Smells Like Teen Spirit as well as numerous other popular 90's hits but after the first hour, it started going downhill.

This started with tunes being played that were not from the 90's such as Avicci's levels and Katy Perry's Firework which unless the two have unknowingly gone time travelling a decade (or two), they they are definitely not 90's. Also, songs were repeated frequently though the night, not one, not twice but sometimes three or four times which certainly wasn't good as it made the DJ look like he was short on playlists when he clearly used a Mac.

As the night went on, people in the group gradually left. Phill was the first to leave who went just after midnight who was followed by Rocket around one. Ricky and Chris left after this just leaving me, Peaj, Ben, Sarah, Pluk, Fish and the Nerds. We continued to dance through the night which despite the incoherence of the music playing sometimes, a lot of us really got in to the grooves of things including Peaj & Stretchy.

Just after 2 o clock and it was time to make a move. After collecting my bag from the cloakroom, TPM made a move saying their goodbyes to the nerds who danced through the night before sleeping in the crash pad. After Pluk (and maybe one or two others) bought a kebab on sale which I wish I done now, we steadily walked back down the Thorpe bridge to the entrance to the dark nights sky.

Once at the now quiet park entrance, we waited a short while before the six of us made a move. Whilst the others were staying at the fairly nearby Heathrow travelodge, I was instead being picked up by my custom taxi (AKA Dad) who had kindly offered to take my back home from the park/club. Despite being smashed at the time (hope I wasn't the only one), I was able find dad waiting in the taxi bay somewhat recognising his car number plate and car model.

I said my farewells to everyone in the group who started walking to their taxi whilst I got in my dad's car. I now left the park far behind asking my journey home. The journey seemed rather quick but slow at the same (probably due my drunkeness at the time). Once getting home, I went on my sofa briefly searching my favourite sites before either falling straight to sleep or passing out!

Many days later, and I am pleased to confirm I am now well and fine from my smashing time at the MOS. That being said though, I felt like I had ridden Colossus on the back row 30 times on the rough train when I woke up the next day from what is actually called a hangover.

Overall, Ministry OfSound is a very good and exciting event of Thorpe comprising of late night riding on some of their main attractions as well as a night club section which involves numerous tunes and often a theme. I found the night riding part excellent and the club part okay but with a lot of potential to do more with. From the preference of a roller coaster enthusiast, you will strongly enjoy this event. However from the view as a clubbier, you may disappointed as the music mix wasn't amazing.

This was an amazing day and night trip which was made amazing thanks to the amazing rides in the dark, everyone that attendee and Thorpe Park themselves and I definitely want to attend another MOS in the future (November anyone?).

MOS highlights (excluding the day) /

The coasters were amazing at night

No queue on most rides

More gloomy than fright Nights


Rush and a tidal Wave were also open as a bonus

X with only the lasers is even better (please make this permanent Thorpe)

I think we did more rides at night than the day almost

They did well making the dome look like a club

Low lights/

The music in the club was quite incoherent

Over Repeated songs

Songs played from after the 90's

Only one hour of decent music

Took ages for my first drink in the club

I didn't need that last Stella!

Suffered a pretty horrific hangover

Unlikely to attend another TPM meet until at least October (due to being busy).


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