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Oakwood Trip 30.08.13 part I

Matt Creek


Hello everyone, here's my trip report of my visit to Oakwood which I was finally able to make it to the park after visiting over 15 years ago during a small family holiday in which I was unfortunately too small for the park's bigger attractions at the time. So after waiting years and years and the long drive, would it be worth all the effort to make it?


After travelling a long far distance, Peaj welcomes everyone to Oakwood for a long exciting day with support from Jamiee.


After much debate, it is decided Speed will be the first ride of the day.


Whilst almost ready to board the ride, Peaj gets very excited but knowing Saw will still be no.1 whilst Phill watches the facial expressions of the previous riders leaving the car ready for TPM's takeover on speed.

Posted Image

TPM's ride on speed then begins, bringing on the exciting ride experience.

Speed review/

I found Speed a very good ride with a brilliant layout. The airtime hill is great fun flying over plus the loop and banked curve are also great elements. The helix and inline at the ride are a great ending adding a great amount of thrill to the ride. Despite the lack of theming, I consider Speed to be a better ride than Saw and so far my favourite eurofighter coaster, 8.5/10.


After leaving the ride, Topsyturvy15 gives his approval of the ride that it's a better ride than Saw.

Ride 02/ Waterfall Slides,

Great fun ride which was short but very enjoyable with how it drops down the near verticle chute and depending on your sitting position, you either leave bone dry like Peaj or absolutely Soaked which Jamiee was unfortunate to experience. Definately better than Storm Surge, 6.5/10.

Ride 03/ Bounce,

A launch drop tower ride which lifts riders up before shooting them down and then up a few times before going back down and repeating this over again. Though the ride was quite fun, it sadly seemed rather mundane to the other drop towers I have ridden [ Ive only done two other big ones]. However apparently the ride had problems then meaning it had to be run on a less exciting setting which in theory it's good the ride could still be open, 5.5/10.

Ride 04/ Treetops,

a brilliant fun coaster located in the trees which due to it's location makes a standard family coaster become a very good ride as well as some head chopper moments as well. Definately one great family ride, 7.5/10.


After experiencing a bouncing, waterfall and Treetop ride, everyone discovered a series of mysterious tubes and slides at the park.


Which left Matt Creek, Jamiee & Phill Absolutely Drenched [no it isnt time for that ride yet].

Rides 05,06,07/ Snake River Falls

We all managed to try the different types of slides and went on both tubed slides and one of the open ones.

Slide 1 Cobra/ I really liked the twist and turns plus the lights in the ride too, but the eperience was detracted by a flooded boat leaving with a wet back, 7/10.

Slide 2 Open Slide/ Quite good and fun and made more exciting by a head chopper of the tubed slides above which seemed pretty close to the ride , 6.5/10.

Slide 3 Pyphon/ Probably the best out of all the slides, the twist, turns and drops made this a good slide as did the moments of light and darkness too, plus I didn't come off to wet either, 7/10.

Overall the slides were very fun, however operations seemed very slow as it was staffed by just one person above who had to load all the slides and dispatch each one individually so it certainly wasn't a fast loading process in any way.

Ride 08/ Pirate Ship

This was quite a fun Pirate Ship and TPM retained the typical pirate ship attitude involving lots of noise. This PIrate Ship was quite fun and swung rather high however is not as good as Black Buccaneer at Chessie, 7/10.


After experiencing the ride, Peaj & Topsyturvy feel a bit lightheaded from the stormy sea ride whilst EC! checks to see if he needs more deodrant.


After heading away, a mysterious gateway appears which the TPMers enter.


Which somehow transports TPM back to London where most just came from earlier that day.


Which suddenly makes Peaj become rather fed up and grumpy as he was trying to get away from hustle and bustle of London.

So there it is, the first part of my trip report which has so far seen lots of action take place during the adventure. But will furhter coincidences follow on within the trip, will TPM escape london [again] and is there a camper member than Liam.T? Find out in part 2 of TPM's Oakwood Trip.

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