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Oakwood Trip 30.08.13 part 2

Matt Creek


Welcome back to part 2 of my trip to Oakwood with Peaj,Ethan,Phill,Ben,Sarah & Jamiiee. Previously on the adventure, TPM suddenly got teleported back to London by a mysterious gateway, but what escapades will unfold in this section?


Whilst walking round London trying to find a way out, everyone spots a road named Oakwood which is deemed coincidental seeing we were there Oakwood only moments ago.


But soon hopes are suddenly brought back when a Tinkerbell flying machine is found within a hidden area of London.


In which Phill and Peaj instantly board without hesitation whilst the others soon follow.


Moments later, the flying machine suddenly flies everyone through the skyline in London. Passing many sights such as Big Ben & St Pauls.


After a long and windy flight, TPM return back to Oakwood ready to continue their day out back at the park.


Where everyone gets to meet TPM's newest member, Croc-T who is expected to win TPM's campest member in the next forum awards.

Ride 09/ Tink's Flying School,

This was a great fun family ride which though it doesn't look too much upon sight, it's actually a very exciting ride. You get the option of changing the balance of your seats on which way they swing to deiver for a thrilling voyage plus decent theming too, 7.5/10.

Ride 10/ [camp] Crocodile Coaster

Quite a fun little ride with an excellent themed train which interacts quite well with the nearby Log Ride [review coming later] and though the track layout is very bland, it's a nicely themed little coaster and has been done very well, 3/10, 6/10 for the theming.


Next up it's time for the ultimate moment or perhaps not as the coaster is apparently running on one train due to difficulties and as the queue was not far off the 90 minute queue area, it wasn't to be yet for the ultimate ride so we moved on.


This makes Topsyturvy very frustrated and decides to find a shot gun and fire it anywhere he wants.


But things turn far worse as Topsyturvy and also Peaj & EC! are convicted of causing criminal damages and also giving alcohol illegally to some bunch of rabbits.


The trio plead for innocence at their court hearing.


However things horribly wrong as the three are found guilty of all charges and are sentanced for hanging on Vertigo.

So things have turned out very tragic and unfortunate in this second part of the Oakwood trip making part 1's problems seem minimal. But is there any way of escape from their doom for Topsytuvy,Peaj & Ethan, will Jamiee receive another drenching and when will Matt Creek's call for a wooden coaster ride be answered? Find out in part 3.


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