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Matt Creek


Hello everyone, following the dramatic events of part 2, part 3 is now here to reveal more adventures involving the magnificent seven during their day out at Oakwood theme park. Previously on part 2, Peaj, Topsyturvy 15 & EC! were found guilty of a number of crimes and setanced to death on Vertigo.


Now restrainted together, the Vertigo process begins with the trio strapped for their doom.


The wires raise them higher and higher off the ground until the dropping process begins.


Which after a few moments of freefall swinging are no more.


However Peaj somehow survived the Vertigo and is suddenly revealed to be the next Doctor Who and decides to travel back in time.


And brings back EC! & Topsyturvy back from the dead by rearranging the past.


After this rather strange escapade, everyone agrees to forget about what happened and take a great big Soaking on Drenched.

Ride 11/ Drenched [formerly Hydro]

Despite it's dark past, Drenched is a brilliant ride how it suddenly rises up high drops down a bit and then begins the drop which is very exciting from the top as it then shoots down the drop taking you out of you seta for a short moment before landing below and creating a big splash which creates waces to only the sides of the ride. In comparison to Tidal Wave, I prefer this ride as though you get absolutely soaked, you get wet gradually which is more enjoyable than the sudden soaking you get on Tidal Wave, 9/10.


After experiencing a drenching, it was time for the ultimate moment, to ride that impressive ride in the distance known as Megafobia.


Only a few minutes away from the moment of truth, Matt Creek finds mixed feelings in the Megafobia queue before his first ever ride.


Several minutes later, the magnificant riding begins where Matt Creek is about to ride his first ever wooden roller coaster.


And here's the proof of the pudding showing Matt Creek's first ever woodie coaster ride which is perhaps the biggest themepark riding revolution since riding his first inversion coaster Nemesis Inferno in 2006. Meanwhile Topsy Turvy turns hippie on the ride whilst Jamiee accidentally slaps EC! in the face whilst riding.

Ride 12/ Megafobia,

This is a ride I have been waiting to experience for 15 years and the very long waiting time was definitely well worth it. The ride was fast, fierce and shot through the track at a fast pace flying through turns and drops throughout the ride. The coaster was rather bumpy but this made more for an exciting and organic ride.

How does steel compare to wood?

Wooden coasters are definitely more powerful,forceful and overall more organic due to roughness that is fluent within the ride however unlike rides like Colossus where this ruins the experience, this actually adds to the excitement and overall performance of the coaster altogether. After experiencing Megafobia I felt shook up for a little while of what I had just experienced but having a second go later in the day, absolutely loved the ride which is currently one of my favourite coasters in the present time, 10/10.

So here's the end of part 3 where Matt Creek has finally achieved his mission, to ride a wooden coaster. But the story doesn't end there. Come back for part 4 shortly to find out what chaotic party the magnificent TPM 7 discover plus also what mysterious passage way is discovered within the park.

p.s Due to various problems, the photographs in this report are of disapointing quality. Sorry for inconvenience casued.


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