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2013 Themepark season analysis

After a hectic 2013 season, I though I would give a general analysis in how each Merlin park has in my opinion progressed and retracted in terms of ride line up, reliability, marketing and also general park handling.

Thorpe Park

Positive changes/

X revamp, such a great family dark ride now, 5 points

Greater relaxed atmosphere 2 points

Swarm backwards, more intense 1 point

Park wide events such as summer nights 5 points

MOS 5 points

Fright Nights 3 points

Improved operations 1 point

Inferno running more powerfully 1 point

Snoozebox accommodation 1 point

Fright Nights return to 10pm closings 2 points

//Total 26 points //

Negative changes /

Swarm backwards confuses the queues and row 6 should still be forwards -5 points

Car park now £5 -2 points

Loggers tunnel being removed -2 points

Slammer being SBNO for half the season (which if it happens again next year should maybe be removed (coming from a big fan of the ride) -2 points

Total -11 points

Overall progression in 2013, 15 points (15%)

Summary, Thorpes best season since 2006.

Alton Towers//

Positive changes,/

Installation of the Smiler, a multilooping coaster which lasts over a minute, 14 points

Marketing of the Smiler 8 points

Impressive fireworks 2 points

Scarefest 2 points

Oblivion repaint 1 point

Total, 27 points//

Negative changes/

Smiler breaking down every other day and injuring guests -13 points

Guests services not handling problems -5 points

Ride re liabilities not being great this year -8 points

Ride operations not as good as previous years -5 points

Smiler can be rough in places for a new ride -4 points

Total// -35

Overall progression in 2013 -8 (8%)

Summary, towers worst season since 2011,

Chessington //

Positive changes/

Zufari, a ride that incorporates both the zoo & rides, 10 points,

Creaky Cafe 3 points

Jumbos refreshed 1 point

Haloween Hocus Pocus 8 points

Total 22 points

Negative changes

Dragon falls theming removed - 4 points

Runaway train closed 5 points

Ramesis closed (not all their fault) -1 point

Burger Kitchen looks horrible -2 points

Park operations declined, -3points

Vampires operations dire & no 3rd train -3points

Summer was a mess at the park -5 points

The park was like a building site this year -1 point

No zoo days (until Christmas (with no rides open too)) -5 points

Total -29 points

Overall 2013 progression -7 points (7%)

Summary, worst year at Chessinton since 2001.

Legoland //

Positive changes/

Duplo area refreshed 8 points

Fairy Tale Brook refreshed 5 points

Park entrance reprinted and made slightly more presentable 2 points

Park capacity limit lowered slightly 2 points

Big a Shop refurbished 1 point

Star Wars miniland improved 1 point

Hilltop Cafe1 point

Total/ 21 points

Negative changes,

The new china film is quite bland -2 points

Fairy tale Brook's new audio sounds detract the ride -2 points

£2.50 is too much for soft drinks -1 point

Total -5 points,

Total progression 16 points (16%)

Best year since 2012

That's my overall opinion of the 2013 season, feel free to debate.

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