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25 Experiences Better than Storm Surge

Matt Creek


With all the extreme conflict going on within a certain topic (this closed season), I thought now round be a good time to do this list of 25 experiences which I believe are better than riding on Storm Surge.


Yes I know it's Colossus you first notice, but it's definitely in the picture. Anyways, here goes.

1/ riding Saw the ride with a hangover

2/ getting too drunk On a special ocassion (and regretting it the next day

3/ not getting a ride on Searm or inferno all day

4/ queuing 3 hours for Colossus in the rain

5/ bothering with Rita

6/ being stuck on a ride breakdown

7/ having your Chessington trip cancelled last minute

8/ being called bad

9/ the closed season

10/ watching the X factor or Big Brother

11/ getting drunk far away and talking crazy like Sausage & Mash

12/ getting told off by security guards for no reason

13/ having no internet for several days

14/ walking through a scare maze with rowdy kids

15/ finding out you have a deadline the next day and you haven't started the work

16/ the moment your phone's battery dies and you won't be able to charge it for hours

17/ queueing to leave Legoland on a peak day

18/ riding train 4 on the Smiler 4 times in a row

19/ standing in an overcrowded tube train

20/ sitting on a park bench for a very long time

21/ getting no sleep before an early start

22/ not going to Disneyland

23/ riding Tidal Wave twice in freezing conditions

24/ having a printer that packs up

25/ paying for parking at merlin parks


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