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Matt Creek


With closed season no more than 3 weeks in and the blues, I was in major need of a major themepark kick to keep me going during this bleak season.

Seeing as many are off (or even been already) to Disney Land Paris , something which for me is sadly not an option (at least at the moment (roll on 2015)). Apart from Winter Wonderland & the midway attractions (places I'll hopefully get to see next month), there was one other option left. Legoland Christmas event.


Arriving just after 12:30pm (as a full day here isn't really required), my party and I headed towards the Hill Train area where after checking our tickets in the mostly unrecognisable Sweet shop building, we boarded the Hill Train where the overly enthusiastic station master helped us move the train with some magic words down to the wonderland that lay below!


Above is the map of the park and what was open during the day. 14 attractions were opened up to guests including Laser Raiders, Spinning Spider and The Dragons Apprentice [amongst others]. There was also an elves workshop and Santas grotto for kids and several shops and restaurants also open too.



Heading first to the Egyptian area and taking a ride the shooting ride Laser Raiders then Scarab Bouncers, we had now entered the park wonderland, however there wasn't too much to see greatly apart from the tree as it wasn't dark yet and the weather wasn't great.


Several Caroulsel rides followed


And a ride on the Big Wheel.




Followed by numerous other attractions and the like, before having a sit down festive meal at the Knights Table. The food was pretty nice here, whilst certainly not the best it was still good quality.

They even had some Christmas music playing inside which had it not been clashing with another nearby P.A system playing another somg wouldve made the perfect Christmas dinner atmosphere.


And here's the castle area, which was home to the Grotto which was located around the pathway near the bug Dragon. Sadly the ride wasn't opened for the event.

After doing a few more rides, my party and I took the train back to the top for some Christmas shopping in the Big Shop, wander through the Star Wars Walkthrough and claiming our free drink (given with the ticket) which was a needed relief before heading back down to the main park again where it was getting dark and really came to life with its beutiful lighting.




And here is some of the many views of the Christmas lights you can see, and this is before we've even got in to the main park too.













Snd this was the furthest point of the park accessible as Lego City and places beyond were off access during this event, infact theres a few bits of work going on in the area and the train's carriages were all missing.





'241111_852667978117233_7606062392746846913_o' to? - See more at: http://s798.photobucket.com/user/mattthemepark/media/Facebook/Legoland%20Christmas%202014/241111_852667978117233_7606062392746846913_o.jpg.html?







But if you think this section of the park looks great at night, just wait until you enter the Castle area!






1606354_852669291450435_1977355877165543912_o.jpgThe area is just so magical at night. If it had any more magic, it could almost be Disneyland.











The park was really quiet when I went. So quiet not just could you get on a ride without queuing, but quite often have it to yourself [which was very often the case when I was here that day]. I also managed to ride Dragons Apprentice 3 times without even having to queue up and all by myself. I received 7 laps each time I rode meaning [Yes that's right], I got an impressive 21 laps on the ride without even leaving my seat, which is something you definitely couldn't do in main season, even on the quietest of days [which of course there are few].







Due to all the festive magic, we all stayed right until the end of the event which closed at 6pm. After taking the incline on the Brickmas Express back to the Beginning [which is the only way in and out of the park on these events], we headed towards the exit seeing yet more loverly park christmas lights.









And we shall end this update on a Buzz [because he is Disney[.

So, what were my thoughts?

Legoland have done a fantastic job this year decorating the park in magic lights and making it look all festive and beautiful, not to mention all the christmassy atmosphere and getting a decent chunk of the park up and running to guests which is far better the previous years where only the shops are open [with perhaps just one ride too].

We had a great day out which due to the atmosphere and lack of guests felt far more relaxing than a normal day at Legoland which is something I thought I would never say. Staff there were absolutely fantastic and really helpful and not just were there no queues for pretty much everything but quite often we would get whole rides to ourselves and be the only ones on there, which was such a fantastic experience plus also getting night rides on just about everything [which you could never do during the main season even during fireworks].

This was such a good event and definitely kept the closed season blues at bay and hopefully one day we will see the return of a near full lineup at the park for christmas events [like back in the early days 99-2000]. All I could ask for more to make this event the perfect trip would be for the big Dragon to be open and perhaps a show.

The Big Question- Is it worth the money?

The answer to this question is Yes!

Whilst at first glance, paying almost £19 for pass holders to get in to the park during the winter season to only experience around a quarter of it's attractions does sound quite steep and expensive, the park offers quite a lot to guests. This includes,

1 14 rides and attractions open

2 Free hot drink

3/ beautiful park lights and atmosphere

4/ night rides

5/ no queues to any rides [you have them to yourself]

6/ much more relaxed day

6/ no queue when leaving the park

7/ park discounts

8/ festive activities

So if you fancy any other theme park based activities this closed festive season [apart from Winter Wonderland etc.] and can't go across sea to the likes of Euro Disney. I would recommend visiting Legoland for it's Christmas event.


Recommended Comments

Hang on a minute - can you not enter the park as normal with a Merlin Annual Pass?  (Not even with premium?)

You can enter the park, but unfortunately you have to pay to go in. I had premium and still had to pay (which can only be done online).

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I went last year and spent an hour and a half sitting inside a cafe with a hot chocolate. There was nothing else to do. And it was FROZEN out there.

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Yet another example of a good idea ruined by Merlin's money grabbing then.  I'm not paying £19 for a reduced lineup when it should be included in an annual pass.


Out of interest, were these exclusion dates mentioned in the terms and conditions of a Premium Merlin Annual Pass?  As I can't see it anywhere...

As I'm aware no however the park do claim this as an exclusive event as to why they are incurring the extra charge. Below is from the park's website

why do annual pass holders have to pay to experience Christmas at LEGOLAND Windsor?

Our Christmas celebrations are an exclusive seasonal event for our guests to enjoy the festive season in the heart of LEGOLAND. With only a limited number of people entering the Resort each day, we want to maintain the exclusivity of the event for all.


TBH I think the event would work better if they made you pay for the grotto seperately as then it would make IT better value for those not going there to see Santa then.

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Christmas events are excluded from Annual Passes - read your T&CS Coaster Jamie. That's the same with every Merlin park doing a Christmas event.

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