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Nearest Creaky Experiences (so far) to Disney Land Paris

Matt Creek


As very much everyone is aware, I will (hopefully) be making my first ever trip to a Disney park one month from today, a time even this far off I'm absolutely buzzing for.

However, still being a 'Disney park virgin' for the time being, I though I would conjure up a series of rides, places and attractions ive been on that I believe the closest 'present' experiences I've had to the authentic disney rides I shall be riding, whether the result of this is fairly close or just a complete joke in comparison.

All in all, this list is just a bit of fun at the end of the day.

1/ Big Thunder Mountain- Runaway Mine Train Alton Towers


Plus Inferno's volcano for the theming


2/ It's A SmallWorld- Bubbleworks Chessington


3/ Phantom Manor- Duel Alton Towers


Probably the closest accuracy in the list :P

4/ Pirates Of The Caribbean- Pirate Falls Treasure Quest Legolañd Windsor


Apparently it's not a pirates life for me.

5/ Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast- Laser Raiders Legoland Windsor


6/ Autopia- Grand Prix Blackpool


Mark9 will appreciate this one ;)

7/ Pinoccio's Daring Journey- Pinoccio Tivoli World


Slightly more accurate

8/ Snow Whte's Scary Adventures- Alice In Wonderland Blackpool


Only one I could think of places I've visited

9/ Peter Pan's Flight- Fireball Adventure Island Southend


Yes, very accurate. Really, I couldn't think of anything in terms of suspended dark rides I've done, so this had to do.

10/ Indiana Jones Le Temple De Peril- Turbo Brighton Pier


Ok,I'm didn't actually ride this, but I saw it. I think it's pretty accurate at least in the layout though.

11/ Storybook canal boats- Fairy Tale Brook Legoland Windsor


12/ Star Tours- Angry Birds 4D Thorpe Park


Since I'm yet to do a simulator, this is the closest I could find. Maybe I have hit a new low.

Now for the Studios rides

13/ Tower Of Terror- Hex Alton Towers


More so on experience than hardware.

14/Crush's Coaster- Sonic Spinball Alton Towers


Couldn't find anything exact so this will have to do.

15/ Rock an Roller Coaster- X Thorpe Park


The only comparison it could ever be.

16/ Ratatouiee- Wallace & Gromit Blackpool Pleasure Beach


17/RC Racer- Kobra

18/ Dumbo- Flying Jumbos

19/ Slinky dog- Knights Quest

20/ Tram Tour- Orient Expedition p

21/ Space a Mountain is again X due to lack of dark rides, but it will be closed when I go.

One Month to go now!!!!!!!!!!! I shall be reviewing the place for real when I finally visit.

I don't own the photos.


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RC racer is more akin to Rush than Kobra (in ride experience if not appearance).  It's much faster than Kokra, the seats don't spin and it's all over far too soon!

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