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  2. I'm already drooling with anticipation over the facebook complaints.
  3. Towers have officially announced that fireworks are cancelled this year and the last weekend is now a current ticket holders and passholders only. https://www.altontowers.com/explore/events/fireworks/#what-will-you-be-doing-instead
  4. Thorpe have announced there will be a passholder only day on Friday 6th November, 10am - 8pm with Fright Night attractions open as well. Platform 15 and Roots of Evil will also be free on a first come first serve basis, you can book a free timeslot by scanning a QR code at the maze entrances. Full details below.
  5. The 25 quid I pay to get in better go towards the RMC Hybrid the park is building I STG.
  6. May be a long wait given the US travel restrictions and all that malarkey!! Hoping to go in 2022 but I aint holding my breath.
  7. Last week
  8. Double post but who the heck cares!!?? ITS OFFICIAL!! This looks truely incredible. Absolutely hyped up to high heaven about this thing. Smart business aswell by Universal to aim to open it in line with the release of the third Jurassic World movie!! *Taron and Helix have left the chat
  9. Han30


    Only done 2 trips to Thorpe this year and not managed to get on Samurai yet - would have done on last visit but it looked like it was whipping everyone around and I didn’t fancy up-chucking my lunch
  10. I got about 5 rides in this season on Samurai, and yeah agreed, it is running brilliant. It seems to be consistently on a decent cycle, it also seems to be dead at certain times of the day as well so you can grab plenty of rides in. I'm glad its still going strong
  11. If there's been any benefit to the park opening in July, it's that the likes of Samurai, amongst others, haven't had the chance to tear themselves to pieces just before Fright Nights.
  12. LK_


    Actually had a mega ride on Samurai over the weekend, not sure what setting it was running but it was at least 3 minutes long and intense all the way through, proper threw me around
  13. I was quite surprised that they have suspended sales of MAPs. Yes the current MAPs are great value when you look at the attractions that you can access, free parking, 20% discount etc (with premium). I hope they don’t bring out a ton of options because I am incapable of making decisions . I could potentially see them dividing the passes to southern/northern attractions possibly. Years ago (2002) when the parks were owned by Tussauds I had an off peak 2 park pass (for Chessie and Thorpe) - still have it somewhere . It was £35 at the time and obviously only for use on off peak days but it
  14. I know times are rough, though I do find this a bit of dramatic move. Sure the park passes had slight pricing issues, and sure pre-booking was a pain in the bum due to how limited they were, but completely ceasing their current offering honestly is a bit of a knee jerk reaction IMO. IMO they should of bumped up prices on the standard passes by a bit, they are currently stupidly priced. And then perhaps allowed a few more slots for MAP on quieter days, especially when the park was unlikely to reach capacity and it when it wouldn't really affect their profits. Honestly I see thi
  15. Could very well see the Silver (standard), Gold (premium) & Platinum styles appear - probably though the Platinum will be less restrictive in visits but not VIP replacement, that would probably be per park add-on like Legoland’s Club VIP / Thorpe’s unlimited Fastrack add-on.
  16. The prospect of a Merlin pass restructuring is imminent, especially given the covid situation where much growth and earnings have been lost. We could easily see passes introduced which only enable selected days, times, attractions and perks introduced. With the VIP removed for the foreseeable it’s not impossible to see the Premium botched up as the top offering. Expect more up-charges especially for events I would say.
  17. To be honest, regardless of what they say, if it was truly because of the issues with people not being able to pre book dates, then they would have removed passes sooner. And they wouldn't have removed the £1 booking fee either. Whether because of Covid or not, I expect they're planning on changing the structure of the passes. Would fully expect to see the cost of what was a Premium pass increase and be rebranded, and perhaps see cheaper options with further limitations.
  18. I suspect they are looking at further ways to gain some of their lost profits. Next year we will be paying for a "phantom "period in between passes. It's a business.
  19. They put out a survey a week or so ago asking for opinions on passes with different perks/limitations so wouldn't surprise me if they completely change the types of passes they offer. This included things things like weekday only passes, can only visit certain attractions such as 3 of the theme parks, after 2pm only passes, different amounts of discount + family and friend offers. Will be interesting to see what they come up with. Definitely seems they are slowly taking away some of the perks
  20. Merlin have suspended new pass sales along with renewals, effective today. Probably a mixture of new pass products / Covid uncertainty. https://www.merlinannualpass.co.uk/compare-passes/renewal-passes
  21. It’s just, I wouldn’t be surprised by the time fright nights are supposed to begin, (with the way things are going), if the parks were forced to close again.
  22. This year May not be over yet but it has been one long roller coaster ride and sadly not an enjoyable one other . As this horrible time remains dominated by a never ending pandemic, here’s some rides that may be a reminder and summarisation of how 2020 is going. Hold on tight and remain seated, you are in for a very bumpy ride! 1/ Meanstreak- Cedar Point Tall, long and dominating. The whole presence of this attraction should deliver something great to live up to it’s name. Sadly that is not the case. This coaster uncomfortably drags you along a rough and uncomfortable circuit w
  23. I don't see them cancelling the events unless they have to tbh. At this point, they've gone through the process of designing attractions, building them (possibly getting in contractors who will have to be paid the same amount either way), plus hiring staff, along with marketing the event and collecting money from people who have paid for the event and the mazes. Cancelling them now means they still spend the same on design and building costs, plus have to refund a lot of people (unlike smaller / independent events, they can't get away with the "we'll validate your ticket for 2021's
  24. When you spend 2 hours making a meme and your head cannot contain your brain anymore... Maybe should have gotten 1000 experts in instead?
  25. When you spend 2 hours making a meme without anyone even acknowledging its existence but it gets over 20 people's approval on CoasterForce's page by some thief a year later... https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=3747565578608757 :Frowny face:
  26. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if merlin cut their losses and scrapped the Halloween events now before it’s too late.
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