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    Had the worst ride ever on Samurai today, didn't flip once and it seemed to be running at about a quarter of the normal speed?
  3. There's quite a few effects broken on Saw currently; Shotgun sound effect not working properly No lighting/animation on the swinging axes No lighting on the crossbows No water on the body underneath the barrel roll I'm pretty sure these were all broken on the annual pass preview day (nearly two months ago)... poor.
  4. Absolutely excellent operations across Thorpe today, despite the park being quiet the rides were all on capacity with urgency being shown to get the trains moving. Really makes all the difference and I just hope they're able to keep it consistently this good. Amazing.
  5. Last weekend, I visited Berlin and Leipzig for a quick cred run and culture trip. I had originally planned to go to Finland and hit up Linnanmaki this month, but since Taiga opens next month, we opted for something a little different.. After arriving in Berlin Friday morning, the first port of call was Little Big City. Owned by Merlin, LBC is one of their newer midway brands, and is basically a miniature village which goes through the history of Berlin. This one opened up about 2 years ago, and one opened in Beijing late last year, so it's struggled a bit so far. We had free tickets thanks to a member of the group being a Merlin-worker, and hit the attraction up at 11am. We were the only one in the pre show room (which is basically a projection explaining the concept), and there was probably only about 10-15 other people in the attraction whilst we were there. It's not a large attraction, and all the exhibits take place in one large room. However, it is well done: there's lots of interaction points, you can get very close / touch basically all of the models, and it's really informative and relaxed. It handles the more sensitive parts of Berlin's history well too. We spent about 50 minutes in there, but a family / more interested group could easily spend closer to 90 minutes I'd say. So yeah, it's a shame this isn't doing better and the brand isn't taken off. It has potential, but feels poorly marketed and in an awkward location. At about 13 euro for entrance, it's perhaps a little steep in price and I probably wouldn't have paid to do it personally, but I reckon for those who are interested in learning a little about a lot of the history, it's perfect. We then made the 45 minute ish drive down to Karls Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal. This came onto my radar last year when they opened up the abc tube coaster K2. For some more context, Karls is a massive strawberry farm brand, and we saw a few strawberry stands in Berlin in our brief time there in the morning. The place itself is a bit weird: it's like a garden centre, mixed with a market, mixed with an adventure playground, mixed with a small theme park in the making. Over the past couple of years they've added more rides and more to the theme park side of things. Entrance to the place is free, and includes a few attractions (mostly adventure playground stuff, like climbing frames, outdoor maze, etc), and the rides are pay per ride (1-4 euros per ride), or unlimited rides for 12 euros, the latter of which we opted for. After a delicious and reasonably-priced lunch, we moved onto the rides. K2 is one of the biggest surprise coasters out there, given it's unassuming location. The ride is themed to potatoes / harvesting potatoes / a crisp factory. The queue line (which is exceptionally long), is beautifully well-themed. It's like walking through a crisp factory, going from the harvesting of potatoes to the prepping of them into crisps. For those who have been to Phantasialand, it's similar in style to Maus au Chocolat's queue line. And it is themed amazingly. This is honestly one of the best themed queues I've ever been through: in the same league as Maus, Flying Dutchman at Efteling, etc. Which in itself is a feat. The ride itself is great fun. The cars have a lot of room and only have a seatbelt to lock you in. You go through an indoor pre-lift section which shows the harvesting of potatoes, before climbing up the 80ft lift and going round. There's some nice little pops of floater airtime, and it's just a fun, speedy coaster. It hits a MCBR which kills a lot of speed, before going through a couple of helixes and hitting the brakes. We did it multiple times and it's just as fun every time. Another quick thing to add: the throughput. This ride was running 4 cars, on a Friday afternoon when the place was super quiet. It occasionally had a queue, but it was running really well and cars were constantly flying around. Was really great to see! The rest of the park is fairly standard fodder. There's a Zierer water carousel thing (like Squid Surfer at Legoland), a water drop thing (the first one I've done: it was terrifying), mini drop tower, tractor ride, etc. All were really well styled and worked really well. And in saying that, we had a really good time. The place is really relaxed and a lot of fun, and has plenty to do, especially factoring in the non-park stuff. The place is usually open 10-8 as well, so it's easy to visit whenever you want. The place clearly has a bright future, financial backing and a long-term place, since they're planning on adding some form of hotel / camping / resort experience in 2021 too. Definitely one to watch! That's all for now. We drove down to Leipzig (a couple of hours away), ready for a..erm...fun day at Belantis tomorrow...
  6. Visited last week, very nice park, ops let it down though... 1 train on everything with some lengthy queues, 1 train on hyperion with 40 min queue is an ouch, though they added 2 trains to foruma for about an hour.. then took it off.. Hyperion is a good coaster, but only "good" its rather shaky, the drop and first airtime hill is insane, then it kinda does nothing afterwards and the queue system is atrocious on one train, takes forever, and people Q jump..
  7. Well what a great meet! Thank you so much @Mattgwise , it was great fun to see everyone and banter again. Room on the Broom was a pleasant surprise and met my expectations The meal in Kingston was great afterwards too!
  8. Dynamite opened in Germany yesterday. Good to see another Mack opening. Because they are the best.
  9. Yep, what @JoshC. said. Bit sad really when you compare what Thorpe is offering for 2019 season vs Paulton's for 2020. And yes, I know that it's not 2020 yet... but if Thorpe had anything big up their sleeves (which I'm pretty darn certain they don't), it would be "out there" by now.
  10. I'm pleased this is catching on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
  11. I'll just throw it out there that I genuinely think this will be fun. Who doesn't love a giant bouncy castle? But, this still shows the state of the park right now. They've chucked in an inflatable course that wouldn't look out of place at a summer fair as a quick fix. If this is all they can afford, what does that say for the future? I genuinely can't think of any other park in the world which is so desperate for new stuff on such a restricted budget that they have had to resort to adding a bloody inflatable.
  12. Latest Making of video: Track is now finished (with a random ceremony including fire to celebrate, cos why not), with a train on the track ready for testing from June 1st. It confirms the 4th (out of 5) inversions will be a 140 degree stall, and there will be a single rider queue.
  13. Fury at Bobbejaanland will be opening on June 22nd. Here's the state of it at the mo.. The park have also confirmed they will run the ride exclusively forwards for parts of each operating day, so people who don't want to ride backwards can happily ride..
  14. Yesterday
  15. Wow they can't even afford capital letters anymore?
  16. Tbh I was expecting β€˜more’ from Thorpe than this. More like its a knockout style inflatables, they look well quite ...... cheap
  17. I think I'm more disappointed in the fact there is not a big knock off printing of a minion or Mickey Mouse. Sad times :[
  18. Exciting new signage update from the lord and saviour;
  19. Not gonna lie - the main feeling I get when looking at it is an intense urge to spend hours jumping/climbing etc on the thing 😁 So did people here honestly think a temporary inflatable, at a Merlin park, would be themed? πŸ˜‚ Also @Stuntman707 your reply makes nooo sense πŸ€”
  20. Great to see that the Saw main ride sign has finally been repainted. Happy 10th! 🎒
  21. Last week
  22. Surely people didn't think it was going to be specially designed to fit in the theme. It will just be a bog standard hire, rather than their own, surely!
  23. Coming in to this thread to see what it looks like
  24. Having visited two new European parks, I think it is time to update a few fields. Top 10 Coasters: 1/ Steel Vengeance 2/ Helix 3/ Taron 4/ Maverick 5/ Millenium Force 6/ Shambala 7/ Oziris 8/ Wodan 9/ Nemesis 10/ Icon And now onto the parks: 1/ Europa Park 2/ Cedar Point 3/ Phantasialand 3/ Efteling 5/ Disneyland Paris 6/ Liseberg 7/ Parc Asterix 8/ Alton Towers 9/ Tivoli Gardens 10/ Blackpool Pleasure Beach P.A and Thorpe are now off the top 10 list. Last but not least, everyone needs a park bucket list. Here’s my one for European parks: 1/ Gardaland 2/ Tover Land 3/ Energylandia 4/ Heide Park 5/ Grona Lund 6/ Parque Warner Madrid 7/ Linnanmaki 8/ Hansa Park 9/ Futuroscope 10/ Legoland Billund Some parks are very much the same whilst some have re-entered (Heide notably). Energylandia and Linnanmaki have leap frogged onto the list for numerous reasons. More changes could be afoot in the near future.
  25. Marc

    2019 Season

    Popped in for abit today - good to see the park continuing to run well - quiet day, rides running full capacity with minimal queues - Inferno team in particular were running it well with trains not staking.
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