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  2. Its very much under the radar but Chessington has its own Bouncezilla type attraction now.
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  4. RobF


    As an ex quantum op, the ride has quite simply a mind of its own! Sometimes Its like a crazy outta control machine others its just steady Eddie
  5. A new attractions, Spyders, for Halloween this year. I believe that Curse of the Lost Tomb is indeed gone, and was the only maze designed by an outside company at Chessington. Given the quality of Chessington's in house experiences (Creepy Caves, Hocus Pocus overlay, etc), this spells exciting times potentially.
  6. You can get 50% off Merlin attractions on 02 Priority. (Search the app) And a chance to win tickets every Friday. https://www.merlinentertainments.biz/terms/02priority50/
  7. Can't believe there's lots of interest in going this year after they've already sold the cheap, open dated tickets. Wasn't sure this year after we did the last two years running by ourselves.
  8. Mark9


    We asked 100 people and they all agreed that you're completely wrong here. When Quantum just decides to go out of control every now and then its like a perfect glass of wine.
  9. I’m just hoping they bring back a corn field maze 🤞🏻😃 The one I did on my first ever visit in 2013 (Woodshock) was hands down the best maze I’ve done at Tulleys. Jump scares and all that do nothing for me. It’s all about the suspense, the unknown...walking through a pitch black ticks those boxes 😁
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  11. New Tidal Wave horror IP retheme:
  12. Sky Fly is too low capacity IMO unless they built two or an extra large model. After RAp and Fastrack have spoken, you’ll be looking at 3-4 people from the main queue each cycle! The Park just needs an RMC, I know some people say they are overrated and seen as the bees knees in the enthusiast community, but I personally love them! They have airtime, inversions and are just relentless. I honestly just wish they’d build one either where Loggers/Old Town is/was or on that empty island as it would really add something to the park. The rest of the place needs ride/investment but also some TLC too. Make the paths, buildings, rides look nice. It’s amazing just how better parks look when paint, clean and jet wash areas. I think they should try and be a mini U.K. version of Cedar Point. But that will never happen!
  13. JoshuaA

    Your Thorpe Park

    Have to admit I hope we do get a skyfly at a merlin park sometime soon, those things are bloody good fun! Re-ridable too, Skyforce is probably my favourite flat ride in the UK. Such a brilliant idea for a flat.
  14. Yes but with only around 15 people actually posting anything
  15. America - 9 year old boy receives head injuries when two rides collide. He was a spectator hit by flying debris, does not appear any riders were injured. Appears they have simply built a pirate ship and a freak out too close to each other, so when both swing they encroach on each others space. Amazingly dumb.
  16. Dan C


    Ahh ok that makes sense 👍
  17. I'm under the impression that it's on limited operating hours for the time being. Nothing wrong with the ride!
  18. Dan C


    And it seems to have closed again after about half an hour operating!
  19. Debatable, it's one of the worst rides in the park imo. Bar its few opening years when it had it's original theming, the speed was incredible
  20. This is thread literally calling for one of those “tier rated things” with Thorpe’s rides. I will do it later, but I am glad the park’s most underrated attraction is finally back in operation.
  21. So long as I can walk through the Tidal Wave queue and not ride it, I'm game.
  22. I did the trip there via public transport and here’s how you get there. Once you know the station names, it’s quite straight-forward to get there directly from the airport: 1. From Amsterdam train stations (central, airport etc), take a service to ‘Harderwijk’, which is about a 70 minute train journey with one or two changeovers. About €15 each way, any route can be used. 2. At Harderwijk station, there is a bus station area right next to the tourist information building with about 8 different bays. Go to stop ‘G’ and take service 247 or 247a which says “Walibi” on the sign. 3. The times that depart in the morning to the park from this stop are the following: 9:22am, 9:52am, 10:22am and 10:52am for the first four. After that, it’s pretty much every 30 minutes all day. It’s €9 exactly for a return ticket. This bus will take you directly to the park entrance plaza and the last bus back after park closure from memory was at 20:33 for the 8pm summer days. Be aware that the bus is pretty packed, similar to the Thorpe ones and they only take card payments or a travel card similar to oysters (which is aimed more for the locals than tourists). Cash will not be accepted at all and yes, the buses do support Visa, MasterCard and Maestro contactless, including Revolut cards which was extremely handy in my case. As for the trains, I would advise you to use their smartphone app called “NS Reisplanner Xtra” on either iOS or Android to book tickets and show the QR code to the conductor onboard when asked like I did. It is in English too this app so no translation problems. I stayed at a hotel in Harderwijk for a couple of nights and from there, it’s pretty easy to get to the park, so the important bit is to make sure you reach Harderwijk bus station in all this.
  23. Mark9

    Top 10's

    Updated Top ten 1. Nemesis - Alton Towers 2. Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point 3. Blue Fire - Europa Park 4. Untamed - Walibi Holland 5. Helix - Liseberg 6. Katun - Miribilanida 7. Wodan - Europa Park 8. Alpina Blitz - Nigoland 9. Tatsu - Magic Mountain 10 Taron - Phantasialand
  24. Mark9


    Who wants to go? The only rides we need to do are Quantum (the god of rides), Inferno, The Swarm, Detonator and Tidal Wave. The rest are all deadweight.
  25. Calling @Mark9 - It's back open as of today!
  26. Tulleys are such size queens. For all the length Colony had, it didn't really do much
  27. Must be a slow news day as things like happen frequently at these parks. What next? “Man disappointed at Theme Park because burger served cold”? Their articles are as quality as a 20 year old pinifari travelling coaster.
  28. Colony is probably the longest maze I have ever done at a scare event with multiple mazes. Pretty already takes 20/25 minutes to go through, so if it gets any longer it will be huge!
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