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  1. I actually quite like the back row as it is at the moment as the elements come as more of a surprise.Also it's a hell of lot smoother than the front row: it improves the ride experience a lot if you get off the ride without a headache!
  2. I assume you mean riding on the second car?The only difference is that instead of passing Jigsaw as he laughs, you stop and have a short pre-ride speech.Its only a small difference, but adds to the overall effect, especially to the first ride!
  3. Great, it's nice to hear that the park are continuing to upkeep effects like last year.And what is this dispatch theme people are talking about? I don't think I've ever heard it.
  4. Wow, that actually looks really nice, I was expecting it to stick out like a sore thumb.Can't wait for my 2010 visit now!
  5. Jamie W


    Yes, but it was actually photoshopped by a member a towers times!
  6. Jamie W


    ^ I think the idea is meant to be that the curse from the unearthed crypt has taken over the entire area, including the old Rita site.It may not be the best idea, but it is probably the easiest to pull off properly.
  7. Lol yeah, I realised a long time ago that the old name was, well, a bit stupid, so I changed it to a nice, boring normal name instead.


  8. What happened to the name "Gandhi" then Jamie? :P

  9. Jamie W

    The Challenge #1

    Nothing special, just a recolour and one or two effects, but it looks quite nice.
  10. I was told that the puppet in the rack of manequinns is from SAW 3 by Alfonso during a breakdown.
  11. Jamie W

    Spinball Whizzer

    Has it even been confirmed?
  12. Jamie W


    ^ Agreed. I think it's corny, childish, and very clichéd.I must say Alton Towers, I am disappointed.
  13. Jamie W

    Forum Posts

    Wow. I havn't been on these forums recently so I do not know what has provoked this, however, this still seems like a little overeaction.First of all 'Theme Park bloke', I feel that these forums are a nice, friendly place. Everyone is welcoming and all seem like real nice people with common interests, so where these 'abusive members' come from I have no idea.Secondly, I feel that is unfair to report a fanbased website which has been created using effort and money to an authority, as these disputes can be settled easily via the admin team,Basically, I could rant on all evening, but I'm tired and can't be bothered to give you a full, lonwinded speech about your actions as, quite frankly, I don't think you would even bother to read it. Quite honestly , you are the only member that I know who is actively abusing other members through things such as this post, and I can assure you that, whilst you may be back some day, you should not expect to receive a very warm welcome.
  14. Hey Jamie :)

    Haven't spoken to you in aggggges!

    Hope you are well :) x

  15. Hammond maybe, but James May?
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