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    Theme Parks, Music, (a combination of the 2 isn't bad either :P), Theatre, Computers and General Technology :)

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  1. Magrathea

    Tomb Blaster

    That's fascinating, thanks very much! :blush:What odd experiences have you had, then?
  2. Magrathea

    Tomb Blaster

    I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on the story of Herman?I know I've read about him in places before but I can't find anything on the internet about him (especially not since SouthParks went down).
  3. Magrathea

    The Future Of Vampire

    The lights on the old entrance looked lovely at Halloween this year, have they always been there? Would be great to see it make a return .
  4. Magrathea


    Wasn't there some superstition in the maintenance team about putting that back on? Did I just dream that?
  5. Magrathea


    How often does this happen?
  6. Magrathea

    General Discussion

    Not only were the mist things looking fantastic, it's great to see that Chessie are really caring about the appearance of the areas, as this sign shows:
  7. Magrathea


    Lighting in the fountain finale was just static when I went, with loads of lights not being used and no strobe at all; it's lost so much atmosphere .
  8. Magrathea

    Lift Hill Speeds

    Don't quote me on this, but I believe Gerstlauer Eurofighters can only attach to the chain at specific points, because of the vertical lift .
  9. Magrathea

    Dragon's Fury

    Has the awful smell around the mirror bit of the Fury queue always been there? It was awful a few days ago
  10. Magrathea


    Has anyone else been stuck behind cleaning vehicles when entering at opening, anyway?
  11. Magrathea

    What do you want to do when you grow up?

    To be honest, I'd be happy, whatever I was .doing, as long as I'm in a theatre...Not performing, I can't act to save my life, but anything backstage, FOH, or ultimately musical directing, would be absolutely amazing .
  12. Magrathea

    Manufacturer Count

    Space Adventures is the small play area in front of the Beastie, I'm not sure whether it's worth counting, but that's what it is .
  13. Lol thanks, love the track! :)

  14. Just realised how creepy that looked out of context. Just loved your post in the Relationships thread, can relate to it very very very well, and thought you'd appreciate the link :).