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  1. I visited Chessington yesterday, Falls looked so depressing in its new state. I hope it was just the weather and the lack of open rides but the whole park had genuinely lost the sense of excitement it once had. I once regarded it as one of my favourite themed parks but everything looks a bit ... depressing. I also just noticed on the site that Dragon falls seems to have gained a sponsor in 'Juicy Drop Pop'. Please correct me if this has been the case for a while!? - http://www.chessington.com/explore/mystic-east/dragon-falls-water-ride.aspx

  2. Don't shoot me down, but I think this could actually be a good idea for the target audience of the park. Young adults and students don't often have the cash to spend on a full blown hotel experience. These small container rooms, if priced correctly, are probably the best option for people who want to crash at the park before or after a visit.

  3. All the reasons you guys have stated for hating it are why I love Colossus. It feels like a real roller coaster, in the same way a wooden coaster has more of a risk element. You feel every moment of that ride. Where as I find Nemesis Inferno too smooth, like you are disconnected and riding a simulator. I find if you stick your head far forward then you don't get the 'head banging effect', which I admit can be quite headache inducing.

  4. Maybe I am being pedantic, but it's looking a bit sorry for itself. I hate the way it has been plonked on a bit of the old Octopus garden sidewalling. When it was on the grass hill before, with shrubbery behind it, it looked like a real sign. Also the lights have been removed, and they werea great bit of theming. ;)

  5. I don't know if it is the epic Inception music, but that video makes it look quite fun! Still looks horrifically bad though, the huge metal supports, the old octopus garden fencing, the whole thing screams "budget".I really hope they spend the next week making this ride fit a little better, the Amity Cove area is one of the best themed areas in the country, would be a shame to see it ruined by this multicoloured monstrosity. Also, no sign of the Amity Cove sign, where is the uproar?!

  6. I visited the Dungeons in early February and the changes were already evident. The Jack the Ripper section is much smaller, with a building over part of the standing area. At the time they were obviously making the changes still as the Pub section was just an un-themed room with the old furniture, again this was much smaller. I am not sure if the pub section is being lost completely or staying this small size with new theming.

  7. LOST the landI saw this challenge, and being in my third year of architecture and a theme park "geek" I had to take part. Unfortunately studying this course leaves me with no time at all. Fortunately a few years ago I designed a land in my spare time.. I was very bored. Being a massive fan of the TV show LOST I decided to base the land around this. Explanation:The Land is based on its own newly created island at Thorpe Park. As the TV show is based on an island I thought this was the perfect location. The island is accessible down a new path next to the Flying Fish, the entrance to the land is marked by a large rusted steel entrance gate and is lined with the large electric fence beacons depicted in the show. At some points people entering the island will hear electronic pulse sound effects as if the fence is going to become electrified. The island is littered with LOST references including the radio tower from Series 3. The large "foot statue" is visible across the water on the old treasure island. A new cafe will be located along the path designed as a replica of the Swan Hatch in Series 2. The main ride is a Bolliger & Mabillard tyre launch coaster, similar to the Hulk coaster at Universal Islands of Adventure. However to first get to the island ride you must board the doomed Oceanic Flight 815! This is a plane simulator which when crashing creates the illusion with gas masks dropping from the ceiling and random flickers of the Dharma logo on the inflight screens. Sounds and bass canons accompany the crashing plane. After the plane has crashed guests exit through another plane door and arrive on The Island. After passing a beach scene you are guided into your Dharma ride vehicle and are taken through obstacles such as the smoke monster and eventually into the hatch. Here an "incident" occurs as in the show and lights flash and the board ticks down. The ride car and other hatch items are then dragged towards a wall at a speed of 0-60 in 4 seconds. This is occurring as if the fault has sparked the magnetic disruption, dragging you to your death. However the wall smashes open and you are launched out into the main circuit around the island passing island features. You then pass back in to the building and exit around the back of the building, past baggage reclaim and in to the shop. The shop sells Dharma goods and other usual Thorpe Park stuff. PICTURESI have hosted all of the pictures and further explanation on my FLICKR account CLICK HERE FOR IMAGESHope you all enjoy LOST the ride and LOST ISLAND
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