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  1. the first drop was the only good bit of the ride, and then the lids on the cars completely got rid of all the wind that would normally hit your face and then even the first drop seemed awful. I'm glad its gone!

    Agreeed.. the drop was the best bit. Rest was a dissappointment really =/Was gutted when I saw it.. R.I.P. Jungle Coaster :angry:

    Oh well, I never got to ride it big shame it looked s***.

    It was pretty poor to be honest =/

    The fututre of legoland in 2010 has been leaked...The park have announced it was The JUNGLE COASTERs last season in 2009, it will be dismantled and sold at the end of the seaon. This part of the park will instead have a new hotel and not a future rollercoaster for the olympics in 2012- how legoland are so greedy, there are rumours that you will have to pay for parking? GREEDY LEGOLAND, prices will not fall because of the diappearance of the jungle coaster and the new 2010 plans at the area of the Wild Woods, the new 'Pirates Landing' area will incorporate the wild woods area. Pirate falls, Rat Trap and Encharted Forest will remain, but a new PIRATE SHIP will be placed in the current picnic area where the RC cars are, or at least were, not much info on that part.In the near future of the next 5-10 years, merlin entrtainments plan to spend £30 million on the future of Legoland, they plan to build new rides, a lego themed hotel of which we know the location (jungle coaster part) and it one of the last theme parks owned by merlin to recieve a new SEA- LIFE centre, this was quite obvious, not just other merlin owned parks have them but, the other legoland parks also have one. You can in some way tell the future of the Windsor park's rides by looking to see what the other legoland parks have. This included the vikings area which had been built one year before the one in Windsor in the other le goland parks.

    With the sealife bit there is one in Legoland Billund, but if I'm honest it was really poor =/ I just hope it's better than Legoland Billund's =/
  2. Annual Pass holders wont get in for free. Thats for UK Parks only. However the new Premium Annual Pass offers 50% off the price of a ticket at any international Merlin Attraction

    I got in for free !
  3. Posted ImageLegoland Billund, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Lego Windsor, ever in Denmark I recommend it, much better rides for older kids as well as younger =) Plus theres better Lego Statues Posted ImagePosted ImageWorth a visit =) All annual pass holders go free =)
  4. Great idea Biiz, thanks very much :lol:And it certainly does look better than the Windsor one, Like I said in the PM, it's great to get ideas etc of what you guys would like to see as challenges!One small side note Biiz, I understand your new, but try not to post more than once in a row without anyone else posting in between. If you need to add more information, you can edit the previous post :angry:

    Oops. Will remember next time =) Yeaah it is very much like Windsor but soooo much better =), glad I could help x)
  5. Aww I miss Legoland, it's been 3 years now. :lol:

    I still go xDI have an excuse though, a six year old sister that loves the lighthouse show xDthe circus is now gone and has a laser ride now xD bit like buzz lightyear ride in Paris x)
  6. That looks so much more fun then the Windsor one!

    It's a hell of a lot better, the raft thing gets lifted up then goes down the rampmost of the ones in Denmark are alot better than Windsor, same with the jungle coaster, in Denmark it has loops and goes backwards xDIt's awesome !
  7. I teach young kids (aged 5-13) to sing, at a private school on Saturdays when their main teacher can't get in due to illness x) Which is good because I get paid not only by the school but the teacher aswell. Not bad pay either.Though it's difficult to keep them concentrated and happy!

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