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  1. can anyone tell me if the thorpe park express with be running on the fright night preview evening, I'm looking to come from school and leave at 10?cheers
  2. that's like being shot in the foot...twicee.although I would advice getting the "freaky foursome" it was worth it last year, it was something like £14, I went with some people who don't go often so it allowed us to get on most things
  3. With the success of the removal of the majority of the fanta sponsorship, mainly that which had the most effect on ruining the atmosphere and overall ride experience it is clear that to some extent the merlin group are listening.And sorry Kevin, but thorpe park fix the smoke on inferno and that's not driving away visitors without it?it's about giving the best possible experience, sure some things may be beyond budget but something small which could theoretically give quite a lot more experience to the ride is worth the investment in my opinion.put me down for the petition, I think it's a great idea Ben
  4. Cheers Benin,I tweeted them and they said to check back later this month if not they said a taxi is £40 which I suppose isn't too bad split between a group of us.
  5. Could anyone tell me if Alton towers usually run their bus service during scarefest, as in a late on back to stoke-on-trent.If not, does anyone know how much a taxi is from alton towers to stoke on trent?Cheers
  6. "was" a British icon, have to agree with that in the past she was - Her talent as a musician was second to none their's no denying that. Although to compare that to what our British soldiers are doing, dieing every day and becoming merely a two second name on the news is beyond naive.
  7. If she was with one other person I never understand why they feel the need to be with the rest of their group :Sfair enough if it's just the odd one who couldn't join straight away.got to Iove thorpe's chavs.
  8. I will NOT be going to that crappy Dance thing. Do be serious. DiamondGeezrrrrrr <3

  9. Eugh,just thought I'd say that all the school trips have now started at Alton -.-though now exams were over I could go on a quiet week day... all major coasters were at least an hour from 11am to closing Rita was broke like all day, the sky ride is still closed too, on the upside I got to try some smaller rides I don't usually does anyone know if ripsaw is always on a stupidly quick cycle, it just seemed pointless going on it...
  10. Les still thinks the end is coming, you're going to need to have a word.

  11. MatthewM

    Annual Passes

    you get them a year from the date purchased but you end up missing out about 3 months of the theme parks during the closed season but can use them else ware like zoo days at Chessington and the London attractions.I don't think you can buy group Merlin passes but if you wait some time this year they should go to around half price again, when they do offers and cheap tickets
  12. "I've just got to get to the front, my friends are at the front."I never see Thorpe's security escorting queue jumpers out anywhere apart from SAW -.-
  13. Thanks Ian! I just didn't want to get stuck with the summer school trips -.- I went monday and it was pretty empty, Saw got up to 80 mins but went down to about 20 by 4pmeverything was walk on by about 4pm but I think it was down to the weather not being great
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