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  1. The park looks sweet, like strawberries. Shame the Little Big Cities aren’t being too successful, I wonder how one might work in London?
  2. Was a very enjoyable meet up. These meets are tonnes of fun to go to,
  3. Having visited two new European parks, I think it is time to update a few fields. Top 10 Coasters: 1/ Steel Vengeance 2/ Helix 3/ Taron 4/ Maverick 5/ Millenium Force 6/ Shambala 7/ Oziris 8/ Wodan 9/ Nemesis 10/ Icon And now onto the parks: 1/ Europa Park 2/ Cedar Point 3/ Phantasialand 3/ Efteling 5/ Disneyland Paris 6/ Liseberg 7/ Parc Asterix 8/ Alton Towers 9/ Tivoli Gardens 10/ Blackpool Pleasure Beach P.A and Thorpe are now off the top 10 list. Last but not least, everyone needs a park bucket list. Here’s my one for European parks: 1/ Gardaland 2/ Tover Land 3/ Energylandia 4/ Heide Park 5/ Grona Lund 6/ Parque Warner Madrid 7/ Linnanmaki 8/ Hansa Park 9/ Futuroscope 10/ Legoland Billund Some parks are very much the same whilst some have re-entered (Heide notably). Energylandia and Linnanmaki have leap frogged onto the list for numerous reasons. More changes could be afoot in the near future.
  4. BounceZilla be like. Nailed it!
  5. Right so @terrortomb and I had a little trip over to Parc Asterix. Oziris is a class coaster and probably my favourite B&M invert now Pegasus is fun, like really fun! Tonnere is good, it’s not my favourite Wooden coaster but is a decent well rounded ride. Park is pretty decent with some lavish styling and theming, atmosphere and ride selection. It’s not completely perfect but still an excellent and underrated park. I don’t like Goudrix. Might write a trip report if I have time and can be bothered. P.S Transdemonium is closed, although the area appears to be intact. Tomb spoke to several staff members and they believe it is undergoing a renovation and will reopen next year. Take this with a pinch of salt.
  6. If Vampire goes the whole park is basically dead. Its the one ride the park needs to ensure it can function with it’s current operation.
  7. Can’t make this one either sadly as I’m working.
  8. More engineering delays than Network Rail! Least Towers are intending to reopen this flat ride in Summer! How the hell is that even an achievement in our park’s now?
  9. Give it a few years and it’ll just be a zoo again. With a side themed area of Julia Donaldson if we are lucky!
  10. Next year could be a trip year there, but I don’t have 2020 vision. The park’s newer investments are considerably better than the early year investments.
  11. Because you can get an annual pass for £55. Or spend it on return flights to somewhere like Efteling, Liseberg or Phantasialand. I am am so pleased to see so many parks with increased attendance last year. Should probably visit Puy Du Fou one day!
  12. Proof Varney is actually Thanos. Merlin will never reopen it unless it’s themed to a Donaldson I.P.
  13. Nor can I, every single evidential part of Vulcan peak has certainly been removed!
  14. Will hopefully be doing Kings Island’s ‘’Fastrack equivalent’’ when I’m hopefully out there again in a few weeks. I’ll let you all know what it’s like. From current experience, Port Aventura is the only park I’ve gone full out on ‘’Fastrack equivalent’’ only because of their diabolical batching ratios and that their clientele can’t seem to grasp the basic concept of queuing.
  15. I’m a shaky maybe right now as it depends what’s happening with preparing for America the next day, but I’ll see what I can do. Tomb’s pass has run out though so maybe.
  16. The work they have done to Madame Freudenreich is astonishing! They have transformed what was essentially one of their weaker dark rides into something far more special and memorable. Could go as far to say it may currently be their best. Hopefully the next few years at Europa shall be exciting and promising, whether that be Rutluntica and Kronosar, the rebuilding of Scandinavia and Pirates In Batavia or the other little things they do inbetween. Europa Park is class and they certainly show people how an attraction should be operated and progress throughout.
  17. I honestly hope this isn’t the end for Black Buccaneer as it’s such a popular and classic attraction, but understand it is getting on with it being 33 years old. If the work on this attraction is that drastic the park should really replace it with a similar/updated model. It’s still popular and would warrant it for a park like Chessington. However given that isn’t largely marketable in a company that have to have continuous growth that will obviously never happen! Tivoli seem to have it spot on for replacing things!
  18. Glad to see the 40th Anniversary merch is popular. It might be money spinner but definitely sends vibes of nostalgia from the park in the 90’s when it featured much charm and character. During the 90’s and noughties, the park was in a position to develop and progress into the thrill park it was however like most things, you can only have so much growth before you hit a glass ceiling. Something the park reached around 2011/2012 time. Most parks (unless they have noticeable expansion room) intend on maintaining visitor numbers rather than increasing them, however Thorpe and Merlin are still intent on riding them and if a major attraction doesn’t achieve this it is deemed a failure. Thorpe realistically won’t ever really surpass much higher than 2M visitors a year and should aim at continuing investment to maintain these figures. The stagnation during the last few years (combined with the failure of DBGT) has only lead to the park’s gate figures to drop noticeably over the recent years amongst other factors.
  19. 2016 was a year of far too many lies going on. The sad factor is the park could’ve saved the ride from closure if they had been willing to spend proper maintenance and safety upgrades, the ride could still be running today. It was still remarkably popular and one of the best family attractions in Thorpe and maybe the U.K., amongst still being iconic to the park in many ways. Unfortunately it is likely to take just as long (if not longer) for a replacement attraction to open than the time it has been rotting away. Not only in the hindsight of lack of planning, but the fact the park might not receive a major investment for at least three years due Merlin cutting the park’s budget capex.
  20. Those Hoodies, mugs and pin badges look blooming brilliant! Might have to go against my word of only visiting once this year, even if it means just riding the B&Ms, Stealth and then heading for the exit with my merch!
  21. If Varney doesn’t like Chessington perhaps he should actually allocate more budget and funding to fix and restore the park, let alone adding new stuff. Would be far more logical than throwing up Legolands and midways in cities and third world countries.
  22. I’m certain they are trying to go for the largest park in the world, let alone Poland. This park ark continues to churn out major new addition after new addition. It is impressive!
  23. According to the POVS, this might be better than Valravn. Personally speaking at least. I found Valravn lacking in numerous areas.
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