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  1. Slow start? Where have I heard that before? Merlin is doomed with olympics and opening big new additions (looks at Swarm). Only time will tell I guess.
  2. I just can’t see a positive future for the park, as rides continue to age and are given as much “on the cheap” maintenance until running them is no longer practical. In the last ten years, we have only seen six new rides, two of which are “off the shelf” kids rides you would expect to find at a small sea side park. In the ten years before that, we saw 14. Whilst it’s not logical to keep the same investment level from 2010-2010, it would be nice to at least see something every few years, but we know under current positions that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.
  3. Suppose you could say it’s a stairway to heaven.
  4. Wicker Matt


    This is saddening, but not surprising. I suspected from the day Camelot shut this ride wouldn’t be relocated inspite the optimism somewhat Pleasureland would be getting it. well the drive to Blackpool will be less exciting now!
  5. Maybe it’s a lamp? I can see where the bulb goes.
  6. I like Liseberg, although it is not necessarily my favourite park. They have a good selection of headlining coasters, some varied flat rides and other attractions too. It’s clean and has decent food generally too. However parks such as Phantasialand and Europa I definitely prefer, mainly for the escapism and overall experience front. P.A is just overrated tbh, I have no plans for a return visit right now, even with my bucket list.
  7. This must be a massive blow for them. I honestly wish them a swift recovery especially out of all things going on with them ATM.
  8. Thorpe’s plan for the next five years is about as clear as a car windscreen on a freezing cold morning.
  9. Such a shame to see this happen to the park. Don’t think I’ve seen flooding to that level in a U.K. park at least.
  10. Think he’s just making the most of all the roaming opportunities before the red tape happens. I love how the ride interacts with the hotel though.
  11. Just a little update here. Source- European Coaster Club.
  12. Thorpe has reached a stagnation point so bad now that it makes the other Merlin Parks look innovating. It is pretty clear the park is struggling from both a business and directional one. They don’t know what they want and where to go. Would love to see some investments along the lines of an RMC, but unfortunately until they can prove to Merlin it is worthwhile, they will only likely receive the mouse’s share of investment. Gone are the days of major investments every few years and instead, a churn up of events, pop up attractions and maybe re-themes if we are lucky.
  13. Looks like are going to need to be Anka’d (anchored) out. Not surprised, it’s just another Hard Rock scenario.
  14. The picture tells me Stealth will be open this year. That makes me very happy. Oh and they need to upgrade their Picsolve photos I think.
  15. Wicker Matt

    Youtube Videos

    Not for everyone’s tastes but made and arranged a piano cover of Lost In The Woods from Frozen II.
  16. Think I’ll stick to my fabreeze or those other bottles whatever they are called. Thanks but no thanks.
  17. Least Thirteen was actually a success for the park though.
  18. BPB certainly has it’s share of issues like any park does. On the plus note, The Big One has had some retracking in places, so should be a little less rough. Images from Pleasure Beach Experience.
  19. Finally, something not to complain about. I hope it cuts the queues and the app works reliably.
  20. A moment of silence to that place, was one of the best eateries around. Such a shame it’s gone now.
  21. And the lift, which is scarier than the Twillight zone tower of terror. Then again it’s probably the best bet to stay unless you wanna go to up more for onsite or commute from Cologne maybe.
  22. Doesn’t surprise me in any way really.
  23. I really like the colour of this. Cant wait until they announce their coaster either. A tilt is a strange choice though and reminds me of the one they had on RCT3.
  24. Whilst we are on the matter.
  25. **The doubters** Very pleased and surprised it’s (technically) coming back.
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