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  1. So last weekend, I got round to my first Towers trip this year. Here’s how it went: Park was pretty busy, so 8pm closures are definitely warranted, even if numbers trickle down from mid afternoon. With queues exceeding over an hour often. presentation was a mixed bag, with some areas such as Towers Street looking great but others needing work. A jetwash would help. Operations were a mixed bag (likely due to restrictions). Wickermans we’re amongst the best with Nemy perhaps being the worst. However they were batching outside the station building. Indoor attractio
  2. I like the look of that new coaster, and I really like the name. So glad they are theming their new additions more though!
  3. Chessingtons intentions of adding another coaster is excellent and welcoming news. Here’s hoping it goes ahead. The addition is definitely critical at this park now as it’s ageing headliners are starting to struggle with reliability and also they are falling behind the awesome Paultons Park in many ways. So they must compete. Something like Pegasus Express at Parc Asterix, De Vlieglande Hollander at Efteling or even a small wooden coaster would be appropriate additions IMO. Also something with a throughput of 1000+ PPH would be much welcomed, given how of leading rides a
  4. Ouch, that looks horrifying! Waiting that long is more painful than the ride.
  5. Thought I might chip in: 1/ Magma is better than Croc Drop, because I consider it to have better theming and a more thrilling cycle 2/ Veloceraptor is the best junior boomerang (having done Raik & Accelerator) 3/ Flight Of The Pterosaur is the best coaster at Paultons park.
  6. Today, myself and others made our way to the park to check out the new area. Here’s just some of my thoughts. Tornado Springs is a lovely area and really adds another dimension to an already great park. It’s must be amongst the best areas I’ve seen in recent years. Storm Chaser is a lovely fun coaster with a very reasonable throughput, Cyclonator is surprisingly thrilling, the drop towers are fun and the tractor ride pleasant. Rest of the area further compliments this. Rest of the park still great and surprisingly busy. The comparison of newer areas to the likes o
  7. **David Attenborough has entered the thread**
  8. So me and others went to the island today for a little early season park trip. Like a number of parks, there’s been a noticeable amount of TLC around numerous park areas, from the truck at the front, Dome and Tidal Wave changes. Most of which is a noticeable improvement. park operations were generally positive especially for early season, although the park were “Swarmed” (pun intended) with a certain clientele known to break the rules a little! The B&Ms and Stealth were great as always, Saw was rideable and Colossus was poor. Thorpe has a lot of creases to iro
  9. That is indeed a great problem that must be managed and has only continued to spiral out of control. In many cases like yesterday, the RAP queue has been equal or greater than the main queue. I do think the U.K culture has (further) mutated into one where there is an expectation or entitlement. When seeing the guest services queue, almost all were queuing for a RAP Pass. And this precisely why it’s become such an “ albatross around their neck” situation where they are doomed if they do and doomed if they don’t! If they don’t do anything this will probably continue for the forsea
  10. Right. So Wisey & myself took a little trip to Chessington today, which would be our first trip and park visit of the year. To Sum Up: Park is the best it’s looked in years, from areas such as Mexicana and Land Of The Dragons receiving noticeable touch ups Park Audio was rather messy and untidy in several places, maybe there’s issue All key eating places were open, although the surprise lack of outdoor seating was a little disappointing Majority of staff were friendly enough, although there were some issues with one or two Blue Barnacle is alrigh
  11. We’re clearly forgetting all the things that the park is planning on adding in the next 5-10 years here! As well aware Top Scan, we have: A Topple Tower A multi-launch coaster opposite Fury A Rapids near Zufari The rebuild of Skyway The source is Ketchup Fans. I will see myself out!
  12. Based on the given images, the area looks absolutely phenomenal and one of (if not the best) themed areas within the U.K. I hope we see more additions on this level in years to come! Very soon too (hopefully) I’ll be chasing down the M3 (pun intended) to see this place!
  13. Great improvement there, Funshine really adds some character back to these otherwise adequate arch signs. Also yay to more PMBO re-tracking!
  14. Nothing controversial really about the first point. It seems in the early years Nemy was by far the favoured of the two, but nowadays it seems almost 50/50. I think Nemy will probably always have the higher vote, but nothing controversial at all. There’s some similarities between preferring Taron or Helix. I think it’s natural to still like a park even if the area it’s located is unfavourable. I’ve certainly heard of many who like BPB but hate the town! I guess this whole “Southerners hate Blackpool” thing must be relating with the North/South divide. I personally don’t mi
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