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  1. That is indeed a great problem that must be managed and has only continued to spiral out of control. In many cases like yesterday, the RAP queue has been equal or greater than the main queue. I do think the U.K culture has (further) mutated into one where there is an expectation or entitlement. When seeing the guest services queue, almost all were queuing for a RAP Pass. And this precisely why it’s become such an “ albatross around their neck” situation where they are doomed if they do and doomed if they don’t! If they don’t do anything this will probably continue for the forsea
  2. Right. So Wisey & myself took a little trip to Chessington today, which would be our first trip and park visit of the year. To Sum Up: Park is the best it’s looked in years, from areas such as Mexicana and Land Of The Dragons receiving noticeable touch ups Park Audio was rather messy and untidy in several places, maybe there’s issue All key eating places were open, although the surprise lack of outdoor seating was a little disappointing Majority of staff were friendly enough, although there were some issues with one or two Blue Barnacle is alrigh
  3. We’re clearly forgetting all the things that the park is planning on adding in the next 5-10 years here! As well aware Top Scan, we have: A Topple Tower A multi-launch coaster opposite Fury A Rapids near Zufari The rebuild of Skyway The source is Ketchup Fans. I will see myself out!
  4. Based on the given images, the area looks absolutely phenomenal and one of (if not the best) themed areas within the U.K. I hope we see more additions on this level in years to come! Very soon too (hopefully) I’ll be chasing down the M3 (pun intended) to see this place!
  5. Great improvement there, Funshine really adds some character back to these otherwise adequate arch signs. Also yay to more PMBO re-tracking!
  6. Nothing controversial really about the first point. It seems in the early years Nemy was by far the favoured of the two, but nowadays it seems almost 50/50. I think Nemy will probably always have the higher vote, but nothing controversial at all. There’s some similarities between preferring Taron or Helix. I think it’s natural to still like a park even if the area it’s located is unfavourable. I’ve certainly heard of many who like BPB but hate the town! I guess this whole “Southerners hate Blackpool” thing must be relating with the North/South divide. I personally don’t mi
  7. I’m currently halfway through reading the History Of Thorpe Park book which somewhat clarifies the rides closure. I believe it was down to a number of things, rising safety requirements, lack of available funds and also sadly neglect. Merlin spent the essential safety upgrades for Tiger Rock (then Dragon Falls) but were not in a position to do so for Loggers.
  8. I mean, Towers has the benefit of having several large open space areas such as the lawn near the lake and that square near Hex. And also unlike Thorpe, it doesn’t seem to be a graveyard for derelict attractions “glares at most of Old Town”. This is where the Arena would’ve been handy for Thorpe.
  9. Now that’s absolutely bananas! Model looks better though.
  10. (Spoken in a Coasterbot style dialogue) “What makes a decent theme park entrance?” Right! Here’s the basic fundamentals that should result in a decent theme park entrance: Clear and straightforward navigational layout Visually welcoming presentation A hub/point which can handle a moderate amount of guest volume At this point of time, Thorpe’s entrance fails to achieve any of these. You park up or leave the bus only to find a mess of corrugated steel fences and a confusing queue to park checks. You are greeted by the further view of chipped buildings
  11. Yikes, it’s starting to look more like the entrance to a penitentiary prison than a theme park now! just bulldoze the whole thing and start again I say.
  12. Well yes, they probably are then. Along with the return of Bling, The Gold Mine and Log Flume. That’s impossible!
  13. Who’s betting on these becoming permanent if they are successful!
  14. A moments silence to the days of efficient three train operations on this ride. They will be remembered!
  15. Crazy yet amazing how long ago 2006 was. Stealth was the ride that got me back into Thorpe Park in the mid-noughties after a number of hiatus years. Happy 15th Anniversary Stealth!
  16. This “Tomb Blaster year xxxx Refurbishment” thing is becoming more speculative than what the next iPhone will be like? And yes. I suspect the reason why Tomb isn’t listed currently is due to enclosed attractions not being able to open just yet. Hopefully May.
  17. Depending on what happens with the (unfortunately) ongoing pandemic, Legoland Windsor will definitely be the first major U.K. park to become an almost year round park. Whilst I doubt some days they’ll be open I.E Christmas Day, weekdays etc. Legoland are definitely on the way to being open almost all year. As for the new area, it sounds great and surprisingly creative too. The location of the Sky Lion attraction is slightly better than Monster Party’s, although throughput could be a problem. Given they have just one theatre as opposed to two or three in most other parks
  18. Tidal wave refurb? I’m putting strong bets on more de-theming. The fireball gone forever and never replaced. Just like the shortcut path and other pieces removed over the years! I hope I’m wrong. The entrance work is promising though and to be honest it doesn’t take much to improve that plaza at all, which ideally needs an extensive rebuild. But that will never happen.
  19. Sure. 1/ Life centre point I have visited this place most years of my life. 1996 was roughly when I first went with family and fondly remember the charm and now defunct attractions such as Carousel Kingdom, Tropical Travels and Wicked Witches Haunt. After a six year hiatus I finally returned to the park in 2006 (which by then felt almost unrecognisable). Countless trips with school, family and friends took place. Before an even bigger influence commenced. The park certainly had much influence into who I am today. I even worked there a number of seasons ag
  20. The ghost train has truly had its day. It was nice while it lasted! (Or was it). The ride has aged like a ripe avocado in a kitchen above room temperature.
  21. This place will be humongous if this actually goes to plan. The mine train coaster looks decent so far. Transport rides and a proper hotel are definitely what they need.
  22. Interesting footage and amazing how so much has changed in that time (for better and worse). 0:00-0:12 would never be allowed now, due to strengthened safety such as lock-offs. Doing similar now would no doubt result in the immediate dismissal of the operator and staff involved. Think their safety procedure was strengthened around the late 2000’s when an employee was killed when entering the ride area at one of their Legoland parks.
  23. Looks even better than expected and one of the best looking coaster of the year. I look forward to hopefully riding it in my lifetime!
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