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  1. It’s honestly a stunning ride and did a great job at trying to steal the crown off Steel Vengeance. Only real fault is the ridiculously long queue, which feels like you’ve completed 10,000 steps each time you ride it!
  2. It’s been over a year in the making, but I finally visited Energylandia this week. Here’s some of my thoughts: Park is massive (humongous maybe), clean and features tonnes of attractions (does need more transport rides) Zadra is marvellous and easily my European number 1 Hyperion is surprisingly excellent and a great park headliner Abyssus just shows how much Vekoma (and EL) have improved The quality of newer to older areas is definitely noticeable Park presentation and landscaping were better than expected Operations generally good but queue jumping awful, excellent food Largely buzzing park atmosphere, especially on Magic Nights evening Whilst some things need sorting, I honestly enjoyed this park much more than I was expecting and it is definitely becoming a key player in Europe (or even the world). There’s a vast quantity of attractions, but in time also quality. Surprisingly I missed a fair number of Creds, but I’ll mop those up should I return.
  3. *Sometime later* (double post) Time to polish the list up! Coasters: 1/ Steel Vengeance 2/ Zadra 3/ Taron 4/ Oziris 5/ Hyperion 6/ Shambhala 7/ Millenium Force 8/ Helix 9/ Nemesis 10/ Wodan Parks: 1/ Europa Park 2/ Cedar Point 3/ Phantasialand 4/ Efteling 5/ Disneyland Paris 6/ Energylandia 7/ Liseberg 8/ Parc Asterix 9/Toverland 10/ Alton Towers I’m not gonna write a bucket park list given things are still tricky, plus most of it is still Orlando parks.
  4. Recently visited Legendia in Katowice Poland, just some thoughts. Park has pretty enough landscaping, particularly around the entrance but there is room for improvement. Lech coaster is phenomenal and honestly worth visiting the alone for. The dark ride is quirky yet charming and the water rides random to say the least. Rest of the park is alright but not much to write home about. Numerous older rides which have been nicely enough styled/themed feel like they are on their last legs. The royal ballroom ride for example was hilariously operated! Operations weren’t great although it wasn’t super busy. Several attractions were closed on the day of visiting. This doesn’t include the removed flats or SBNO Scary Toys coaster. I only got one Cred, but did experience an evac on Diabelska (formerly Iron Wolf/Twin Looper). Overall ok park, but maybe not great. This place has the potential to be on the level of other city parks such as Tivoli Gardens & Liseberg. It’s a fair way behind that currently but we shall have to see what happens.
  5. 2021 has been a surprising year indeed. Finally visited Legendia & Energylandia in a last minute trip. Parks were fun but travel planning even more of a faff, so make sure you know what you are doing is my advice there. On another note, the complexity of covid travel means I probably won’t hit other overseas park until 2022.
  6. Been to the exact same attraction, although that was just before Covid. The War Of The World’s Experience is certainly a unique yet immersive attraction and thought not (super) cheap does perhaps hold up it’s charging price (which varies depending on peak/low peak times). I’ve always been on a fence with VR headsets, but unlike some attractions I think the usage here works to an excellent standard and far better implemented. This one is very much a combination of immersive theatre and effects really, which could be easily enjoyed by both theme park and theatre fans in this context.
  7. Well its a shame they couldn’t have chosen a coaster with a reasonable throughput, but least the park are actually getting a new coaster after all this time. The coaster choice is just so random.
  8. Such a shame they are removing this. Sure it wasn’t the top coaster in the park (Cedar Point at least), but it was such a fun thrilling attraction with so much kick! Cant really see what they could replace it with, unless they do up the whole area.
  9. The construction certainly flew by. Looks a lovely addition.
  10. Surprisingly intense, especially for a family park. Whilst it probably isn’t the best thing since sliced bread, it sure looks fun and is hopefully a worthy addition to the park.
  11. Pity they haven’t also decided to add a modest RMC and bizarre yet interesting Mack coaster to their line up though. Thorpe’s recent decisions have been truly bizarre. Then again, I guess they have for some time now.
  12. I managed to ride Flight Of The Skylion yesterday. It’s certainly a truly unique attraction to the park and the U.K, a bit like a cross between a simulator and a 4D movie but I guess that’s what a flying theatre is. The pre-show was simple but funny enough, mostly explaining the process. The actual ride however was surprisingly impressive and the setting works out remarkably well. The ceiling was the only potential setback, but I personally consider this one of the best additions at the park to date. One could say it’s Lego’s take on Flight Of Passage, but I personally think it works. Volatarium is probably still my favourite type of these for now though. Rest of the area looks surprisingly great . The new drop towers were fun and the “rethemed” Hydras Challenge (formerly Squid Surfer) looks much better! Only complaint was the service and food quality at the Hungry Troll could’ve been better.
  13. Zeus’s renovations are fascinating. I must confess touring my 2019 visit, the attraction was enjoyable and pleasant enough but was certainly missing that “wow” factor somewhere, compared to say Troy or Wodan. I haven’t done a proper GG woodie yet, but this all looks promising. The concept art for Toutatis looks splendid and should hopefully match the greatness of other lovely additions in the park.
  14. Fingers crossed the Ultimate may actually again one day and the park has a future compared to Livingston Leisure running the place into the ground!
  15. So despite being in no major rush to return after my first visit, five years later and I went back! Apocalypse was great aside from only 2/5 towers working. Will be criminal if this gets removed! Adventure Cove area looks great and should be even better when everything there has opened. Park very busy and did have some kind of atmosphere for certain. Not sure when I’ll be back but it was a very mixed one.
  16. Very disappointed in Merlin doing this. Because they’ve just plagiarised Universal from when they opposed the Skyplex being built in Orlando.
  17. I’m so glad they are finally getting their “long awaited” expansion. Efteling is one of my favourite European parks and hopefully they can broaden the lineup whilst retaining their charm and character that’s been largely prominent in their 69 years of existence.
  18. I mean it does,but on average at around 10 mph, maybe 20 on a good day.
  19. On a positive note, it’s different and great to be pushing more towards events outside of Halloween which should have always been a thing. Even “regional” American parks do non Halloween events. I remember seeing food stands and the like at Cedar Point on one of my visits.
  20. I think the change to Tiny Truckers is an improvement, because it teaches the kids what the M25 is realistically like when to drive on.
  21. Interesting development, especially after the construction of Monster. Grona are acing real life RCT scenarios.
  22. Here’s a POV for the ride if anyone’s interested. Watch if you dare, or avoid if you don’t want spoilers. Ride looks ok, maybe better than expected. It’s better than Charlie, especially when you consider how small it is but obviously not blockbuster level. New area looks alright, but areas come across as looking flat or perhaps unimaginative. It’s better than the last few years, but still looked the best during its early Cloud Cuckoo years.
  23. I think there’s a lot of family thrill coasters that would actually suit the park. Including (but not limited to the following): 1/ Gerst family launch similar to Pegasus/Fire Chaser Express 2/ GCI woodie, more akin to Heidi the ride (maybe Wickerman) 3/ Vekoma “next gen” so like Lech/Aqualantis but maybe less intense 4/ Mack launch like Slinky Dog Dash 5/ That “family focused” RMC concept We will just have to see I guess.
  24. So if this area is going to Amazon themed, does that mean I’m going to have to subscribe to prime?
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