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  1. Can see Fish and Chips closing come next season, or at least be sparsely operated which is already happening (was closed yesterday). Remarking parks seem to be restructuring F&B once again some beans re-emerging and others disappearing altogether. Chessington’s Fish & Chips still remains closed and Towers have not had them for years so it’s possible.
  2. Just a heads up for anyone that might be visiting Fright Nights this year, queue closing policy. Due to current operations and guidelines, the park will now close queue lines before park close especially if such attractions have long queues. This is so they can clear the park by 9pm and site by 10pm. Take Saw for example, if it has a 75 minute queue towards the end of the night they would close the queue line at 7:45pm or earlier. We just missed this and did Colossus instead where we went on the second to last train of the night.
  3. Right given that Halloween could be ruined further because of Conor Rhona and circus clowns, MR Fish and I decided to take a little trip to Fright Nights to see what it was about. Fearstival Arena Entertaining, humour and a very central location which made for an entertaining watch. Creek Freeks Unchained Probably one of the better scare zones I have experienced recently and nicely put together. The actors got a perfect balance between everything and integrated nicely with Platform’s exit. I miss the maze but this will do. Platform 15 Som
  4. No other park out there that I know of handles queues and operations as efficient yet immaculate as Europa Park. Some come close but none properly match this. When you walk into full looking queue, you would expect to wait over an hour whereas in Europa it is more like 30 minutes with almost constant moving lines and trains heading out of the station in as quick as 20 seconds. That’s before mentioning just how many attractions this place has which is probably more than any other park worldwide with such variety and sometimes mystery. It’s also just a lovely pl
  5. It’ll be a backward move regardless because nothing they do makes sense anymore.
  6. The prospect of a Merlin pass restructuring is imminent, especially given the covid situation where much growth and earnings have been lost. We could easily see passes introduced which only enable selected days, times, attractions and perks introduced. With the VIP removed for the foreseeable it’s not impossible to see the Premium botched up as the top offering. Expect more up-charges especially for events I would say.
  7. This year May not be over yet but it has been one long roller coaster ride and sadly not an enjoyable one other . As this horrible time remains dominated by a never ending pandemic, here’s some rides that may be a reminder and summarisation of how 2020 is going. Hold on tight and remain seated, you are in for a very bumpy ride! 1/ Meanstreak- Cedar Point Tall, long and dominating. The whole presence of this attraction should deliver something great to live up to it’s name. Sadly that is not the case. This coaster uncomfortably drags you along a rough and uncomfortable circuit w
  8. Enthusiasts be like. I think given the history of this project, opening in such a year was inevitable if I’m honest here.
  9. I think Adventure Ville is such a lovely happy and upbeat ride. Something the U.K. perhaps needs more of. Axis is definitely intense but enjoyable too, a bit like an afterburner except it goes all the way over several giving a strange yet unique feeling of hangtime. Time Machine was crazy and definitely a paracetamol job post riding. Definitely a pleasant enough park but given current situations I probably won’t return for a while.
  10. To be fair we have been moving into a pre-plan/pre-book world for years now and maybe even more-so with current positions in the world. I always try and book/plan things in ahead but I know there will always be some who will leave it last minute for better and worse.
  11. And here I am just hoping I get a glass of Prosecco or something for the cost of now going through the mazes, was a nice gesture in the early face it alone days. How I miss them! Given how dreadful 2020 Halloween will be anyway I guess this is better than nothing.
  12. Phantasialand on the whole is generally a great park and one of my favourites. A lot of their rides such as Taron & Chiapas I consider masterpieces in their own ways. There is definitely room to improve the offering further and a lot of it comes down to the entrance setup and older attractions. I think China might be getting redeveloped next but the entrance setup is definitely a challenging one as Josh’s points mention. As for food, I consider it arguably the best park for food, from quick service to sit down restaurants. I do recommend Rutmoore’s Tavern if you retur
  13. CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED FOLKS! To a large degree that is unfortunately true as Corona Virus has lead to the organisers of Winter Wonderland cancelling this years event. Official wording states: ” Dear Hyde Park Winter Wonderland family, It is with a heavy heart we share that Hyde Park Winter Wonderland will not be taking place this year. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland has always been about bringing friends and family together in a fun, safe and interactive environment to celebrate the festive season. Our team has worked tirelessly, exploring every
  14. Interesting to see the ride revealing it’s original colours after ten years. Anyone else remember when it was Billy’s Whizzer?
  15. Your thoughts share similarities to my own when I visited. Cologne is an interesting city with quirks but definitely not the best looking by any means and if anything industrial. The Cathedral is ace though! The Chocolate museum looks nice and I hope to visit there if I return again. 2020 has been an unacceptable year, surprised that statue hasn’t been more vandalised.
  16. Great to see the park seeing so much investment over the last few years especially given the hit and miss selection at present. This ride should be interesting and hopefully better than the former Ice Age dark ride which looked hilariously bad.
  17. It has been five years since I last visited this quirky little place and quite a lot has changed for better and worse. With a horrible virus still at large and more countries on the quarantine list, I probably won’t be going abroad for a while so staycation it is. But is it all worth it? New for 2019 the park added Axis, a flat ride which is like an afterburner but goes over the top (360) giving an intense but unique experience. It’s easily the best flat ride and probably one of the best in the park. And for those wondering, yes they did move Dragons Claw into a new location
  18. Visited the park yesterday and despite Covid was perhaps the busiest I’ve ever seen the place! Although distancing and regular break downs didn’t help. Managed just six rides in eight hours so not the best. However they did extend close upto 7pm which rarely happens at the park. Covid measures were hit and miss. Some worked well, others didn’t as some people weren’t following this. Some pathways and areas were impossible to do so due to the giant queues. Managed to try Tomb Blaster 3.0 and it’s quite a mixed bag. The lighting in some places seems better but is lar
  19. I think I know who the culprit is. Hopefully they will get it up and running soon though.
  20. One of the main issues which likely prevents TWD from currently reopening is it’s “two to a row“ rule, which makes loading solo or odd numbered guests on the ride impossible without breaching social distancing measures. The rule came in a few years ago and given how safety stringent Merlin are these days it is unlikely to change unless the vehicles are modified to enable this again.
  21. Sounds an amazing ride and I hope one day to ride this (maybe next year).
  22. Indeed and it’s great to see this happening besides the new stuff. One however though just has to compare something like Zadra/Aqualantis to that horrible looking wild mouse with OTSR (why though?) which is probably one of the worst attractions there. The park probably has one of the brightest futures around. And is high up on my bucket list once this horrible virus is done.
  23. It’s great to see the park’s newer investments being given better theming and styling. Most attractions pre-Hyperion pretty much look like they’ve just been plonked down on any available land in a RCT type fashion. Aqualantis does look great.
  24. The Union Jack trains has clearly been inspired by Blackpool. I'm sure it’ll have an applicable name, given this park has rides called Zoom and Hero. Wouldn’t be surprised if they just call it 10 looping coaster, which is something you’d normally see in RCT.
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    Well it looks like they missed the target!
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