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  1. In a surprising yet unexpected position, it has been confirmed that Efteling will be removing their Spookslot (Haunted House) attraction after the summer season. It will make way for a brand new indoor attraction (presumably a dark ride). Source-https://www-looopings-nl.translate.goog/?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-GB&_x_tr_pto=wapp Whilst not everyone’s cup of tea with some left a little confused by the attraction, I find this news rather saddening. Sure it wasn’t the best thing there, but it had much charm, character and history. It will be missed! https://youtu.be/1YQlUKLcYcI
  2. No, can’t honestly see this happening for the reasons largely mentioned above. Disney World is ‘primarily’ aimed at families, hence why most attractions are in the medium-family thrill category as the new additions in Star Wars Land and Avatar Land for example have proven. Pretty much all the other Disney resorts have ‘thrill based’ parks not particularly far away and they are all able to generally operate successfully without this affecting their product and demographic.
  3. My bucket list essentially: 1/ Veloci-Coaster- Universal Orlando 2/ Iron Gwazi- Busch Tampa 3/ F.L.Y- Phantasialand 4/ Untamed- Walibi Holland 5/ Kondaa- Walibi Belgium 6/ Ride To Happiness- Plopsa De Panne 7/ Takabisha - Fuji Q Highland 8/ Pantheon - Busch Williamsburg 9/ DC Rivals - Warner Bros Movie World Aus 10/ Intimadator 305- Kings Dominion
  4. It seems that some inspiration was taken from Disneyland Paris, given this will be a ‘lucrative’ hotel right by the entrance. All gone full circle. Judging from the concept, it does look very pretty and should further enhance the area if carried out as planned. The thing I want to know is if they any plans for the Efteling hotel? As both appear very similar in their design and function.
  5. Small coaster? Think I’m also going to have to say Backlot Stunt Coaster. What is packed into it’s space is absolutely sublime and amazing. That helix alone warrants it’s position here IMO. And big coaster wasting space? Valeavn comes to mind. It just doesn’t really do anything outstanding or different to any other dive coasters or the other (and much better) B&Ms within the same park. Blivvy has the drop, Valkyria has the variety and Baron has the theming/backstory. This one just exists tbh.
  6. I remember the days of passing the train depot at Willesden junction after a long day working at the park. Could definitely see the strong similarities and inspiration. They were interesting days. Heres a few: 1/ The last extension of Inferno’s queue line was formerly used by Mr Rabbit’s Tropical Travels 2/ Many of the park’s original buildings were stylised over different periods of history. Building limitations at the time also meant more attractions were built enclosed at the time. 3/ The KFC/Arcade (roughly opposite Tidal Wave) has been home to numerous attractions. Space Station Zero (1983-1990) and then Carousel Kingdom and a play area from 1990-1999.
  7. For some reason I’m getting Hyperion vibes with this, which makes no sense given the lack of similarities. I am excited regardless to see (what will hopefully) be such a substantial ride and investment arrive and hit Thorpe and the U.K. I never foresaw the day where we would see this park propose such attraction, especially on the prospect of stealing the U.K. height record. Ok, I must confess there looks to be less ‘airtime’ than desired and I was more leaning on a B&M hyper, but the concept does look exciting. A splashdown sure looks interesting which is more common in American/European parks. It isn’t the longest coaster and it never was going to be. Seeing (most of) Old Town undergo the bulldozer in the near future may be emotional to some given it’s significance, but it’s time has come for newer and greater things. This will be a long two plus years.
  8. Sure, why not. Disneyland Paris- My First Ever Visit (April 2015) I was late to the Disney/overseas game, but wow did it begin on a high! I might’ve been hungover from a night of drinking games, but was I excited. Everything about the trip seemed magical, from entering through the splendid Park entrance to watching Dreams before closing. It’s a trip I will never forget! Winter Phantasialand (November 2017) I adore Phantasialand, but seeing it at Winter, was just spectacular. The park just went above and beyond with it’s Christmas event, with no corner looking un-festive. Stayed at Hotel Lingbao that trip, which can only be described as phenomenal. Efteling In The Snow (December 2018) Regardless of others opinions, visiting Efteling is literally a fairy tale place. Already stunning enough over Winter, we were greeted by several feet of snow on (what was supposed to be) the last day of the trip. The beautiful surroundings looked even more stunning in this setting, especially the entrance building (five senses). Cedar Point (August 2018) America was always somewhere I wanted to visit, and that finally happened one late August. Customs might’ve been less desirable, but seeing what is arguably the park with the world’s best coaster selection was remarkable. Lots of atmosphere, even down to Magnificent Seven playing around Steel Vengeance. Blackpool Opening 2020 (February 2020) Blackpool has always been that place/trip to lift me up whenever life has thrown unwanted curveballs at me, and this one was no exception. I wasn’t in a happy place at the time, however by enduring this opening trip, it was honestly an almost biblical experience. Catching up with friends new and old, experiencing the opening vibes and most importantly, BPB. I’d felt like myself again and ‘pure happiness’ properly for the first time in months. Whether that was nabbing the first PMBO train of that year or facing Icon in the rain. It was all sublime. Pity what paved the way after didn’t quite follow Suite, but that’s covid for you.
  9. *blows cobwebs from topic* This weekend I finally returned to Winter Wonderland, after nearly two years. The new revised pre-paid time slot procedure is annoying (and will probably remain forever), although made entry noticeably more efficient. N.B if you buy attractions in advance, it cancels the entry-fee. Was great to finally be back and take in the event’s vibrant atmosphere. From it’s festive music, lights and countless attractions and market stalls. I’ve honestly forgotten how fun this place is, despite the crowds and prices (which you need a mortgage for no doubt). Went on six attractions in the end, three of which were pre-booked. Airborne was my first ever booster, so much fun but a shame it couldn’t be longer. The Apres Ski Funhouse was lots of fun, especially when Mr Fish is in-front. Avoid Small World! It is the worst dark ride I have been on and makes Boo Blasters look alright. Re-rode regulars Munich Looping, Hangover & Wild Maus XXL. Great to be back on these again, but a shame a number of features were not working on the Maus that evening. I end this update from a photo, taken from Apres Ski. Visit if you can, while you can!
  10. The fall of Old Town (formerly Canada Creek) has been inevitable for sometime now, especially given development and area prospects. Prior to 2016, the area was still very much full of life, even with the railway’s closure. Whether that be Loggers running around the area or the formerly excellent Country/Pop playlist. In recent year’s it has just been a shadow of it’s former self. A dead zone for the park, with the exception of Fright Nights. Not to mention looking largely rundown and dilapidated. It will be shame to see, what was the last Pre-Tussauds park area removed. But change is critical, so the park can maybe perhaps move in the right direction again after so very long!
  11. Interesting reading up on everyone’s recent experiences with Efteling. It’s been a few years now since I last visited and it’s interesting to hear of the changes. It’s still a shame Bob closed given how popular and quirky it was. However it was clearly an attraction at the end of it’s life and Max & Moritz looks a better fit to the park’s demographic. Shame if some of the little effects are broken though. Efteling is without doubt one of the most charming and refined parks out there! It is somewhere where non enthusiasts could enjoy and appreciate. For someone who’s after tall fast thrilling coasters, this place isn’t for you. But if you enjoy somewhere with charm and lavishing escapism, not to mention phenomenal dark rides? This place is definitely for you. Must get back out here at somepoint. Stupid Covid!
  12. That station will now be busier than the M6 in rush hour. Will have to see their spin (pun-intended) in how this works.
  13. Indeed it all is. Can’t see any of those happening. Whatever next? Jumbos relocated to Wild Asia? The return of Professor Burp? A topple tower where Rodeo was? Of course not! This is getting more absurd than Thorpe’s closed season page these days.
  14. Way too hard to speculate any of this right now. Chessington have a substantial development scheduled for the following year so 22 is likely a lower investment year. That isn’t to say they won’t get anything though. It would be a rather strange and maybe irrational decision we’re they to re-use/cannibalise Rocky for Sea Storm. It’s still a popular support ride, so hopefully they can repair this. Have not heard anything anywhere about Scorpion going, especially being such a key ride to the park still. Although it was SBNO in 2013, which was perhaps their worst year.
  15. Don’t get me wrong, Maus Au Chocolate is a relatively fun and decent dark ride. However I still feel the park is in need of something a little bigger that really stands out as a flagship experience. Would love to see Phantasialand pull something out of the hat on the likes of Symbolica or Mystic Manor. Space and resources however may suggest otherwise. Depending what happens with the currently closed Hollywood ride, the only other option is probably to replace Geister Riksha. Assuming further land is not available.
  16. Until the Ultimate (ever) reopens, there is probably no point. Went a couple years ago and the park was mediocre at best, bar The Ultimate, Eagles Claw and Raptor. Pity they removed the latter, because it was honestly a hidden gem IMO.
  17. Phantasialand are surely one of the most creative and imaginative parks out there when it comes to building new attractions and areas. The amount of redevelopment they’ve covered over the last 10-15 years is stunning. Ripping out dated attractions such as old flumes and simulators, to replace them with state of the art attractions such as Chiapas and Taron. All they need now is a substantial new state of the art dark ride.
  18. It seems so. I clearly didn’t mention this enough. Could be said for lots of the UK parks to be fair. Paultons have been smashing it this season though!
  19. Honestly, Thorpe has been a mixed bag this year from my five visits this year. Operations have been generally good, especially on rides such as Inferno and Stealth. Though some still need work. I like how they have continued to push for more events besides Fright Nights. They need some work, but it’s something and entices more visits perhaps. That said, the park appearance wise needs a lot of work. The TLC they have done to the Dome and Tidal Wave have helped, but there are so many more areas that need work doing. If 2022 marks the end of old town, we shall have to see! Chessington operationally seemed much worse this year IMO.
  20. Well if the rumours I heard actually came to fruition, we would’ve seen a Transformers “themed” Swarm, Slammer replaced by Ramesis Revenge and Walking Dead’s entrance on the other side. Yeah right! we shall have to see what happens. Thorpe is largely overdue substantial investment and this could be somewhat welcoming to say the least should it happen. It would be quite the shame if Rocky Express did go, especially being one of the few remaining classics. However at 32, maybe it’s had a good run.
  21. Looks like things are going down in this thread now!
  22. Ah, this time of year again. Time for a game I play nearly as bad as Uno. It begins. Amity Beach (3) Angry Birds 4D Experience (5) Black Mirror Labyrinth (5) Colossus (5) Depth Charge (5) Detonator: Bomb's Away (5) Flying Fish (5) King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (5) Lumber Jump (5) Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride (5) Nemesis Inferno (6) Quantum (6) Rocky Express (5) Rumba Rapids (5) Rush (5) Samurai (5) Saw - The Ride (5) Stealth (5) Storm in a Teacup (5) Storm Surge (5) The Swarm (5) Tidal Wave (5) Timber Tug Boat (5) Vortex (5) Zodiac (5) Quantum+ Amity Beach-
  23. The short answer to your question is no. No one is ever too old for theme parks, as long as they continue to find them pleasant and enjoyable. Ok, the majority as mentioned are teens/young adults and families, but then again that is just the way things typically swing. Being the school holidays (presumably) is another factor on the above. If you still enjoy the parks, don’t be put off.
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