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    Glitch reacted to JoshC. in Linnanmäki Trip Report   
    I know you're joking, but don't expect them to ever RMC their woodie. It's part of the park's history, is well loved and clearly looked after very well.
    I got free entry to SeaLife thanks to some free tickets. Otherwise it was about €14 with a Linnanmäki wristband or €18 without.
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    Glitch reacted to Matt Creek in California Feeling   
    I'm glad this is so, as I wanted to make a joke believable but somewhat legit. This involved some serious planning and creative choice of pictures (selected to be good quality and comparable to ones I may take).
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    Glitch got a reaction from Matt Creek in California Feeling   
    I would like to congratulate you Mr. Matthew Creek for having the one and only April fools to get past me today.
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