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  1. At least the price is more reasonable than Fright Nights! Will be interesting to see how popular this will be, as others have said even when they're free they don't tend to get a queue. Black mirror hardly even gets a queue these days.
  2. It does seem like an intentional change. but hopefully its one that won't last long. There is no need to play it round the whole area. On another note its nice to hear the original soundtrack around Colossus again, the far superior track in my opinion. Just wish they'd turn it up, and the station audio. Also worth noting Swarms station was completely silent last week - not sure if this was a one off?
  3. Whole area for inferno unfortunately Not sure about Colossus as I didn't hear it, the audio in general is really quiet around Colossus now (which is even more unfortunate)
  4. If you change your petition to include saving Slammer I'll sign it
  5. So it seems a number of people have had it confirmed from the park on Saturday that Apocalypse will be removed at the end of this season. As a big fan of drop towers, loosing in my opinion the UK's best is a big shame. I do think this is an odd decision, I understand they're moving towards a family theme park, but in my opinion you still need thrill rides, and I feel apocalypse fit in well with sit down having a height restriction of 1.2m. On a more positive note, Draytons new Viking area opened on Saturday and looks great. Another solid new area.
  6. Bizarre name not a fan of that. Must admit though I'm exited to ride this, being a fan of Colossus. Also seems strange that they've spent £18m on this but absolutely no marketing whatsoever? Crazy amount of money to spend on a ride that no one knows about
  7. Its in the middle of the park and got an awful throughput. I guess its also fairly popular with it being a ride a family/group can all ride together too.
  8. I haven't counted rides for a good few years now but I'd say these are the top 3 I've done in a day. Nemesis: Back when it had single rider and it was right next to the exit. It never had a queue and most of the time you got on the same train you came off if you were quick enough. Used to love lapping this. Inferno: On a very empty annual pass day a good few years ago we stayed on this for an afternoon. No idea on a number but easily 20+ Stealth: Quite a few times last year on offpeak weekdays they just left the gate in the station open so you could re-ride, most of the time getting on the train in front. Unsure on ride counts but easily 20+ a couple of times. I've also rode Slammer for pretty much a whole day before but wouldn't have been a high ridecount due to how long it took to load. Used to do Detonator quite a bit in a day too. They do yes. I find Thorpe are definitely the most lenient with re-rides out of the merlin parks. Alton isn't even worth asking.
  9. Look very nice! Does this mean I don't get to watch people try and wash there hands without realising the foot pedals anymore though? 😄
  10. It was like this the whole of last season, maybe even 2020 too but I'm not certain on that. So seems like a permanent change to me. I've heard people say they don't notice the difference but I personally don't think its anywhere near as forceful as it once was which is a shame, as you say the forcefulness is what made Detonator so great.
  11. This is a shame after sounding so good last year, hopefully this can get sorted soon. It makes a massive difference
  12. Interesting article. I've always had a soft spot for Colossus and couldn't imagine Thorpe without it. Will be interesting to see what happens to it when the time comes As much as I like the Imascore track I would love the old music to make a return. Also I've found the speakers in the station have never been as loud since they changed from the Bose ones and doesn't have the same atmosphere as it did before
  13. Much preferred this colour scheme, the new colours were dull and boring. Same as the new music
  14. Was either 2011 or 2012 I went and remember a silent disco in the Stealth queue line and the stunt show. I also remember the free doctor pepper and doctor pepper boxers. Good memories. I was young back then but was some of my best memories of Thorpe park.
  15. Very exiting to see Thorpe finally getting a new coaster, and a very run down area of the park seeing development. I'm personally hoping for a B&M hyper, think it would be perfect for Thorpe. Part of me does want a woodie and I've always thought the Loggers site would be perfect for a woodie, but I'd prefer a hyper and think it would be a much safer bet. A B&M would be high throughput, reliable, lower maintenance costs and with the cost of materials going up ridiculously a woodie would be much more expensive now, but I'd be very happy with either to be honest. Personally, I've always preferred more intense coasters so The Swarm has never been a personal favourite. I've always found it too smooth / slow. Over time its grown on me, its much more intense nowadays. I agree about the restraints. By the end I can't wait to get off as my chest is so tight from the restrains tightening. It's got a lot worse I've found so they need to sort that out.
  16. Completely agree with the arcade and Dolly Parton songs! Every time I hear that arcade sound it reminds me of Thorpe park as you hear it every time you walk in and out of the dome. Dolly Parton (+ a load of other songs) remind me of Loggers and Canada creek 😢
  17. Great behind the scenes tour of trailers for anyone interested. Interesting to hear that when they were originally planning the maze one of the options was having the maze in containers, so I can imagine the containers being used again in the future especially with no Platform 15 next year. Unpopular opinion but some of my favourite mazes have been in the containers so would love to see the return of them in the future.
  18. The app is now showing show times of 7, 8 and 9. The message saying its currently unavailable has disappeared so I imagine its ready for tonight
  19. Happened again this morning! If anyone wants a rollback at the moment get yourself on the first train of the day
  20. I guess its a lot less common for it to rollback then it used to (pretty sure it only does a few times a year if that?) as Josh said they did a lot of work to it to prevent rollbacks . So when it does happen I assume there are more checks they need to carry out. Not been too cold but dropped in temp recently so could be why!
  21. Yeah I heard it did the same thing this morning rolled back on the first train! Was going over the top hat pretty quick for the rest of the day, didn't seem anywhere rolling back.
  22. Went to Drayton on Friday, first time in years. Mainly visited as I wanted a session on apocalypse just in case it gets removed, with it being up for sale. Had a really good day, with it being a weekday the crowds were mainly in Thomas land and the rest of the park was dead, didn't have to queue for anything the whole time I was there. Adventure cove is a great addition to the park and I hope they continue with additions like this. The rapids were great, had a nice theme and some decent water effects. Best rapids in the UK in my opinion although that's not exactly hard to beat. The repaint of the Shockwave station looks great, and surprisingly enjoyed it. Didn't find it rough. Was on 1 train (don't even know if it runs 2) but obviously didn't need to be on 2 anyway. The haunting was great, didn't expect this to be as good as it was. Nice little dark ride. Shame its so hidden. Apocalypse was just running 2 towers, sit down and stand up floorless. As far as I'm aware its only been running the 2 all season and the other towers look like they haven't been touched in months. Apocalypse and the Buffalo area is the only area that looks really run down and would love to see them develop this area, without removing apocalypse. Recommend visiting on weekdays at the moment if you're wanting to go down for the thrill rides. It is only open a couple weekdays a week but still very very quiet.
  23. Was 1 train off a rollback yesterday. It rolled back on the first train of the day. Can't explain how gutted I was. They had it back open within an hour, I thought it would be down a while seeing as it isn't really meant to rollback anymore but it opened pretty quickly and didn't roll back the rest of the day as far as I'm aware.
  24. Samurai was running really well yesterday, running at a decent speed once again and a decent cycle. Believe the only reason it was running a lot slower was they needed the new parts to settle in.
  25. Went to Oktoberfest yesterday and had a good day. Great weather, great operations, great atmosphere and low crowds. Was my first time on Black Mirror, which was different. It was better than I thought it was going to be, but now I've done it once I can't see myself going back on it anytime soon. Surprisingly quite a lot of actors for an off peak weekday. Normally not my kind of thing, but I actually thought they did a great job of making a good atmosphere in the Oktoberfest area whilst having a pint, without being too cringe or annoying. Samurai is running awfully slow since its reopened since its downtime. A shame as it had been running really well, but its almost pointless running it in its current state. Just buy a new one or replace with a different flat please. On the whole, audio is still sounding great around the park. Makes a real difference. Must say, I've enjoyed my visits to Thorpe a lot more this year. Hopefully we have a much better Fright Nights this year, and PLEASE bring back 10pm closes.
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