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    Marhelorpe reacted to Robert.W in Wicker Man - The Truth   
    Fantastic review! They really have gone all out for creating the right atmosphere with this attraction, such simple, but no less effective techniques, like the gradually changing audio and having an actual pre show (which I can't wait to see for the first time, as I've avoided all spoilers!), the whole experience just seems so complete! 
    Really can't wait to ride Wicker Man when I go to Towers next week!  
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    Marhelorpe reacted to Matt Creek in Wicker Man - The Truth   
    Glad you enjoyed the ride. They’ve definitely created an impressive attraction here.
    Hope to ride it in the coming weeks/months.
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    Marhelorpe reacted to Mattgwise in Wicker Man - The Truth   
    Awesome report Martin. Looking forward to trying it in a few weeks. 
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    Marhelorpe reacted to Stuntman707 in A Newbie's Trip to Tulleys Shocktober Fest   
    Great blog, I went to Tulleys the first time this year too and the difference between this and Fright Nights is night and day. I loved it. Only downside is it did make Fright Nights worse for me this year. The only maze which came close was Platform 15 with the unique theme and effects, use of audio and being the longest one there. The Fastrack queue was dreadful though, glad we didn’t pay! Did feel like it had only been 2 mins and I was already out the exit of the other mazes, they felt so short after Tulleys. 
    I know this is primarily a forum for Thorpe Park, however Fright Nights is such a small and overcrowded event in comparison to Tulleys (Offering NINE at least 10min long mazes next year) I would be much happier if we held the official meet at Tulleys in protest!
    As you described, I just left Tulleys feeling joyful and like I had got more than the entry prices worth of entertainment. It’s open later with more time in the dark, the whole atmosphere is superb and the intensity of the mazes is exponentially higher when there’s so many actors in each one too.
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    Marhelorpe reacted to JoshuaA in A Newbie's Trip to Tulleys Shocktober Fest   
    Brilliant blog, I can't wait to go back for Fireworks Night (third time this year).
    The atmosphere and roamers are just insane at Shocktoberfest, and the mazes are all of a fairly good quality this year too!
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    Marhelorpe got a reaction from JoshuaA in A Newbie's Trip to Tulleys Shocktober Fest   
    Just a normal ticket for the evening was all I had which gave me access to all the attractions and evening entertainment minus the rides. Longest queue was for Hayride but only 30 minutes maximum after it just opened after sunset. Was quite surprised actually how fast the queues were moving during the evening, mostly due to minimal number of Fastrack users I presume.

    Would be interesting to see what their fireworks display is like after this event, although, Alton's one has me occupied for next weekend this year. Will consider it next time though! 
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    Marhelorpe reacted to Mer in A Newbie's Trip to Tulleys Shocktober Fest   
    Great blog! I'm hoping to go back this year for the fireworks event and redo some of the haunts
    Did you have a normal ticket or fastrack?
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    Marhelorpe reacted to Mattgwise in A Newbie's Trip to Tulleys Shocktober Fest   
    Great blog Martin, having not been can't wait to try this out next year! Will 100% have it on the agenda!
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    Marhelorpe reacted to pluk in A Newbie's Trip to Liseberg   
    Blimey,  that's a hell of a write up; I feel like I've been there myself after reading that!
    I didn't realise how easy it was to get to, certainly on my to do list.
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    Marhelorpe reacted to Matt Creek in A Newbie's Trip to Liseberg   
    Liseberg as a park is a loverly charming place.
    Despite boasting many new and modern attractions the place still somewhat retains it's charm and character through sedate detailed buildings and the beautiful hilly location with rides nestled upon within. 
    For any one yet to visit park's abroad it's one I'd strongly recommend viditing first as it can be done quite cheap and easily. 
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