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Hi my name's Emily and I got 'persuaded' to join this site by Jack and Adam (J.S217 and Mitchada04). I used to be terrified of rides until I got dragged on Slammer and Colossus and ever since have loved them, except for vertical drops facing down (STEALTH) until Adam dragged me on.

I'm all cured now, it's fine! Except I still hate drop towers and drop track. I've been on them before, but they absolutely terrify me to the point of panic. Ask Adam, it's hilarious.

Adam always used to be going on about theme parks and then I was introduced to a few of you just as his friends, so I eventually caught his enthusiasm (the fact that I want to be an engineer probably helped) and I just really got into all of this, so decided to check out the hype and try out TPM.

Who knows, in the future when I'm fixing planes in the RAF something I learn here may help me.

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