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  1. Haha oh yes every medication imaginable.
  2. Here's an interesting question, not that I'd expect anyone to actually ever know the answer to it (!), I'm visiting with a friend on Friday who I last visited Thorpe with last August who suffers from migraines. On our last visit, she had a severe migraine come on around half way through the day and had to go home. At the start of the day we'd managed TWD, Stealth, Swarm and Vortex. Around halfway through the day, we rode Saw, Rush and then Zodiac in very quick succession. I suspect Zodiac may have pushed her over the edge. We're giving it another shot this Frid
  3. Been one of them "lurkers" on here since 2006 (!) but wanted to say, love the new park music. Sounded great on park, love the CD. BUT... the removal of the Colossus music is a big loss to the park. Truly iconic, its replacement is far too wishy-washy. Felt it didn't work on park - any intimidation and drama the original had has gone. Works perfectly well as area music around the flat rides but not strong enough as the coaster's theme track. Strange decision..! I just hope the track isn't extended to Vortex which was still using its modified Colossus theme it's been using since 2002
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