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  1. This was on Reddit 2 weeks ago (the top image) so more information there: https://www.reddit.com/r/rollercoasters/comments/bk0opb/bm_project_mct_mega_coastert_has_extrawide_track/
  2. This event is being sponsored by Attack a Snack (yes, those people that made those plasticky lunch box things): Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHKCAfOiUbI (the advert for this event) Probably explains the colour choice of the inflatable.
  3. Well now we know why Thorpe isn't getting anything major for 2020
  4. This is one of those things where just doing nothing would've been better. This is actually a joke. At least GameFX and Jungle Escape are defend-able to some degree.
  5. Noone going to mention the containers' first aid sign and writing have been repainted? I mean, basic upkeep like this is massive news at a park like Thorpe.
  6. https://www.thorpepark.com/blog/thorpe-s-big-4-0-the-big-enormous-giant-humongous-great-week "Some disturbances in the Saw:TR area during May Bank Holiday weekend."
  7. Ivsetti

    Your Thorpe Park

    Good idea this but sadly a) The residents and therefore the council won't allow it, b) Building coasters over water is extremely expensive (due to the supports needing to be quite well entrenched in the water) and therefore won't pass Merlin's bean counter and also c) The water is used by an existing business which will no doubt be strongly against having a massive multimillion pound machine blocking its path.
  8. Caution: Spoilers https://www.southparks.co.uk/2019/05/13/jungle-escape-previews-at-thorpe-park-resort/ Certain members who went yesterday on TowersTimes are saying it was quite fun and a good family attraction. However, whether or not it's worth the £10 has yet to be decided (I, myself, won't be trying it). The other interesting to note is that apparently it'll be closing on the 27th September (I.e. not running during FN's).
  9. https://youtu.be/ao4A-nNkMWI?t=127 Some footage from some random guy from yesterday's press event. Basically, IAC but an overpriced escape room version.
  10. Oh. Seems I was wrong then/ problem has been fixed (if there even was any) which is good to know.
  11. Aside from going to a doctor and asking for medication (if you haven't done so already)?
  12. Based on a Powers Time vlog which mentioned he was on a train which was stuck and an engineer was working on the train underneath his seat near the catch car, the fact they've taken a train off during busy periods from what people on this forum have been saying (I.e. when they don't want to) one can make an educated guess one of the trains is probably struggling to connect to the catch car. Even if it isn't, it's clear there is a faulty train. Could result in 1 train operations later in the season depending on if this is the actual problem and how they intend to go about fixing the ride/ train.
  13. Does Storm in a Teacup have a pin badge? Because I'm sure every single other ride in the park now has a pin badge but I've yet to see one for this cherished classic.
  14. Yes, but they're extremely old rides too so naturally they're going to have more and more problems as time goes by that perhaps they didn't have a few years ago hence why we're seeing their maintenance times increase. I doubt they want to close the rides or open them this late after the season has started for those that haven't been confirmed closed. What will be poor is once these rides close permanently, if they're left SBNO for many years and not replaced.
  15. Even if it gets fixed this year it's clearly nearing the end of it's lifespan at Thorpe Park as it had a delayed opening last year as well so get your final rides in while you still can.
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