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  1. Unpopular opinion but I love then new modern design on the dome looks so minimalist, modern clean and fresh! Perfect for the park and hopefully they go round the rest of the park when they have the time to minimalist the design of many areas, making them more clean and modern! 

  2. 6 hours ago, Ivsetti said:

    2020 merchandise preview as shown by Thorpe's very own free PR machine JS:


    He's also got a pre-2020 season video with all the behind-the-scenes closed season updates lined up just like he did just before they opened in 2019 (according to the end of the video).

    Pretty much confirms that this channel has a special relation with the park in terms of accessing insider information.

    hasnt that always been known?

  3. 43 minutes ago, JoshC. said:

    Thorpe deserve some credit for a lot of the small things they've done over the closed seasons.


    New restriction boards for basically all rides, signs around the park directing people, continued good quality landscaping around the park. Then the small touches of paintwork are good.


    Sadly this is largely lost and overshadowed by the big things, like the state of Colossus, Inferno, Swarm, the quality of audio, the dome's stripped back emptiness, etc. And these are the things that truly matter and should be focused on.


     Hopefully the small touches are a sign of things to come. But when they're easy things to get right, and the big problems have been problems either for years or a long time coming, I remain cautious.

    Colossus yes I agree with, however Inferno + Swarm and the dome I completely disagree with! I see no problem with Inferno apart from the chewing gum which is hardly a big issue if you think about it. Swarm I see no issue at all with great operations. The new dome looks modern, clean and in the 21st century! 

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