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I noticed a bucket collecting oily, grime stuff as it dripped from the big silver cylinders (are they the air pressure tanks? I'm no engineering genius guy) yesterday. Needless to say the bucket was about 2/3 full and this was at about 4:00pm. I doubt it is supposed to leak so I'm guessing the dripping is a minor problem too?

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Rush is clearly having quite a few problems this year (surprising as Slammer has yet to have a major one *touches all wood around*). I wouldn't be surprised if the shorter ride cycle is to try and lower maintanence issues. Strangely, the one swing that is working is the one that takes longer to stop.

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After visiting yesterday, it was obvious to a lot of people who saw it being tested with both swings in the early morning that there is a big problem with it's 2nd swing. Whilst the other was working perfectly fine (in terms of speed, height and sync) the other was performing horribly. The 2nd swing didn't even reach 90 degrees at it's maximum height, instead, it only reached about 70 degrees instead, whilst the other swing was reaching about 100-110 degrees. Because of this, the testing sequences were horribly out of sync too.

Whilst this isn't a new problem with Rush (as it was partially noticable last year) this is without doubt the lowest maximum swing angle I have ever seen on Rush.

Since this problem wasn't solved last closed season and was performing terribly yesterday, I won't be surpirsed if Rush will mostly run on one swing for the next few months.

(Also, why are the queueline speakers silent again when they worked fine last year? Wrong topic, but thought I'd point it out.)

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