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So with 2014 not too far away, it will be interesting to see what takes place next year and whether it will be a more successful one than the last few we've seen or whether it will be another disappointing year.

What we will see at Chessington in 2014/

The hotel extension (which I hope they do well)

Monkey And Bird Gardens 2.0

The return of Ramesis Revenge (which hopefully won't break down big time)

What we may see in 2014/

Runaway Mine train returned (either looking nice and fresh or a complete eyesore)

Dragon Falls looking more impressive than recent years

Plans of an apparent future coaster unveiled (it's only a rumour I've heard currently so who knows)

More rides temporarily unavailible such as Skyway, Bubbleworks & Toadies.

What we probably won't see in 2014/

Vampire on three trains (I can't see this happening, not until they improve 2 train op atleast)

Some form of new ride (that's quite certain now)

Burger Kitchen made to look more impressive indoors

Vampire & Fury re-painted

Haloween Hocus Pocus returning to 8pm closings

Significantly reduced fastrack selling

Safari Skyway rerouted (as it doesn't really give as much scenic ride as it used to)

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I'm sorry I just really don't get this at all... they could do with a few more high throughput rides instead of another hotel. Revamp Bubbleworks... sort out the queue line for Vampire...

Of course, if any of this happens as well as the hotel, I'll take it back.

2014 is certainly the year of the "hotel" for Merlin...

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So basically one African and one Aztec block?

Meh at this tbh, an extension to the hotel was bottom of my list of things Chessie need to do to improve (Zafari's menu being one of these things)... It's not going to improve days out for the majority of guests and the hotel was one of the (very) few things being done right (aside from Zafari)...

Defo a year to visit non-Merlin parks at this rate...

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Wait, so is it half and half or is the entire hotel becoming Azteca? If so I wonder is that means either (or both) Runaway train and Market Square are going to link with the new theme.

That seems like a good idea with quite a bit of potential, especially with Runaway Train. Can't really see it so much with Market Square but I don't think it's impossible. Also they already have Wild Asia which is themed quite similar to an extent and as Pluk said there would be a lot of work to make it work

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Going for another lost / ancient world theme for Chessie then?

If they invest in another theme like this any time soon, my days I'll scream.

Why can't they go with a different idea for a change?

The whole park is becoming so samey now...

Interesting points but I think there's nothing immediately wrong with using another ancient civilisation as the basis for a new theme; it all depends on how imaginative Chessington is. Chessington "World of Adventures" is all built on the idea of discovering different historical lands/cultures (not necessarily ancient in the case of Transylvania), and so far there's been very little of ancient America, so I like the idea.

An Azteca/Incan theme in its most generic form can be too similar to a generic ancient Indian/Egyptian/Oriental theme, but when considered properly they are all vastly diverse. Unfortunately I really don't expect Chessington to go all out with this because it's just a small Merlin-penned hotel extension rather than a themed area, so we might end up with a samey theme area after all.

The name alone is so straightforward that I don't expect anything unique about this hotel! ...But I think it's a good choice of theme nonetheless and I look forward to seeing what's in store next year.

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I think that anyone who's seen the Legoland hotel or been to the Rain Forest Cafe, can image what Merlin will do with this.. I image it will be pretty good, and dispite The Scorpian Express/RMT stuff, and the fact that Chessie don't need it.. It's certainly better than the Waterfront Hotel ! ;-)

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