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I thought the initial plan for Dragon Falls was end of 2014 but I could be wrong, a lot of work is going on at the park I saw teams working on the improvements in Market Square, Runaway Train, Hotel and Transylvania at once! There does seem to be a fair few plans in place I'd like to think this year will show off what they can still do.

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It's nice to hear that people are actually working on different projects within the park. Will the RMT be placed elsewhere or just kept where it is and re-themed? I feel like some of the rides are being forgotten about considering they're as old as some of us on here! Which marks up both Ramesess Revenge and Dragon Falls, Rameses needs to either be re built or just completely taken out and a new ride in its place. It'll be shame to see it go but its a little un-reliable nowadays. As for Dragon Falls, its very upsetting to see it sitting there literally 'naked', without any theming. The children must think that its an eye sore!

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So, what areas haven't they updated now?

Pirates Cove... LOTD... mystic.. Market Square? (Though they seem to be refreshing that as well now).


Pirate's Cove

Land of The Dragons

Mystic East

Market Town Square

All the ones you mentioned.


Personally, I'd love for MTS and LOTD to be combined together into some Medieval-themed area with Pirate's Cove. The three areas give me Game of Thrones vibes. I think it be nice to see one of those Robo-arms jousting rides.

To me, Wild Asia and Mystic East have the same or similar theme. Wild Asia seems Indian / Thai and Mystic East is Chinese themed, it would make sense to combine them both.

I can't wait for the changes and upgrades to Dragon Falls, Runaway Train and Transylvania. I would really love for something huge to happen to Pirate's Cove and the area between Wild Asia and Mystic East (The Glade). This family-launched coaster idea that Benin and I have, would be great.

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Based on year openings, here's park area upgrades, within the last 10 years.

Chessington Zoo-various upgrades. Moving and upgrading animal enclosures plus adding new features and interactions.

Market Square, no upgrade, nothing drastic has changed in the area except the greedy goblin to chicken shack and pizza pasta (formerly Pizza Hut and KFC)

Pirates Cove- no upgrade, little has changed in this area except the removal of peg leg Pete.

Land of the Dragons- no upgrade, but this area is the fourth newest anyway (2nd if you exclude the area rethemes) although those children's attractions could do with being replaced.

Mystic Easy- semi upgrade, we've seen samurai moved down the road and a big wheel take its place. Unfortunately falls has lost most of its theming since opening. This area will likely see a bigger upgrade around 2015.

Transylvania- semi upgrade, we've seen Bubbleworks become the horrible duck inducing ride it is today, although something at will hopefully change in the not to distant future and Mcdonalds become BK and then Burger kitchen which looks ok but doesn't obtain the spooky character of the area. There was also the upgrade of Refresh to Creaky, but sadly it burnt down and little is known what will happen there.

Judging by this year, market Square and Mexicana will get the most TLC in the areas however his unforeseen Transylvania fire may mean that area will need some attention next year.

Mystic East and Pirates above may be on the cards next year.

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I don't understand why everyone is so negative about everything that is going on at chessington this year. All the latest topics seem to just slag chessington and the way things are being done. Agreed that there are some strange methods of doing thing and they seem to waste a lot of money of pointless project. But until the park has re-opened and we can visit and decide for ourselves. give them a break.

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I'm going to guess it is because there are areas of the park which are shockingly dilapidated, have been left to rot and have had tonnes of theming removed, and instead of fixing them they dig up an area that was acceptable and spend their time and money on that. Confirmed falls is being left, pretty much confirmed train is a half arsed compared to what we lost, Transylvania in general is a mess, their newest attraction is an embarrassment etc etc etc, so we dig up market square. It's madness.

If the things I mention above have been in any way remedied I'll eat my shoes, we basically know they won't be from 'rumors' and history. It has been going on there for years, people only get so negative about things like this because they care, it is so sad to see Chessington in seemingly terminal decline from what it once was.

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