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VIP Packages - 2 for 1 Deal!


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The site has been updated with a little bit more info about the £50 experiences:

End your day with a VIP Lift Hill Walk up one of THORPE PARK’s world-class rollercoasters. Secured into a full-body harness, one of our experienced team will lead you up more than 100 steps to the top of your chosen ride.

Once at the top, take in a beautiful 360º panorama of THORPE PARK, with views stretching to the Wembley Arch and Windsor Castle on a clear day. These heights are not for the faint-hearted and some physical restrictions do apply. Ride subject to availability on the day.

Go behind the scenes at THORPE PARK with an inside look at a world-class rollercoaster workshop. See what goes into opening a ride and watch what happens as a rollercoaster is launched.

You will receive a dedicated tour guide to give you insider facts on the nation’s Thrill Capital, as well as the chance to ask one of THORPE PARK’s professional Engineers all about your favourite rides. Ride workshop selection subject to availability on the day.

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Probably will end up doing this (if spaces and depending on dates), ask Thorpe about the money scenario? Also, if we said now we can do it and then come March or something and we can't... we can back down if something happens (E.g family death, financial problems...)

As with all of our tickets, once purchased, experiences are non-refundable.

However you are not tied in to any particular date when you purchase a VIP experience, so you have all season to redeem the experience if you can't make the date you had originally intended. :)

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