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How about you go underground into the old Rangers cavern. All of them have become crazy animals, angry at their banishment from Thorpe Park so they lay a curse on you that every time Slammer breaks do

And his name is LC, I think you're on to something...  

I've cracked it

You're right, I think, that if thorpe decide to get a dark ride, it should be like Revoulution at Bobejaanland but without the lights

There is a distinct difference between a dark ride and coaster which has been placed inside in the dark...

If thorpe get a dark ride, I want it to be a well-themed experience, no gimmicks etc. I would love something which immerses you in some way and isn't an interactive dark ride like tomb blasters. Something like mystic manor/phantom manor at Disneyland would be perfect but on a smaller scale.

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I still think a sideways mouse would be perfect, cause they are trying to be a more family-friendly park, and the sideways mouse is a attraction for almost every age

I'm not saying a wild mouse coaster wouldn't be good to make a theme park more family friendly, but I don't think that it would be a good coaster to add into thorpe park for several reasons:

1. It's got a very short ridetime.

2. It's painful.

3. Low throughput.

4. Uninteresting ride layout and design.

5. Has exactly the same to design to other wild mouse coasters in different parks.

6. It's just meh overall.

If thorpe are going to adopt a new ride, they need something which is well-themed and is an interesting ride experience. A dark ride suits both of these criteria if executed well, however of course I wouldn't mind a new thrill ride or coaster being added into the park.

I really couldn't care what Thorpe get as long as it's not another spinny ride

Thorpe may have many spinny rides, but most of them perform awfully. The only one running well this year has been detonator as all the others have been dodgy;

-Rush is getting no where near as high as it used to and swing A really outperforms swing B.

-Slammer has been performing well when it has been open, have to say the ride is amazing but had way too much downtime at the beginning of the year. Would love for it to stay and keep running for a few more years.

-Zodiac is dreadful in every way possible; short ride time, boring, slow and takes ages to load and for one cycle to happen.

-Vortex is completely 50/50 it's fun but not thrilling when you get the top side when it's running well but getting the bottom side is so boring and a waste of time.

-Quantum is usually good but has been facing a lot of technical difficulties and is taking ages to load this year. The amount of times I've waited ages with a really short queue to get a cycle which doesn't perform as it's meant to and goes really slowly over the top.

-Samurai is really unreliable and it's pot luck, you either get a good or a bad seat. Half the time it's on a dreadful cycle aswell.

So pretty much all of thorpe's flat rides are getting to their days of them being useless, particularly as most of them were designed for funfairs. They need improving and I would much rather new and improved spinny rides being added to replace these rides instead of these unreliable, under performing rides staying.(with the exception of slammer because I love it).

That's just my opinion anyway.

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I still think a sideways mouse would be perfect, cause they are trying to be a more family-friendly park, and the sideways mouse is a attraction for almost every age


You mean a Screaming Squirrel?


Yeah, there's a reason Gardaland spited theirs, it was dreadful...



I really couldn't care what Thorpe get as long as it's not another spinny ride


Agreed, if the park is to actually move forward, it needs more things that are actually different to the majority of the rides there... Or somewhere guests could actually chill out for a bit, perhaps via some form of transport to get there, and it could have some animals and stuff, like a farm...

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I actually agree and think that an indoor screaming squirrel coaster on the MHFS spot could be great if it was built indoors in a cave like setting like Inferno and become a side attraction it would add something special to the ride and hanging upside down in the dark over scare elements and theming could make quite an interesting ride and the park could do with more indoor additions.

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I know this is said every year but I would much rather they spend the closed season on doing up old rides to make them look new again. Although this may not increase visitor numbers that much it would definitely improve the experience that the customers receive at the park.


Also, with the ticket prices and other prices in the park being so high it is hard to see as a customer where the money is going as some places, such as Canada Creek, look a bit run down so it may then change the opinions of customers on park pricing strategies.

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They have had the last 2 years for park fixes and they have spent the money on useless items. Like detonator re-theme or swarm backwards. They need something for a thrillseeker again, there has been nothing new for them since 2012 (2013 was just the swarm again). Thorpe will find it amazingly hard to loose that thrillseeker image and becoming a more family friendly park I don't think will have much impact on their profit. The family market is already saturated, it doesn't need more.

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