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Rammy is just in a much nicer setting, the colours are better and the cycle may not be intense but it is a fun cycle.

Rippy wasn't in a particularly nice setting, it was basically trying to be better than it actually is. Plus, all the theming and the location of the ride just made it seem even more crowed and it made it unaesthetically pleasing.

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A selection of photos I took on the 23rd March during the Hampton Court funfair build up.

FULL ALBUM can be viewed here on my facebook page-please give it a like/share:






"Extreme" Orbiter being washed down/final touches taking place(putting up back flash+sign).



"Extreme" Afterburner yet to be built up/on lorry.


"Music Express" Superbob having restraints added to the cars.


Haunted house waiting for final touches(I'm buzzing to experience this again when the fair is open as this was at winter wonderland and was absolutely incredible for a funfair haunted house walkthrough!)

(If someone could help me with the formatting of this post it would be really appreciated as the photos came out smaller/lower quality than expected!)

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Today the bedford river festival started and they have a fairly big funfair on and they have a Mondial Top Scan there. All I can say is WOW. it was the best cycle I've ever had on a Top Scan! started off slow and then built up with speed and by the end was on full pelt! seriously amazing ride! it's owned by Joey Whitelegg(It used to be at Lightwater Valley under the name Whirlwind). here's a video from it in Corby! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHM6FVTEDPs

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