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Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon


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Article about the "week long" PR stunt.

"Mike Vallis, Divisional Director of Thorpe Park Resort said: “Following the announcement of Derren Brown curating our new 2016 attraction in October, we have had many enthusiasts try to unravel our closely guarded secret.
“From theme park enthusiasts trying to access the site to fans sneaking into the backend of our social media accounts to look for scheduled posts. So due to demand and interest in our largest investment to date we have released our next clue, The Victorian Twins”."



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They could have chosen any creepy person/thing. But they went for the dolls [emoji24]. I f**king hate dolls [emoji24].

After watching the (low budget) video I am even more excited to see what the attraction is about and how this tube station with dolls and prams are gonna play a part in it

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This video and style is a lot better that the random Swarm dancing people in London that Thorpe did.  So that's good.  


I hope that we see a Smiler-style promotion with loads of posters marketing the attraction - it would work especially well at many train stations.


With Derren sharing these sort of stories, and him having a massive following, it should do some good in gearing up some interest.

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