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Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon


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13 minutes ago, StevenVig said:

Just like the pandas of the Pandmonium show at CWoA

Those pandas seem to have gone down well.

hope they are able to keep it consistent enough for aN attraction like this, and you don't miss out if the guy happens to have gone oN a fag break.

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34 minutes ago, ChessingtonSam said:

I thought they were completely animatronic? They seem to small and robotic to have actual people in (especially the baby), and the Demon seems to slim. 

The baby panda is one of those half body suits with a fake arm underneath to look like yours and your real arm goes inside it to control it kind of like a hand puppet. The large pandas have people in, they interact with objects that move about etc, there is no way they can be remote controlled to do that much.

Also there was an advert out for actors to go in some kind of panda suit a while ago on the Merlin job site, with a quite specific height/body size requirement if I remember correctly.

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Do you happen to have a photo of the sign missing? :)


EDIT: Unfortunately this has now been added to the extended kids go free stay page, more or less confirming the attraction will not be opening.


"The perfect introduction to THORPE Park Resort for your thrill-seeking novices, Kids Go FREE with all THORPE Breaks until 13th May! Dont miss this opportunity to experience the family-friendly rides and attractions before Derren Brown's Ghost Train pulls into THORPE PARK Resort this summer!

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I pity the poor social media team for the next few weeks. 

I'd heard the sign had gone earlier today but couldn't post until someone confirmed it. 

You have to wonder for how long it's been known that the 6th May was never going to happen. Will Merlin ever learn about releasing opening dates too early? If they are still adding effects and theming to the queue with 10 days to opening you have to wonder what's going on inside.

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