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I am alive and haven't forgotten about this! Will have a major catch up tomorrow :ph34r:


MELLOW MONDAY - Some thing you like to relax to.

I was a bit stuck with this, as it can depend on where my mind is at and how much I can engage with the music. So I have chosen three! In no particular order:

Now, many here will recognise this as the queueline music from The Sanctuary at Alton Towers, and whilst that was the first time I'd heard this piece of music, I can assure you I'm not thinking of marmalisation, Dr Kelman or lebotomies when chilling :lol: It is actually such a calming piece of music, and every time I listen to it, I can't help but breathe a big sigh of relief/relaxation ^_^ Plus it makes me smile. Always ;)

The next two are from M83's album, "Before The Dawn Heals Us":


Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun:

There are a few others on that album which I can relax to, but those two really stand out. Back when I worked at the boarding cattery, there were many blissful afternoons after work where I would have a nap on my bed whilst listening to that album :) Falling asleep to their music is a perfect escape! This is where the thing about engaging in the music comes in; I find that I have to be in the right "mood" to listen to some of their music, as I find it very immersive.

"Lower Your Eyelids" though...:wub:

CHEESY TUESDAY - Something you love, but maybe you shouldn't.

Again, three songs come to mind here. Although I wouldn't use the word "love" except maybe for one, and even then I use it lightly :P

That song is:

What a happy, catchy song! Hilarious lyrics and entertaining video too :lol:

The other two:

Come on, it's so cheerful and positive! Even if it does make Tony Blair pop into my head :blink: Also it's funny to think that Prof. Brian Cox was the keyboard player in the band! :o

Yes, there was a Doctor Who song released in 1988, and yes, there was a 12-inch version! The song reached number 1 in the UK singles chart in June 88 too! Enjoy ;)

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Right, I'm getting there :lol: Have updated the last post with Monday and Tuesday!

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY - anything goes.

Was quite stuck with this one but I kept coming back to one song in particular, sooo...

Aside from how jolly and catchy the song is (and great fun to sing along to in a car!), it reminds me of working at Thorpe in 2007; at the end of each year, the rides department would make a comical music video, and this was the song they used that year :D Sadly it's not on YouTube anymore, but it involved the ride unit managers say on various rides miming to the song. Good times!

More coming tonight (definitely) ;)

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THUMPING THURSDAY - dance dance dance.

So many great dance songs, and dance is one of my favourite genres of music, so I will have to choose three songs again (so greedy ;)!

In no particular order:

MUCH better than the version with vocals! OOFT :D

Absolutely brilliant 90s trance song! :wub: It's got a great build-up, then when it kicks off...dayum! Even though (according to Wikipedia) it was originally released in 1993, I remember my parents first playing it in the late 90s. It was remixed quite a few times, so that's possibly why; the version they had then mixed into two further songs ("For An Angel" by Paul Van Dyk, not sure what the third one was called but I remember how it went). They loved this song and often used to blare it out at weekends and in the car :lol: Also, for some reason it always used to remind me of my first ride on Vampire :P

Have always loved this one! :wub: And we learnt how to play the main tune on the keyboard in year 8 music, which led to me making it my ringtone on my Nokia 3310 (remember when you could compose your own ringtones?!) :P

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FILM FRIDAY - your favorite movie soundtrack.

Aah, film soundtracks ^_^ Such a vital part of films when creating moods and stirring emotions, drawing you in even more. There are many that I love; some the entire soundtrack, others being particular songs/pieces.

My favourite would have to be Harry Potter - what more would you expect from a Potter fan girl? :D I'm not even talking about the main theme here (as good as it is), but the other pieces, which I also think can be appreciated on their own, without even being a fan or even seeing the films.

My favourite book and film is Prisoner of Azkaban, and the same goes for soundtrack, composed by the brilliant John Williams. Love all of it!

In particular: Aunt Marge's Waltz; The Knight Bus; Apparition On The Train; Double Trouble; Buckbeak's Flight; Secrets Of The Castle; Hagrid The Professor; The Werewolf Scene; Finale...and last but definitely not least, A Window To The Past, my favourite :wub:

Although I usually skip straight to around 1:02 as it takes a while to get going.

Also love a lot of the Goblet of Fire soundtrack (Patrick Doyle), particularly these two, which are played in the final room of the Warner Bros Studio Tour with the model of the castle:

It's breathtaking when you walk in and see it, and with this music playing as well it's quite emotional/overwhelming :blush:

Also have to mention from that soundtrack "Another Year Ends", from Philosopher's Stone "Arrival Of Baby Harry" and "Leaving Hogwarts", from Chamber of Secrets "Fawkes The Phoenix" and from Order Of The Phoenix "Fireworks" and "The Ministry of Magic" :P

Some other favourites:

Obviously there are the Back To The Future soundtracks, my favourite being from the first film (love every song on that one):

Aside from the awesome "Power Of Love", there's the famous main theme that's used throughout which goes so well with the action, particularly when Marty is going back to 1985 - that tension of him literally racing against the clock, Doc frantically trying to fix everything without falling off the clock tower...! And Earth Angel, n'awww...that part of the song near the end where Marty's parents finally kiss!

Also love the music in the train scene in BTTF 3 :D Goes so well with the action and the pace of the train!

The late James Horner composed the soundtrack for The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, and the opening piece, "Boys Playing Airplanes" is beautiful.

I thought it was lovely that they used it at the BAFTAs in February during the "In Memory Of" part :)

And finally, the song from View To A Kill is just epic!

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SUPER SATURDAY - your hottest record in the world right now.

Not that new (and I do also like their more recent single, "Desire") but I just love this! :D


I only discovered this on my uncle's DJ slot on Point Blank FM (he plays various dance music, such as soulful house, deep house etc, no mainstream chart stuff!) Love it :D

Thanks y'all for listening (and baring with)! Ta ta!

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I was intending to start this on Friday because that's the film day and Fridays are like the first day of the week in the cinema world or something as that's when films are generally released (that's my attempt at trying to be all clever and different) but after a week of mocks and having work that same day it all slipped my mind so I suppose I'll start where I'm supposed to start :rolleyes:

mellow monday

To be honest, I don't really listen to songs to relax as such, but I've realised that more and more recently I've put on certain songs when I'm feeling anxious or a bit sad to cheer me up a bit so I try to listen to songs that are fairly up beat and happy like this lovely track by everything everything, or walk the moon with this, but I've actually found that this song is one that is fairly mellow, but when it starts playing I don't actually skip the track and it genuinely brings this sense of calm to me which is great when I'm attempting to study and getting a bit frustrated!

Anyway, rambling aside, the track is So Long, See You Tomorrow by Bombay Bicycle Club and I'd recommend checking out their stuff if you haven't already!!



edit: guess who can't embed links again (hint- me)



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