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TPM Awards 2015 - The Results

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The results are, and the votes have been counted and verified.  Due to some technical issues and Tommy's laptop dying, I'm posting the results on his behalf.  And so...

Park Awards

Best UK Park:
1st - Alton Towers (21)
2nd - Thorpe Park (15)
3rd - Chessington (3)

Best UK Coaster:
1st - Nemesis (12)
2nd - The Swarm, The Smiler (7)
3rd - TStealth (5)

Best Flat:
1st - Slammer (16)
2nd - Rush (7)
3rd - Detonator, Samurai (3)

Best Water Ride:
1st - Valhalla (12)
2nd - Loggers Leap (8)
3rd - Tidal Wave (4)

Best Dark Ride:
1st - Hex (24)
2nd - Valhalla (3)
3rd - Bubbleworks, Tomb Blaster (2)

Best UK Themed Experience:
1st - Hex (8)
2nd - I'm a Celebrity (4)
3rd - London Dungeons (3)

Worst UK Ride:
1st - Storm Surge (9)
2nd - Rita (3)
3rd - Slammer, Samurai, Smiler, Zodiac (2)

Best International Park:
1st - Islands of Adventure, Europa Park, Port Aventura (5)
2nd - Phantasialand, Efteling (4)

3rd - Cedar Point (3)

Best International Coaster:
1st - Shambhala (5)
2nd - Baron 1898 (4)
3rd - Manta (3)

Best New Attraction for 2015:
1st - Baron 1898 (7)
2nd - Fury 325 (4)
3rd - Oblivion: The Black Hole, Cú Chulainn (2)

Best International Themed Experience:
1st - Tower of Terror (4)
2nd - Baron 1898, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts (3)

3rd - Haunted Mansion (2)

Most Uncomfortable Ride:
1st - Furius Baco, Colossus (4)
2nd - Rita (3)

3rd - Saw - The Ride (2)

Most Disappointing Merlin Moment 2015:
1st - Smiler Crash (12)
2nd - I'm a Celebrity (7)
3rd - Fright Nights (5)

Best Looking New Attraction for 2016:
1st - WC16 (17)
2nd - Taron (7)
3rd - Lost Kingdom (3)

Best Manufacturer:
1st - B&M (24)
2nd - Mack (7)
3rd - Gerstlauer (5)

Member Awards:

Best Member:
1st - Phill Pritchard, JoshC.
2nd - pluk
3rd - Peaj

Best Admin:
1st - Mark9
2nd - Marc
3rd - IanNem

Best Moderator:
1st - pluk
2nd - Tommy
3rd - Peaj

Best New Member of 2015:
1st - Celia Mae, SmilerGeorge
2nd - IanS
3rd - Horcruxer, imindetonator, Bucky

Best Quality Posts:
1st - JoshC.
2nd - pluk
3rd - Mark9, electricBill, Coaster Jamie, CoasterDude, TPJames

Best Meet of 2015:
1st - Oakwood, Fright Nights,
2nd - Thorpe Park Open Meet, Alton Towers and Drayton Manor, Disneyland Paris
3rd - Ministry of Sound

Most Knowledgeable Member:
1st - electricBill, JoshC.
2nd - Phill Pritchard
3rd - scarycoasterboy, Mark9, pluk

Most Dedicated:
1st - JoshC.
2nd - Matt Creek
3rd - Peaj

Most Sarcastic:
1st - Benin
2nd - Loose Steel Bluth, Mark9
3rd - scarycoasterboy

Most Likely to be Banned in 2016:
1st - JordanLuke2009, Coaster Jamie
2nd - Cornflakes
3rd - Marc, ProjectLC

Funniest Member:
1st - pluk
2nd - toofpikk, Benin, Mark9, Ryan, Bucky

Biggest Fanboy/girl:
1st - Matt Creek
2nd - JoshC.
3rd - Coaster Jamie

Sexiest Male:
1st - Matt Creek
2nd - ItsHurtingMeInside
3rd - Ryan

Sexiest Female:
1st - Smidget, RubyRed95
2nd - Matt Creek
3rd - Mer

Storm Surge Award:
1st - Matt Creek, Coaster Jamie
2nd - Jordanluke2009
3rd - CoasterDude

Cutest Couple:
1st - IanNem and Sarah
2nd - "Jadam" (scarycoasterboy and J.S217)
3rd - Tommy and Loose Steel Bluth

Member You'd Like to See More Of:
1st - topsyturvy15
2nd - toofpikk, saffy, Peaj, Mr Fish, Zach, pluk, RubyRed95, Paige, Horcruxer, SmilerGeorge, BenC., Bucky, Fred, AstroDan, Trax, Dan9, Whatever and, of course, Jart!

The member awards were very close, as can be seen from the numerous ties and such! And even between 1st/2nd and 2nd/3rd, it was very close; usually only 1 or 2 votes in it. In total, 51 members voted, and 70 members were nominated for at least 1 Award!


Thanks to Tommy for setting this up again, and to everyone who took part! :)

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The people have indeed spoken!

It appears I've lost some of my creakyness this year for some reason or another.

I am however still happy to be the winner of biggest fanboy and sexiest male amongst being second on most dedicated.

It appears I have won storm surge, must've been those coat hangers :P

And also 2nd sexiest female, what do I say (walks in dressed as Frank N Furter). Who knows what would happen if I'd won :o.

Baron rightfully won its placement was did Efteling and look toward to how 2016 developments turn out (especially since two of those are in the Uk for once).

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Really thought Mack might have closed up a bit on B&M but I guess not many people on here get the chance to ride any of their new and upcoming crazy stuff. Just shows how much we need one over here. Always amazed Disney never make much of a presence either, especially with the number of people here who seem to rave about the place. I also sometimes wonder if people forget certain rides exist, I mean Bubbleworks joint 3rd with Tomb but Duel no where to be seen? I won't voice my opinion on Baron  :mellow:


Meanwhile, I guess Celia has succeeded. Jadam can't even win cutest couple award :( Must be well and truly over then, sorry J.S217, Celia has well and truly won.

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Best Moderator:

1st - pluk

Funniest Member:

1st - pluk


Awww, shucks. Cheers all!



Best Member:

1st - JoshC.

2nd - pluk

Best Quality Posts:

1st - JoshC.

2nd - pluk

Most Knowledgeable Member:

1st - JoshC.

3rd -  pluk


Damn you, JoshC!  :aggressive:

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I thank you all for letting me have a podium spot on 3 of the awards. I will celebrate tonight with 1) an espresso to wake me up 2) a caramel macchiato to keep me sweet and finally 3) an Irish Coffee to finish the night off.


I hope to see more of you in 2016 whilst going around on my world adventures!

Thank You

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Best Admin:
1st - Mark9
2nd - Marc
3rd - IanNem




Woo, finally! Drinks are on me!


Rather flattered by this and for any of the other various nominations which range from sarcastic to knowledgable. You guys are the best.  :blush:

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