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TPM Pre-MoS Rave Meet 28th February 2016

What date should the TPM February meet be?  

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  1. 1. What date(s) can you attend this meet?

    • Saturday 13th February 2016
    • Saturday 27th February 2016
    • Sunday 28th February 2016

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Sup nerds! :D Happy to announce my first meet and TPM's February meet! The date is now set for the 28th of February 2016!

I know it's short notice but I've heard a few people saying they would be interested in either aspect of this event so we'll see how it goes :) The idea is to go swimming at the Guildford Spectrum water park in the afternoon, go out for a meal, and then return to the Spectrum for one of their famous Ice Xtreme Ice Discos!

Okay so the plan for the day! Meet on the Guildford Spectrum stairs at 15:00 to get ready for our swimming session ideally at 15:30. The swimming session will be £6.90 for adults and £5.20 for under 16's, it lasts for 90 minutes and the pool looks really cool and has a few decent water slides to enjoy. Then we will head out to get something to eat, probably at the Beefeater next door. :)

Finally we will go back to the Spectrum for the start of the ice disco which begins at 20:30, and ends at 23:00 on a Saturday and 22:30 on the Sunday, so the ending time for this meet depends on which date is chosen! The price for the disco is £5.90 if we go on a Saturday and £5.60 if we go on Sunday plus £2 skate hire.

Depending on which activities most people are doing we will also fit the Group Photo in somewhere! :P

I'll hand out my number for everyone on the day so if anyone is running late, coming late, or gets split up anywhere they can contact me :D Anyone is welcome to come, even if you've never posted on the forum or been to a meet before. It's nice to see people in a relaxed atmosphere outside of the theme parks that we are usually in!

Feel free to PM me if you want any more information or are unsure about anything :)

Please post here or PM me to say if you're coming to the meet and I'll update the list here so we all know! You are welcome to bring a guest with you but please let us know their names so they aren't known as +1!

Attended the meet (9)
Celia Mae
CWOAfanMalcolm (swimming and meal only)
Phill Pritchard (swimming and meal only)

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Just to clarify when booking tickets,the disco we are booking in for is the Ice Xtreme on the Sunday nigh (as shown in the print screen below) not the disco that happens some Sunday afternoons :)



You can see this screen if you filter to see just the ice skating events. The one we want is the one shown at the bottom here :D Hope this clears stuff up!

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