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BGW Fans the real MVPs here.


Absolutely mental - 4 launches, 300ft odd drop, airtime. Packs so much into what is a reasonably short layout in fairness.


For those who can't be bothered to go through the whole thing...


(launch 1 in section 3, then the remaining 3 are semi shuttle in style in section 9, and also has an airtime hill in it)


This is very much like Parc Asterix's Intamin coming in 2021, but more about size than inversions and airtime I think.



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I worry about the pacing on this and the Parc Asterix ride. Taron and Helix (and potentially the new Finnish coaster) is they build up and up and they have a really good flow. I don't really like the slowing to a stop then falling back down feeling.

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So this was officially announced a little while back; slight differences to what was posted previously:







Key stats:

3 launches (including swing launch)

Maximum speed of 72mph

95 degree drop

Maximum height of 178ft

2 inversions


True testament to how much roller coaster engineering has developed recently that rides like this are possible and becoming more of the norm.

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Construction of Pantheon has been coming along nicely, and there's a very crazy-looking outside banked airtime hill type thing:



Nice to see some different elements from Intamin, with hints of inspiration from RMC.

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