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The colours Colossus should be

I'd be umm-ing and err-ing about whether to make a thread for Walibi Belgium, but their new coaster is intriguing me more and more, so figured I may as well...   Pulsar, opening in early June, is a

A couple of nice aerial shots, sourced from looopings... It appears as though the splash zone is a platform just off the main path which is nice.     Also, a video o

Posted Images

Walibi held a little get together today and announced their next few years:


New waterpark expansion (meh)
New tiki themed area (by Tut dark ride, the Ladybird is being spited)
New family cred (looks like a Bobsled, Gerst looks like)

New park entrance (no idea if just retheme or relocation)
New kiddy cred (apparently with a Bollywood theme?)
New rethemed area with Boomerang (assume this will be Bollywood?)
Revolving theatre (somewhere)
Restaurants (yay)

Far West retheme (this has been rumoured for years, Skunx area needs to happen <3)
New Mack Twist and splash ride (meh)

Vampire and Werewolf creds getting makeover (New Orleans theme kinda like what's already nearby)
New mega coaster with African theme in new land expansion (Mack?)



Here's a look at what the Tiki cred will look like (via Coasterfriends.de):







And it's only just outside Brussels for those of you thinking about a visit...

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"New family cred (looks like a Bobsled, Gerst looks like)"

It will be a Gerstlauer. Probably like Gesengte Sau (Tripsdrill) and Thors Hammer (Djurs)


"New rethemed area with Boomerang (assume this will be Bollywood?)"

Nowadays this boom. called Cobra is rather themeless and not that smooth / comfortable.

My bet is a make-over like Speed of Sound (Walibi Holland)

Roumors said the Stunt Fall (Warner Madrid) was meant to be settled here during the Six Flag era (around 2000) but the (very few) people living around the park would protest. 


"Revolving theatre (somewhere)"

The large indoor buildig already exists (next to Cobra and Aqualibi) since I was a little child (early 80's).

I guess it was used for shows, theme Arabia

Since late '80's it it empty, roumours said there would be a darkride with boats.

But after Efteling created Fata Morgana, there were no more plans for a permanent attraction in this building

Only during Halloween, there is a maze in here.


"And it's only just outside Brussels for those of you thinking about a visit.."

True, and there are direct trains from Brussels North Station to Walibi.

There are also direct trains from Leuven, which is a very vivid small student town.

You can buy combined train tickets & park visit (called 'B-Dagtrip') online and at every Belgian station. 


From Belgium with love. 


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I thought that massive building DID used to have a dark ride in it?


Makes sense for the theatre to go in there though, tbh I completely forgot it was next door to the Boomerang when making some comments...


Would've loved Stunt Fall to be at Walibi, we need more GIBs... I wouldn't be surprised if any refurb to the Boomerang would involve the new trains that both other Walibis have seen (although the one in Rhone-Alpes has the TERRIFYING METAL LAP BARS)...


I'll well behind a new Gerst Bobsled, they're fab; and this one looks like Rattenmuhle in Austria, which is REALLY fab...


Only things that are really being missed off this apparent park wide refurb (there's further plans for Psyke Underground and Flashback after what I initially posted) are Tut, the Madhouse and the Rapids... Unless the Madhouse and Rapids are being included as part of the Boomerang area refurb? Which could be interesting with a Bollywood theme...


I do think Walibi have started to get their heads sorted in a good direction now, kinda lost their way after the initial rebrand but seeing plans like this makes me happy... As it means a park with good potential is getting the love and care it deserves through both new investment and refurbishment...





There's more concept art on their Facebook but can't get it at work, so have a look!



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It's great to hear Walibi Belgium investing in €100million across the park including 10 new rides and 8 themed areas. I only went when it was still Six Flags Belgium and at the time it felt a bit lack-lustre. Most recently, Pulsar grabbed my attention over this park again by how much of a popular ride it's been.

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Great to see this park receiving a massive expansion plan for the next few years, should be great to see these new additions being built.


Anyone know if the former Vertigo site is still left unoccupied? Given how unsuccessful and disastrous that coaster was.

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Construction is starting on the new Gerstlauer Bobsled for next year.  The coaster is partly taking the place of La Coccinelle, the park's kiddie cred, as the surrounding area, which has now been removed and will reopen next year on the site of the park's old ferris wheel...



(Image from looooooooooooooopings)


I believe the nearby boat journey ride is closing soon (if it hasn't already) for construction, and the Halloween version of the ride won't be making an appearance this year.  But the boat is back next year.


The water park expansion is also happening and progressing well.

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And out of nowhere (well actually the EAS, but it wasn't known is Walibi stuff would be revealed) more stuff is known about Walibi Belgium's expansion plans...


As Benin mentioned, 2019 is going to see the Boomerang area rethemed.  The originally announced plan was to turn it into a Bollywood area, stick a kiddie cred there and turn the currently unused building nearby into a revolving theatre.  The plan has changed, instead it will be Ali Baba themed, with a kiddie cred and a new shooting, trackless dark ride.



Concept art


Warning - if you're the type who wants to completely avoid spoilers, maybe skip this bit as there's a lot of detail...

Walibi already has a shooting trackless dark ride (Challenge of Tutankahmon), but this one will be different and largely screen based.  Manufacturered by ETF, and with the media side of things coming from Alterface (a Belgian company who also were involved in the Justice League dark rides at Six Flags), the ride is being advertised as an 'Erratic' dark ride...


Basically, each ride has the potential to be different, with each car taking different routes and certain special effects triggered when people reach a certain score, hit a certain target, etc.  Similarly, cars can also take different routes if people do certain things during the ride.  So basically think Symbolica, Challenge of Tutankahmon, screens and more interactivity all combined into one.  It's actually crazily ambitious if you ask me.



Image from Alterface, saucey - http://www.inparkmagazine.com/alterface-debuts-new-erraticr-ride-at-eas-2017/


The building layout is that it'll have 7 scenes - 6 outer room and a central room.  The idea is that each outer room has its own screens, theme / style, etc, and the central room is like a 'base', which will help with story continuity and still give people something to do as you change between rooms.  From what I've read, it is possible in theory that cars can return to certain rooms during the ride as well.


As for the theme, it will be an Alterface 'off the shelf' design (though obviously this is the first one), called "Popcorn's Revenge".  The idea is that you're in a cinema, and the popcorn comes alive and wants to be a part of the films - you have to go in there, shoot the popcorn and save the films from being ruined.  And the films in the ride will be based off real films..  To be fair, sounds really fun if it gets pulled off correctly, though not sure it fits with an Ali Baba theme...


Whether this installation is spelling the beginning of the end for Challenge remains to be seen.  The 5 year plan Walibi released says nothing about its removal, but I do wonder if long-term they're considering scrapping it.  Would be a shame as it is a lot of fun. 



In other news, Walibi have said they plan to do add a Gerst Sky Fly in 2020, along with the Mack Twist n Splash, near their drop tower.  Oh, and here's their initial plan for the 2021 megacoaster...






I don't know what the management at Walibi have been drinking recently, but I want some of it...


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I was intrigued about the dark ride until I saw the theme of it, so at odds with the whole themed areas concept they're pushing forwards... Hope it doesn't spell the end of Tut because it is one of the best examples of an interactive dark ride in the world...


Mega Coaster layout looks good, did they confirm it as a Mack?

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I guess they could make the dark ride work with an Ali Baba theme if the 'films' are of that theme / style.  I doubt it will be, since I assume Alterface will want to replicate it elsewhere, but there's a shred of hope..


They still haven't confirmed the manufacturer of the megacoaster.  I don't think that layout is definitive yet, so they might have multiple manufacturers all with slightly different layouts on the go still.  Rumours suggest that Mack, Intamin, Vekoma and B&M were all looked into though..

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1 hour ago, BaronC. said:

I guess they could make the dark ride work with an Ali Baba theme if the 'films' are of that theme / style.  I doubt it will be, since I assume Alterface will want to replicate it elsewhere, but there's a shred of hope..


They still haven't confirmed the manufacturer of the megacoaster.  I don't think that layout is definitive yet, so they might have multiple manufacturers all with slightly different layouts on the go still.  Rumours suggest that Mack, Intamin, Vekoma and B&M were all looked into though..


Who'd have thought a few years ago that those would be the options and that Intamin would be the worst choice? :o

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Interesting plans ahead of this park, and it's great to see them going ahead with developments. Shame the dark ride is only using screens, however if there's any ways to implement physical theming, that would be nice.


Hyper coaster design looks decent, and will be interesting who is actually the manufacturer. I would say all the above manufacturers are actually equally good and different in each way.


It's amazing how B&M are no longer the core manufacturer for hypers anymore now.

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Walibi Belgium held it's annual fan day a few days back, and released a POV on their new coaster for next year...



(The video is a recording of a screen, so quality isn't great)


And here's some more stuff related to their 100 million euros general expansion which deserves some light here...




An outline of the all the park's areas (called a "World of Walibi") that will be created, and when they'll receive treatment.  As can be seen, EVERYWHERE is getting work done to it over the next 5 years, and apparently by 2023, about 75% of the park from today will be completely different in one way or another.


Proposed new entrance:



Some more concept art related to Popcorn's Revenge...



The film genres that are featured are Fantasy, Superhero, Sci-Fi, Horror and Pirates.  Since these are all taking inspiration from actual films, there is possibility for it to be pretty humour-filled I think.  The mascots alone are pretty funny I think...



Some concept art for the New Orleans inspired retheme of the Werewolf / Vampire (and relocated Ladybug)...



All pictures from here - http://wonderworldweb.over-blog.com/


A lot of the theming work will be done by Joravision, who are pretty big in mainland Europe.


There is also a video (in English!) of the Marketing Manager from the park presenting all this at the Fan Day.  Haven't watched it yet, but it does cover everything in some detail...


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This is highly exciting.


Always thought Walibi seemed rather stagnated on the investment front prior to Pulsar so it’s great to see the park expand and upgrade at a rapid pace.


The new coaster and proposed entrance look decent enough too.


Would like to see some other parks followsuite to this sort of thing.

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The park have released a couple more details about the coaster, including the name - Tiki Waka:





And some images from Coasters World...






The area, which will be the first 'World of Walibi' to be created under the new brand, will be called Tiki, and there'll also be a jungle trail thing - called Tiki Trail - which weaves round the coaster.


The whole thing looks great.  I like the name, the concept for the cars are fab, the colour scheme is great.  This is shaping up to be a fantastic investment.


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