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13 hours ago, ChessingtonSam said:

 It's happened with Colossus, Smiler (both of which we were outside for an hour or so), Galactica, Oblivion, Swarm, even Vampire, and now Rita. The only ride I've ever walked up to and just got on (that I've been scared of) is pretty much Wicker Man. I still don't know what I can do about this. Maybe I just need to find a ride that's way less intimidating to look at.

We are all different, and have different perceptions of everything in life, everything. If we were not different, then there'd be one heck of queue for what you did like. We don't have to like everything either, but to ride it once gives you the information to have an opinion on it.


Never worry about the things you don't fancy doing, it'll give you more time to do the things you liike. If someone has the time to criticize you, it's their brain cells they are wasting, enjoy your time.

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Well said Mr Planenut!  It’s important to take things at a pace you are comfortable with - an example of this in my case is that having conquered my fears of the big coasters at Thorpe, it took me 3 years of visiting regularly before I felt able to do both Slammer and Zodiac.  What helped me massively was my friend @Flipper who was so supportive (he also got me on Samurai for the first time and Swarm backwards).  

And as I’ve said before, I was 32 before I conquered my fears so there’s no rush to get out there and face your fears until you are ready - I personally wish I’d done it sooner because in the past I’ve spent so much time being the bag holder!

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