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Celia Mae

TPM Happy 10th Anniversary Stealth Meet 25th September 2016!

When should the Stealth Anniversary Meet be?  

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  1. 1. What date(s) can you attend the Stealth Anniversary Meet?

    • Saturday 30th July 2016
    • Sunday 31st July 2016
    • Saturday 6th August 2016
    • Sunday 21st August 2016
    • Saturday 10th September 2016
    • Saturday 17th September 2016
    • Sunday 25th September 2016

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13 minutes ago, Celia Mae said:


Thorpe have said now because of the small numbers we will be able to pay on the day, so at some point before the experience we will just have to drop into a fast track booth to pay.


I guess the final thing for me to say to you all is our meeting place and time for the meet, we'll meet at 9:30-10 by the annual pass entrance! :D

Thank you, well done, see you then.

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I have decided I'm coming to this ( I know very last minute) but it will nice to see you guys plus I havent been to thorpe since the 1st august so I'm kinda desperate to get on stealth again!! Woop woop!

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7 hours ago, Han30 said:

Not going to be able to make this now dammit - got toothache and on codeine which is knocking me out a tad.   Have fun guys & gals

Sorry to hear that; hope to see you on another visit. Hope it eases soon.


The only good thing about toothache is that it reminds you they're still your own!

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16 minutes ago, Mer said:

Me and Stuntman will arrive between 10:30-11 :) 


Okay, please make sure you do arrive by 11, as this is when we're due to meet David by the Depth Charge fast track booth for our tour!


(From Celia Mae, my account has decided not to let me log in this morning :D )

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Special thanks to Celia Mae for organising the BTS and the meet! Despite having done the tour before, there was a lot of new info I learnt which was rather fascinating (code platinum ;)).


A not too busy day with decent weather with a few coaster geeks made up to an amazing day out! :lol:

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Thanks for arranging this awesome meet Celia! :D The behind-the-scenes was brilliant; really interesting and there was a lot that even I didn't know about Stealth, despite having worked there! The launch room is just :wub: 

Didn't take any photos/ask where we were allowed to as I was engrossed in it all, however we were challenged to take a Stealthie...first attempt had Stealth in, but cut the lower half of my face off, second attempt cut off Stealth and not my face, but I look rather concerned :lol: But trying to take a selfie with a badly cracked screen, holding an iPhone 6 in just one hand is a challenge in itself :P 





And as always it was good to see people again! :)  Will probably see some of you at the MAP Fright Nights preview and I will of course be at the Fright Nights meet ^_^ 

Edited by Mer

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Great pics guys - and loving them hi viz jackets!  Looks like you all had a fab day - the Stealth tour sounds fantastic and something I would love to do when I can afford it.  Lovin' those Stealthies!

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