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TPM Guildford Meet 21st January 2017


Guildford Meet Details  

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  1. 1. The Date

    • Sunday 8th January
    • Saturday 21st January
    • Sunday 22nd January
    • Sunday 29th January
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Hello all! 


I’m excited to announce the first meet of 2017, which will be the traditional Guildford Spectrum/Airhop trip. I understand it’s very late notice, and due to this there will be a limited selection of potential dates. The provisional date is set as Saturday 21st January, but as per usual you can vote for another date in the poll. :) 


The plan for the day with rough times is as follows:


  • 12:30 - Meet at Airhop by this time for the briefing before the 1 hour session starts at 13:00
  • 14:30 - Have a snack/lunch at Guildford Spectrum (Choices between Wimpy, Freedom Cafe, The View Bar and Strikes Diner)
  • 15:00 - Ice skating session (finishing at 16:30)
  • 17:30 - Bowling session 
  • 20:00 - Group meal (restaurant to be voted on!)


Pricing for the individual events is as follows:


  • Airhop - £12 with non-slip socks and £10 without
  • Ice Skating - £6.10 + £2.10 skate hire (£8.20 total)
  • Bowling - £5.90 for a single session. 



To confirm your attendance: 


Link to book AirHop for 13:00 is here https://bookings.airhoptrampolinepark.com/JumpBookings/BookSession.aspx


Ice Skating tickets go on sale 2 weeks before the date, I will post a reminder on this date but they will need to be booked yourselves here https://spectrumonline.freedom-leisure.co.uk/esro/en-GB/categories/ice skating/2


Bowling will be pay on the day, I will be booking lanes.


Please send me a PM saying what activities you will be doing :)



Regarding the meal in the evening, I will be booking a table for this a week in advance of the date. As this is a very short notice trip, voting for the date and restaurant will be closing on the 1st January 2017. As soon as the dates have been chosen, I will be posting up links to the booking sites for the activities.


The Guildford meets previously have all been great days out, and I’m sure this won’t be any different. As always anyone is welcome to these events, no matter wether it's your first or hundredth meet. I will be handing my mobile number out/creating a Facebook chat 1 week in advance of the chosen date for planning. If anyone has any concerns or questions at all regarding the meet, please just drop me a PM and I will be happy to help out with anything :) I know Guildford like the back of my hand, so if you need directions for on the day then please let me know!



Activity/restaurant website references:











Attending List:

  • CWOAfanMalcolm (Ice Skating, Bowling, Meal)
  • Felicity (Bowling, Meal)
  • Han30 (Ice Skating, Bowling)
  • J.S217 (Ice Skating, Bowling, Meal)
  • Kerfuffle (Bowling, Meal)
  • LG95 (Airhop, Ice Skating, Bowling, Meal)
  • Marc (Airhop, Bowling, Meal)
  • Martin.C (Bowling)
  • Matt Creek (AirHop, Bowling, Meal)
  • MattyMoo (Ice Skating, Bowling, Meal)
  • Mer (Ice Skating, Bowling, Meal)
  • Mitchada04 (Ice Skating, Bowling, Meal)
  • Mr Fish (Bowling, Meal)
  • Paige (Bowling, Meal)
  • RideAddict (Airhop, Ice Skating, Bowling, Meal)
  • Roodie (Ice Skating, Bowling)
  • Ryan (AirHop, Bowling, Meal)
  • Stuntman (Bowling Meal)
  • TerrorTomb (AirHop, Ice Skating, Bowling, Meal)


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2 minutes ago, Matt Creek said:

The provisional date would be the best for me and restaurant has to be TGIS too I think.


Should be my first Guildford meet too, but will be bailing the ice skating though. Do people usually buy on the day or book up online for activities?


Airhop will have to be booked, I'll look into whether we can book skating/bowling. 

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  • Ryan pinned this topic

Have taken a look. Its likely I'm working most of the dates. (Though that can change)  Its unlikely I will attend as most of these activity's are available closer to home and I doubt I can get to Guildford and back easily in one day. I will confirm if I plan to attend when dates are finalised.

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Just checked AirHop and there's only 8 spaces available at 12PM, so we will instead be doing Airhop at 1PM. This means that the meeting time will now be at 12:30PM. Please book your ticket here and let me know once you have :)


Please could everyone wishing to attend also let me know which parts of the day they will be doing!

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  • paige unpinned this topic

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