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TPM Goes Down Saaaafend Sunday 12th February 2017


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  1. 1. Pick a Date!

    • Saturday 11th February
    • Sunday 12th February
    • Saturday 18th February
    • Sunday 19th February
  2. 2. Pick a Place to Eat!

    • Bella Italia
    • Frankie and Benny's
    • Pizza Express
    • Maya's World Buffet
  3. 3. Creams?

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On 18 January 2017 at 5:57 PM, pluk said:

I thought I'd look it up as I'd never heard of it. According to TripAdvisor it appears you have voted for one of the very worst restaurants in Southend!




Oh God that makes for grim reading!


Okay - myself and @Roodie are now definitely able to attend this meet.  Look forward to seeing everyone!

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10 minutes ago, Roodie said:

Looking at the reviews of the restaurant, is it worth thinking about changing it to the second choice?


I do plan on looking into/sorting that closer to the time when I set up a group chat, just so everyone will know what's happening at once!

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3 hours ago, Roodie said:

Are we booking the wrist bands as individuals?


Don't book anything yourself just yet, I am trying to sort something out for everyone, you will all know by Wednesday evening what the situation is, but you will not be paying the full price either way with any luck, but there is no kind of set time limit on when you will and won't get the online price incase all else fails!


I'll drop you a pm as soon as I know what's happening wristband wise, which will be some time after 6pm Wednesday), that goes for everyone else who doesn't have facebook but is going to or shown an interest in the meet :D 

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With regards to the meal, I have decided to take us all to Pizza Express instead. This is because this was the second most popular vote, and a number of people mentioned not wanting to visit the original winner, so I shall be booking us a table this weekend. I am assuming that everyone who is attending the meet WILL be attending the meal, so if you have no intentions on going to the meal, please let me know by Saturday! Thanks :) 

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  • paige unpinned this topic

Great meet guys!  The weather was a tad chilly but that didn't get in the way of having a good laugh with great company.


Thanks to Paige for organising everything and everyone for making the day good fun   - I currently have a pretty sore throat after screaming on a tame ride but I think it may have provided entertainment at the time :crazy:.  Also had the scariest ghost train ride ever ?


Cheers guys!

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Thanks to Paige, and TPM in general for a good day out.  That was the first time for me at Adventure Island, and all in all it isn't a bad little place.  It was great to see people again and have a good laugh.  I think a special mention has to go to the 'hard as nails' iPhone for still working.  Highlight of the day was doing Tidal Wave in February.

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