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TPM Thorpe Park Open Meet


Have Your Say!  

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  1. 1. Pick a Date!

    • Saturday, 25th March
    • Sunday, 26th March
  2. 2. Pick a Place for the Social!

    • Ask Italian
    • Nando's
    • TGI Friday's (attempt two)
    • Wagamama
    • Pizza Hut
    • Fin's Bar and Grill
  3. 3. Creams?

    • go on then
    • nah I'm alright

This poll is closed to new votes

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13 hours ago, he who shall not be named said:


How did you know! I even worked there once you psychic!


You coming to this meet? Or just observing :P


Ding ding! :D


I shall be attending indeed, be nice to meet the community as-well as get my adrenaline fix, alongside with plenty of food of-course

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The votes have indeed closed. I did literally close them at 9pm last night, however I haven't had the opportunity to make any sort of post confirming everything as I've been running around trying to organise the final details for the Adventure Island meet next week (plug) as well as honouring other commitments I have and trying to revise for the unholy number of exams that've started today for me, so apologies! 


So I can confirm that the meet will be taking place on Saturday, 25th March 2017, and for those who will be after a bite to eat and a chat afterwards, we shall be heading to Pizza Hut, which I believe is in Staines centre.


and of course, Ryan and I aren't ones to be wanting to break any tradition, so there will be some spooning (minimal violence this year though pls) 



If you can definitely attend this meet, and would like to hang about for the meal (and creams!), please do let myself or Ryan know




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29 minutes ago, Martin.C said:

No need to explain which one it is! :lol:


Please explain....I know I'm lazy but don't really read on here I just catch up with the goss when at the meets so truthfully have no idea what you bash. 


Sooooooo what is it? My judgement is waiting...

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Quick q, what time will we roughly be finished at Pizza Hut? [emoji4]

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The park is open till 1700 So my guess is it will all be finished by 2000. However I'm not sure what time the table is booked for to be honest.

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On 28/02/2017 at 4:41 PM, SmilerGeorge said:

Quick q, what time will we roughly be finished at Pizza Hut? emoji4.png

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We will be looking to book a table for 18:00, should probably be done by 20:00 depending on how much pizza people choose to eat :) 

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If you intend on coming to the meet AND would like to have some pizza, please drop either myself or @Ryan a message by 21:00 on this Saturday, 4th March so that we may get the table all booked nice and early on Sunday. If you don't let us know you're coming by then we will assume you don't wish to eat with us so you won't be accounted for when we do the booking, so please make sure you do! 


Thanks :)

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