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Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park


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11 minutes ago, Mattgwise said:

@Martin Doyle I thought you loathed Thorpes modern day Fright nights 😝


Gotta love the dig there! Tbh I'm just looking forward to actually doing some Halloween events this year! 


Whatever gave that idea away!!??


Its a world clASS event!!


Tulleys should apologise for digging Thorpe to those who actually prefer FN to shocktoberfest*


*all 3 of them

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3 minutes ago, MattyMoo said:

Though it hasn't been mentioned at all thus far, do you reckon Tulleys will only allow access with Covid accreditation via the NHS app? Too early to speculate?

Lets be honest that doesn't really matter.


1) If your double vaxxed, and still have Covid, the pass will let you in no test needed.

2) They are easy to just screenshot and share. - So no vax required,.

3) Nowhere I have been yet scans the QR code and thats been about * events so far.

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On 10/2/2021 at 8:58 AM, RobF said:

Anyone go to the press night yesterday ?


I did - paid for the ticket though (RIP Pass bought in February 2019) - have to say, that's a complete no brainer, never queued all night, multiple runs through mazes, a drink, £10 of food and a t-shirt all for £87!


Maze count:

Coven of 13: 5

Hellements: 1

Creepy Cottage: 4

Twisted Clowns: 2

Wastelands: 2

Chop Shop: 2

The Island: 1

The Cellar: 3

Haunted Hayride: 1


In Merlin terms, that's £210 worth of mazes ;)


Coven Of 13 was evidently a highlight, and Cottage always is too - mainly we feel the actors there have to work even harder than the others. 

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On 10/5/2021 at 4:54 PM, Glitch said:

Sounds good, I do worry though as to what happens if they get hit with a Covid outbreak. 


Same as Thorpe I suppose!


Just looked back and I also managed 21 maze runthroughs in 2019. I am nothing if consistent. Similarly, Coven & Cottage were my bae mazes of 2019 also so I was gassed that they are still up there for me.

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So the first wave of Tulleys tickets go on sale this Friday... VIP last year (well... 2020 price) was £84 plus fees, this year it's £95 plus fees. Quite a hike, and that's from a Tulleys fanboi. £95 will give you, I assume the £10 food voucher, £5 drink voucher and t-shirt (worth £10-12) so you could argue that takes it down to £70 ish... we normally manage 20 or so total run throughs, so £3.50 a maze is still good value I guess! I'm sure people will still pay the prices - I know we certainly will - but this year Tulleys didn't quite do it for me vs. 2019. Think that may well be because we went on day 1 when the staff haven't quite found their footing (or, Tulleys haven't found enough staff!)



EDIT: It's now a £10 food voucher and £15 merch token for 2022.

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I’m sure they put the prices up to meet demand. This year felt very busy when I went and a lot of people seemed to have fast passes. I still think it’s better value for what you get. Coven felt like it had grown much bigger. I still like Wastelands, such an impressive maze and area they’ve built.

Filmed the show again this year;



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