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Favourite Coaster Drops


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I've decided to steal a topic I saw on another forum because I think it's quite interesting and I'd like to know what you guys reckon.


What is your favourite drop (including lift if you want) that you have experienced?


Mine would be no questioned asked Karnan. The insane, intense, amazing stuff that happens on the lift is only the beginning. When the actual drop comes it's one of the most intense moments I've ever experienced on a coaster. Back row, left seat, ejected so forcefully it hurts as you are twisted to the right and it feels like mere inches from you crashing into the tower structure, life altering!


Honorable mentions would go to.


Big One - No matter how many times I ride it, back row right seat still scares the crap out of me.


Expedition GeForce - Similar to Big One but not as intense.


T Express - The train reacts to the steepness of the drop in such a brutal ejector way and being Intamin, you can't be sure you'll be ok!

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I have two favourite drops for different reasons:


One is back row El Toro because of just how intense it is. That drop feels like you're going to die, it is completely nuts and really does leave a mark on you.


The other is Shambhala because of it's size and varieties depending on your row. At the front, you're hanging over the clamshell before accelerating. Towards the back (I've yet to ride in the back row), you get dragged over incredible fast (for a long time) due to the long trains.

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the first time I rode New Texas Giant was in the back row, and let me tell you something, that drop was insane, I had never felt something quite like it.. 


Diamondback has some insane floater air on the Backrow, especially with a loose restaint


Millennium Force just throws you out of the seat down the drop in the back row, and it feels like it never ends! 

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Hopefully the new trains make the experience better, since the old ones juddered around into position making it very dodgy...


Tonnere de Zeus has a great first drop in the back... Goliath at SFMM as well has a great "oh balls" feeling...


Honourable mention to Phantom's Revenge for having a great first and second drop combo...

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19 hours ago, Mega-Lite said:

3 Intamin prefabs in 7 posts, I like that!


I'm both extremely excited and extremely nervous to test out the Arrow/S&S 4D coasters. Can totally see why you'd pick X2, that sensation sounds incredible and evil at the same time!

I rode joker at six flags over texas and honestly, it was boring 

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My all time favourite is unfortunately on an SBNO Schwarzkopf ride, Knightmare. It had an element known as a "Psycho Drop" which I think is unique to this ride because of the manufacturers track section.

The track basically consists of a large tube with rails central on either side rather than the common layout of being higher than the middle. It has a similar track to Olympia Looping.

This means the rails can pivot around the centre which can't be done with a normal track. So the Psycho Drop was a near vertical drop which progressively twisted and turned at the same time towards the bottom reaching an almost 5G-Force. It's hard to explain so here's a POV. It has other quirks which make it one of my all time favourites too!



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On 8/31/2017 at 8:17 AM, Charlesberg said:

One is back row El Toro because of just how intense it is. That drop feels like you're going to die, it is completely nuts and really does leave a mark on you.

I went on that in June 2018 on my school's trip to Six Flags, and it scared the PISS out of me! I was in the back row too. I still don't want to go on it again!


Anyway, Batman The Ride because of how free as a bird (or bat) you feel. It is the GREATEST ride ever.

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I think my favourite would have to be Lost Gravity's. And on the leftmost seat, it is just insane!


Other highlights, in no particular order...


Goliath (Walibi Holland)


Lech Coaster


And whilst I'm numb to it a bit, Swarm (and any wing over drop tbf) is pretty damn cool, even if not my favourite.


And as an honourable mention, 1066 at Festyland. It's by no means my favourite, but an unassuming drop. In the back row you get a surprising amount of ejector from it, and it's basically a drop off a mini cliff. Quirky.

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