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My ideal version of X:/ No Way Out if the Walking Dead license expires

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On 5/4/2019 at 10:21 AM, JoshC. said:

I'd love to see a ride about Victor the Virus, who is valiantly victorious versus vicious vacuous villains.


They could call it V:\ No Vay Out

No, and besides the name Victor reminds me of Cyborg.


Make it about Swayzak the virus, who is EVIL, and I'll gladly go on it.


Then again, they'll need to have their own Swayzak-like character instead of using him because they'd get sued. So why don't we think of another 2002 era futuristic name? Theorem? (Because Swayzak is the name of a techno group who has collaborated with a group named Theorem)

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The only idea that came to me was an Egyptian themed coaster - finally giving the pyramid building some context - have the maze-like queue catacomb passages,archeological digs etc - then basically use the existing coaster to create a poor-mans 'Revenge of the mummy' - using similar effects they have at the moment but with a mummy-theme - smoke blasts , mummy animatronics etc 

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