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Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread


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So I actually had a good time at fright nights when I went (on the day that it wasn’t insanely busy). But that may be due to the group I was with as that’s a big part of it I suppose! It was all new to them and they left impressed.

I will always prefer indoor mazes, with actual theming. I enjoyed living nightmare and stand by that. Definitely need another 2 indoor mazes with a similar level of theming inside for next year... but well that costs money and is time consuming when (the young ‘that was sick’) people often don’t care and just want to be chased by a chainsaw.

The big top show was enjoyed by those there, well the hundred or so kids running about. I suppose that’s who thorpe aim for with some things (12-16). Sure I’d have liked more but those people will rave about it I’m sure which means more visitors for Thorpe which is their priority...


Detonator used to have great music and a count down, would be nice to have that return. I listened to the loop of the WWTP radio several times, had some good bits like the zombie song, but mr sandman isn’t scary nor is lipstick on your collar. Any other time of the year cool but there must be other spooky 50s music (like in fallout 3/4). I liked the roaming actors there and hope they return as they fit well with the theme. I’ll have to keep waiting for a vampire maze ?




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Double post... Done Vulcan Again and wow. That second half is great Imo. First half still the bag on your head with some small jumps from a few actors. But at the area with holes in the wall you take off your bag. And the second half is great. New flaps and sections to the maze. About 5 or 6 actors with really good scares. 7.5/10

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On 10/15/2018 at 11:18 PM, WWTPRadio said:

- Fan boys ‘designing’ audio for Thorpe Park’s Fright Nights and then watching the forums for comments and getting all defensive because nobody really understands the complete lack of artistic or creative design. “Woo cameos from the theme park community - intense!”


Apart from The Big Top, all the new music for this year is 100x better than all of the IMASnore music.

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Tried out the new Vulcan Peak today. It's less awful. I believe they're continually making changes, but what I noticed:


-Use of the bum prodders in pre show

-Hooded section ending at what was Chamber of Horrors

-A non-hooded section through a slightly different route of I'm A Celeb

-A couple of actors, wearing black cloaks and UV make-up

-A finale, featuring one actor asking if anyone has been marked, before a 'big reveal' of an actor jumping out to scare you (think Platform 15, but less good)


So yeah, less awful. It will get some more positive reviews I'm sure, and scaredy groups will die at the ending. If it had opened like this, it would have been another 2018 Thorpe 'it'll do to up the attraction number' maze, rather than be the laughing stock that it was. It still ranks very low down on the list of Thorpe mazes though.


If you see anyone saying that they've given this maze "the Big Top" treating, they're lying. Frankly, it's an insult to the Big Top and the people behind the newer versions of it to even suggest that. What Thorpe have done is realised they created a big, steaming pile of turd of an attraction, grabbed a couple of baby wipes and polished it up a bit.


If they actually took some time to do this maze properly, rather than sticking a rope in I'm a Celeb and hoping for the best before retrospectively throwing in some questionably KKK-looking actors in after 2 weeks, they might have created a decent attraction. It wouldn't have been my cup of tea, but the hooded element and creepy voodoo nature has a lot of potential.

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Popped into Fright Nights yesterday for a bit and did a few of the mazes.


Vulcan Peak:

I was honestly expecting the worst maze in existence given how negative it is, but it was just very very mediocre. Quite dull but mediocre. The first bit was literally walking around an area with a rope and people saying names and things. 


The second half was better, where you were non hooded and featured some actors, a blow up passageway and an adequate ending. Still not a great  maze though which doesn’t beat Hellements, let alone Hodoo Vodoo at Xtreme Scream.




Dead Creek Woods:

Better than I expected, a vague storyline, some crazy theming, actors and a surprise midway chainsaw. Still too short though and quite a lot of toilets. Maybe these are the old ones from the Jungle?




Sanctum Do Or Die:

I actually didn’t mind the original Sanctum, but I hated this maze. There was no explained story, plot or anything. I get that it is Walking Dead and things but there was nothing in any form. Poor theming, maze scares and a setting that just didn’t make sense. The bus was the only thing I liked about this one and I think I actually disliked it more than Vulcan Peak. I’m probably in a crazy minority here.




Whilst roaming actors were ok, I found the lighting and audio setup was perhaps the weakest one I have seen in all my years visiting Fright Nights. It’s an embarrassment if you ask me I hate to admit.


Will be returning there this week to see what else can be offered but am not holding my breath.



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On 10/21/2018 at 8:28 PM, Altitude said:

Interesting that they've got those food outlets in, cheers for the photos Marc. On that note, did they get rid of the chinese/noodle place a while back? I fancied some awful chinese food on my last visit this month (hadn't been since 2015) and we couldn't find it?

Do you mean in Chinese in Canada Creek/Old Town? That wasn't there last year for sure! I remember it though.

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Little bit late to post, but went on Sunday and did the full 12 hours and managed to do all of the mazes. Day started being in the queue for Colossus and then nemesis, both of which had a delay in operation before we got there :mellow:. Overall the park seemed to have a couple of reliability issues, saw a few tweets where someone said “Everything they seem to walk up to closes down”. Queue times app showed a lot of rides were down at times but wasn’t down for too long. This excluding SAW, which closed from around 5pm onwards for the night.

First off, the roaming actors; these were great!! Really nice touch, had a couple come and sit at our table at the pizza pasta buffet and a mime proceeding to sit with us for 5 minutes pretending to eat :lol: learnt to just run whenever you heard ‘that’ whistle!

Agree with a lot of the posts about audio/lighting/general theming. Really lacked this year to make it seem like it was a ‘Fright Night’. I did think at times if I hadn’t gone on the mazes whether I’d have even known it’s October! (especially with how great the weather was:rolleyes:).

Now the mazes, in MY order of best to last on the night:

TWD: Living Nightmare – ended up doing this twice, the first run through of which was FANTASTIC. Probably was on one of the first 5 groups of the day for this, was put at the front and found it brilliant. Great amount of actors and got a couple of really decent scares from it. Second run through not as great and was in the middle of the group, but still better than others which says how poor they were!

SAW Alive – before we went in I said “can I do it alone?” to which they said “oh you won’t want to, it’s probably the scariest one here” hmmmmm well if this is the scariest then that tells you what they class as scary! Not a lot. Saw is just saw really, and has been for a long time. Nothing new really, had a couple of jumps but nothing fantastic. Still second

TWD: Do or Die – well this is very much improved on last year! At least the actors seemed like they actually was trying this year, last I did not have a great run through. Did this at night but to be honest don’t think it makes a difference even being outdoors because of the bright lighting!! Very average really, but enjoyed none the less.

Platform 15 – just wasn’t great. Felt like a prolonged walk through the woods at night and a couple of rattling pieces of metal (granted it made me jump). The conga, sorry tunnel just too long. That sounds like a broken record the amount of times it’s been said but it just is! There was a couple of actors there which did make it better but just very average.

Dead Creek Woods – just a casual walk through the woods really. Mist effects were really great though, they really flooded the area with it. Had about 5 actors on the whole run through, no chainsaw which I previously have seen mentioned! But to be fair to them they got a good scare out of us and was in no way the worst of the day.

Vulcan Peak – well I can safely say I did NOT expect the bum prodding at the start and made me sharply hop out of my seat:blink: Definitely was sat in THE worst position I could for that:bad:. Just seemed a bit pointless really, nothing really happened and if this is the ‘improved’ version I honestly dread to think what it was like originally.

Blair Witch – what a disappointment. Was over before I could even blink. Two actors through the whole thing and when we got into the exit by nemesis there was about two other groups there saying “Well where do we go now?? That CANT be it”. Just disappointing and probably says something that I have put it below Vulcan peak and last in my list! Just must have had a bad run through on the day.

Overall as much as this Fright Nights hasn’t been the best of the bunch, it still makes for a really fun day/night out and one which I thoroughly enjoyed. It definitely needs a lot of improving next year but I’m sure Thorpe can pull it out of the bag (maybe that me just being too optimistic)

Sorry if this was long and well done if you got all the way through it :good:

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