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Complaints, complaints and complaints.

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Despite being one of the most well-known theme parks to the UK GP and one of the likeliest theme parks (or "resort") in the UK to become an international player nearly every single thread contains hundreds and hundreds of complaints about Thorpe Park ranging from the big things such as its visual appearance all the way down to the restraints they use on their rides. In fact, it seems like Thorpe Park is doing nothing right!


In preparation for the 2019 season, I've made a thread where you can list all your current, future and past problems and complaints about Thorpe Park in one easy to find thread. Maybe if someone senior at TP is reading this they can actually start doing something about the more common problems guests have. 


To avoid a completely depressing read, for every negative comment you write, please try to write a positive about Thorpe Park to go with it.


I'll start: I think Thorpe Park looks too dirty and run down, downtime is the expectation at Thorpe Park when it should be the exception (see HPWW) & events' quality is being reduced year on year (compare Tulley's to FN 2018)


Positives: Queues'll get smaller when fewer people turn up in the next few years.


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Negative Paragraph:

Every investment non coaster related 2010 and onwards for the most part has been terrible, tacky, or just a complete waste of money or time.

Look at how Europa do small-medium investments such as Columbus or Whale Tours, make improvements without slapping on a outdated IP!

Or if not, add a cool flat ride, no tacky IPs or stupid USP, build a ride that is fun.


Positive Paragraph:

The Swarm. Not the most forceful coaster but a reliable B&M nevertheless, the heavy theming around it is also very cool and it just works with the isolation of the area so well.

The near-misses elements are also something I have to praise Merlin and Thorpe for, awesome!

Credit also has to go for turning X:NWO into X, X was a simple but just great staple for the families who Thorpe wanted to attract, it also gave a unpopular coaster a new lease on life and it seemed to be way more popular!

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Too many dark, abandoned and rundown themes 


Abansoned rides- including a sky swat and Log Flume (where myths say it’s returning)


A rough Gerst and Intamin 


95% Of DBGT 


3 minute dispatches on an invert



They have two B&M’s and one good Intamin 


It has rides 


It’s better than nothing (when it’s available)

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13 hours ago, Mattgwise said:



Not such great operations on two out of five main coasters.



Three out of five main coasters great operations!


Video fits the pattern of what I saw throughout most of 2018!

I was actually with Taylor when he recorded those!


Anyway, onto this:



All the wasted potential the park has had and the thought of what the park could’ve done with their money instead.



The majority of times I visit I have a really enjoyable time, even on busy days.

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  • Stop with the short term-ism and produce quality smaller attractions and events
  • Proactive rather than reactive maintenance. 
  • Sort out the dispatches!
  • Remove old rides rather than letting them rot away




  • The SWARM is one of the best coasters in the UK, and probably the best themed. 
  • Nemesis Inferno, SAW and Stealth are all pretty amazing too
  • Staff are, on quiet days at least, good and friendly
  • Food isn't terrible, and the Coke Freestyle Machines are a great addition!
  • The summer late night riding is some of the best days I've had at a UK Park
  • Events for coaster groups are all rated highly

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  • Derren Brown Ghost Train.
  • Looks run down with too many dark and derelict themes.
  • Install quality attractions rather than quick fillers. 



  • The lake/ island setting is different. Good to utilise it.
  • Stealth and Swarm are the best rides there. 

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Two decent B&M's.

Amity Cove (or at least the pre 2005 version)

Detonator being the best drop tower out there.

I like the view when walking out of the dome

God tier ride Quantum.



The place is soulless and lacks in any pleasant atmosphere. 

No mix of family with thrill. Just relentless thrill rides with only Flying Fish proving a distraction.

The place thinks and sells itself as a world class resort. It's not. It's an above average regional theme park with ideas above its station. The sooner it realises this the better.

I despise what they've done to Formerly named Canada Creek. It used to be an area to get away from the hustle and bustle of the park and ride a pretty good log flume. It's now just a dump for old kids rides and completely derelict.


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